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2014-05-12tcg: Remove unreachable code in tcg_out_op and op_defsRichard Henderson
2014-05-12tcg-arm: Define TCG_TARGET_INSN_UNIT_SIZERichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Use HOST_WORDS_BIGENDIANRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Relax requirement for mulu2_i32 on 32-bit hostsRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Add TCGType parameter to tcg_target_const_matchRichard Henderson
2014-04-18tcg: Fix warning (1 bit signed bitfield entry) and replace int by boolStefan Weil
2014-03-27tcg-arm: Avoid ldrd/strd for user-only emulationRichard Henderson
2014-02-17tcg-arm: The shift count of op_rotl_i32 is in args[2] not args[1].Huw Davies
2013-11-30tcg-arm: Use qemu_getauxvalRichard Henderson
2013-10-12tcg-arm: Improve GUEST_BASE qemu_ld/stRichard Henderson
2013-10-12tcg-arm: Convert to new ldst opcodesRichard Henderson
2013-10-12tcg-arm: Tidy variable naming convention in qemu_ld/stRichard Henderson
2013-10-12tcg-arm: Convert to le/be ldst helpersRichard Henderson
2013-10-12tcg-arm: Use TCGMemOp within qemu_ldst routinesRichard Henderson
2013-10-10tcg: Add qemu_ld_st_i32/64Richard Henderson
2013-10-10tcg: Add tcg-be-ldst.hRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Move the tlb addend load earlierRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Remove restriction on qemu_ld output registerRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Return register containing tlb addendRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Move load of tlb addend into tcg_out_tlb_readRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Use QEMU_BUILD_BUG_ON to verify constraints on tlbRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Use strd for tcg_out_arg_reg64Richard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Rearrange slow-path qemu_ld/stRichard Henderson
2013-10-01tcg-arm: Use ldrd/strd for appropriate qemu_ld/st64Richard Henderson
2013-09-02exec: Split softmmu_defs.hRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change tcg_out_ld/st offset to intptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change relocation offsets to intptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Change flush_icache_range arguments to uintptr_tRichard Henderson
2013-09-02tcg: Add muluh and mulsh opcodesRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Implement tcg_register_jitRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Use AT_PLATFORM to detect the host ISARichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Simplify logic in detecting the ARM ISA in useRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Rename use_armv5_instructions to use_armvt5_instructionsRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Make use of conditional availability of opcodes for divideRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg-arm: Don't implement remRichard Henderson
2013-07-09tcg: Split rem requirement from div requirementRichard Henderson
2013-06-05tcg: Remove redundant tcg_target_init checksRichard Henderson
2013-05-03tcg-arm: Use movi32 in exit_tbRichard Henderson
2013-05-03tcg-arm: Fix 64-bit tlb load for pre-v6Richard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Remove long jump from tcg_out_goto_labelRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Convert to CONFIG_QEMU_LDST_OPTIMIZATIONRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Use movi32 + blx for calls on v7Richard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Delete the 'S' constraintRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Improve scheduling of tcg_out_tlb_readRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Split out tcg_out_tlb_readRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Cleanup most primitive load store subroutinesRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Cleanup multiply subroutinesRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Use R12 for the tcg temporaryRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Use TCG_REG_TMP name for the tcg temporaryRichard Henderson
2013-04-27tcg-arm: Implement division instructionsRichard Henderson