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2014-05-12tcg: Remove unreachable code in tcg_out_op and op_defsRichard Henderson
2014-05-12tcg-sparc: Create tcg_out_callRichard Henderson
2014-05-12tcg-sparc: Define TCG_TARGET_INSN_UNIT_SIZERichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Accept stores of zeroRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Fix small 32-bit moviRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Fixup function argument typesRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Hoist common argument loads in tcg_out_opRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Don't handle mov/movi in tcg_out_opRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Tidy check_fit_* testsRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Implement muls2_i32Richard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Use the RETURN instructionRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Use 64-bit registers with sparcv8plusRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Support trunc_shr_i32Richard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg-sparc: Remove most uses of TCG_TARGET_REG_BITSRichard Henderson
2014-04-28tcg: Add INDEX_op_trunc_shr_i32Richard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Use HOST_WORDS_BIGENDIANRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg-sparc: Use the type parameter to tcg_target_const_matchRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Add TCGType parameter to tcg_target_const_matchRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Convert to new ldst opcodesRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Convert to new ldst helpersRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Tidy tcg_out_tlb_load interfaceRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Use TCGMemOp within qemu_ldst routinesRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Improve tcg_out_moviRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Dont handle constant arguments to ext32 opsRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Don't handle remainderRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Use intptr_t as appropriateRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Tidy call+jump patternsRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Fix tlb readRichard Henderson
2014-03-17tcg-sparc: Fix ld64 for 32-bit modeRichard Henderson
2013-10-10tcg: Add qemu_ld_st_i32/64Richard Henderson
2013-10-10tcg: Add tcg-be-null.hRichard Henderson
2013-09-20tcg-sparc: Fix parenthesis warningRichard Henderson
2013-09-02exec: Split softmmu_defs.hRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change tcg_out_ld/st offset to intptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change relocation offsets to intptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Allow TCG_TARGET_REG_BITS to be specified independantlyRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change flush_icache_range arguments to uintptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Add muluh and mulsh opcodesRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg: Move the CIE and FDE header definitions to common codeRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg: Split rem requirement from div requirementRichard Henderson
2013-03-03tcg-sparc: fix buildBlue Swirl
2013-02-23tcg: Add signed multiword multiplication operationsRichard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg: Add 64-bit multiword arithmetic operationsRichard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg-sparc: Always implement 32-bit multiword opsRichard Henderson
2013-02-23tcg: Make 32-bit multiword operations optional for 64-bit hostsRichard Henderson
2012-12-19exec: move include files to include/exec/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19janitor: add guards to headersPaolo Bonzini
2012-10-19Merge branch 'linux-user-for-upstream' of git://git.linaro.org/people/rikuvoi...Aurelien Jarno
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Emit MOVR insns for setcond_i64 and movcond_64Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Emit BPr insns for brcond_i64Richard Henderson