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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-10tcg: Introduce tcg_set_insn_start_paramRichard Henderson
2018-02-08tcg: Add generic vector ops for multiplicationRichard Henderson
2018-02-08tcg: Add generic vector ops for constant shiftsRichard Henderson
2018-02-08tcg: Add generic vector expandersRichard Henderson
2018-02-08tcg: Add types and basic operations for host vectorsRichard Henderson
2017-12-29tcg: Allow 6 arguments to TCG helpersRichard Henderson
2017-12-29tcg: Add tcg_signed_condRichard Henderson
2017-12-29tcg: Generalize TCGOp parametersRichard Henderson
2017-12-29tcg: Dynamically allocate TCGOpsRichard Henderson
2017-12-29tcg: Remove TCGV_UNUSED* and TCGV_IS_UNUSED*Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Initialize cpu_env genericallyRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: enable multiple TCG contexts in softmmuEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: introduce regions to split code_gen_bufferEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: distribute profiling counters across TCGContext'sEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24gen-icount: fold exitreq_label into TCGContextEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: define tcg_init_ctx and make tcg_ctx a pointerEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: take tb_ctx out of TCGContextEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: check CF_PARALLEL instead of parallel_cpusEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: define CF_PARALLEL and use it for TB hashing along with CF_COUNT_MASKEmilio G. Cota
2017-10-24tcg: Use offsets not indices for TCGv_*Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Remove TCGV_EQUAL*Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Remove GET_TCGV_* and MAKE_TCGV_*Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Introduce temp_tcgv_{i32,i64,ptr}Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Introduce tcgv_{i32,i64,ptr}_{arg,temp}Richard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Push tcg_ctx into tcg_gen_callNRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Use per-temp state data in optimizeRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Remove unused TCG_CALL_DUMMY_TCGVRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Use per-temp state data in livenessRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Introduce temp_arg, export temp_idxRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Return NULL temp for TCG_CALL_DUMMY_ARGRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Add temp_global bit to TCGTempRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Introduce arg_tempRichard Henderson
2017-10-24tcg: Merge opcode arguments into TCGOpRichard Henderson
2017-10-10tcg: take .helpers out of TCGContextEmilio G. Cota
2017-09-17tcg: Fix types in tcg_regset_{set,reset}_regRichard Henderson
2017-09-17tcg: Remove tcg_regset_set32Richard Henderson
2017-09-17tcg: Remove tcg_regset_{or,and,andnot,not}Richard Henderson
2017-09-17tcg: Remove tcg_regset_setRichard Henderson
2017-09-17tcg: Remove tcg_regset_clearRichard Henderson
2017-09-17tcg: Add tcg_op_supportedRichard Henderson
2017-09-07tcg: Infrastructure for managing constant poolsRichard Henderson
2017-09-07tcg: Rearrange ldst label trackingRichard Henderson
2017-09-07tcg: Move USE_DIRECT_JUMP discriminator to tcg/cpu/tcg-target.hRichard Henderson
2017-08-03tcg: Increase minimum alignment from tcg_malloc to 8Richard Henderson
2017-07-04tcg: move tb_lock out of translate-all.hPaolo Bonzini
2017-06-19tcg: allocate TB structs before the corresponding translated codeEmilio G. Cota
2017-06-05tcg: Introduce goto_ptr opcode and tcg_gen_lookup_and_goto_ptrEmilio G. Cota
2017-03-03Merge branch 'icount-update' into HEADPaolo Bonzini
2017-02-24tcg: add options for enabling MTTCGKONRAD Frederic
2017-02-24tcg: move TCG_MO/BAR types into own fileAlex Bennée