path: root/tcg/tcg-op.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-12tcg: Make call address a constant parameterRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg: Add INDEX_op_trunc_shr_i32Richard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg: Fix missed pointer size != TCG_TARGET_REG_BITS changesRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Use HOST_WORDS_BIGENDIANRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Fix fallback from muls2_i64 to mulu2_i64Richard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Use tcg_gen_mulu2_i32 in tcg_gen_muls2_i32Richard Henderson
2013-10-10tcg: Add qemu_ld_st_i32/64Richard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change tcg_gen_exit_tb argument to uintptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Add muluh and mulsh opcodesRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg: Split rem requirement from div requirementRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg: fix deposit_i64 op on 32-bit targetsAurelien Jarno
2013-02-23tcg: Implement muls2 with mulu2Richard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg: Implement multiword addition helpersRichard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg: Implement multiword multiply helpersRichard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg: Implement a 64-bit to 32-bit extraction helperRichard Henderson
2012-12-29tcg: Add TCGV_IS_UNUSED_*Richard Henderson
2012-11-17TCG: Use gen_opparam_ptr from context instead of global variable.Evgeny Voevodin
2012-11-17TCG: Use gen_opc_ptr from context instead of global variable.Evgeny Voevodin
2012-10-28tcg: rework TCG helper flagsAurelien Jarno
2012-10-17tcg: Optimize mulu2Richard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Constant fold add2 and sub2Richard Henderson
2012-10-06tcg: Add TCG_COND_NEVER, TCG_COND_ALWAYSRichard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Streamline movcond_i64 using movcond_i32Richard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Streamline movcond_i64 using 32-bit arithmeticRichard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Sanity check goto_tb inputRichard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Sanity check deposit inputsRichard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Implement concat*_i64 with deposit_i64Richard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Emit XORI as NOT for appropriate constantsRichard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Optimize initial inputs for ori_i64Richard Henderson
2012-09-26tcg: Emit ANDI as EXTU for appropriate constantsRichard Henderson
2012-09-21tcg: Introduce movcondRichard Henderson
2011-12-14tcg: make tcg_const_ptr actually accept a pointer argumentPeter Maydell
2011-11-02tcg: Fix whitespace in tcg-op.h.Richard Henderson
2011-11-02tcg: Fix regression in tcg_gen_deposit_i64.Richard Henderson
2011-10-30tcg: Optimize some forms of deposit.Richard Henderson
2011-10-01tcg-i386: Introduce limited deposit supportJan Kiszka
2011-08-21tcg: Always define all of the TCGOpcode enum members.Richard Henderson
2011-06-03tcg: If DEBUG_TCGV, distinguish TCGv_ptr from TCGv_i32/TCGv_i64Peter Maydell
2011-06-03tcg/tcg-op.h: Fix prototypes for ld/st functions on 64 bit hostsPeter Maydell
2011-01-20tcg: Define "deposit" as an optional operation.Richard Henderson
2010-12-01tcg: Fix default definition of divu_i32 and remu_i32.Richard Henderson
2010-06-16tcg: Optionally sign-extend 32-bit arguments for 64-bit hosts.Richard Henderson
2010-05-28tcg: Use INDEX_op_qemu_ld32 for 32-bit results.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Disambiguate qemu_ld32u with 32-bit and 64-bit outputs.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of NOR.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of NAND.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of EQV.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Use not_i32 to implement not_i64.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Change TCGType to an enumeration.Richard Henderson
2010-03-26tcg: Use TCGCond where appropriate.Richard Henderson