path: root/target-sparc/helper.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-07target-sparc: implement NPT timer bitMark Cave-Ayland
2014-05-28tcg: Invert the inclusion of helper.hRichard Henderson
2014-03-12target-sparc: Add and use CPU_FEATURE_CASASebastian Huber
2013-10-10tcg: Remove stray semi-colons from target-*/helper.hRichard Henderson
2013-02-23SPARC LEON power-down support addedRonald Hecht
2012-12-19exec: move include files to include/exec/Paolo Bonzini
2012-10-28target-sparc: rename helper flagsAurelien Jarno
2012-10-07target-sparc: Move taddcctv and tsubcctv out of lineRichard Henderson
2012-10-07target-sparc: Move sdivx and udivx out of lineRichard Henderson
2012-03-24target-sparc: Add compiler attribute to some functions which don't returnStefan Weil
2012-03-18Sparc: avoid AREG0 for memory access helpersBlue Swirl
2011-11-19Improve "ta 0" shutdownFabien Chouteau
2011-10-26target-sparc: Implement FALIGNDATA inline.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Implement BMASK/BSHUFFLE.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Implement ALIGNADDR* inline.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Implement fpack{16,32,fix}.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Implement PDIST.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Do exceptions management fully inside the helpers.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Make FPU/VIS helpers const when possible.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26target-sparc: Pass float64 parameters instead of dt0/1 temporaries.Richard Henderson
2011-10-26Sparc: avoid AREG0 for division op helpersBlue Swirl
2011-10-26Sparc: avoid AREG0 for softint op helpers and Leon cache controlBlue Swirl
2011-10-26Sparc: avoid AREG0 for CWP and PSTATE helpersBlue Swirl
2011-10-23Sparc: avoid AREG0 for lazy condition code helpersBlue Swirl
2011-10-23Sparc: avoid AREG0 for float and VIS opsBlue Swirl
2011-10-23Sparc: avoid AREG0 for raise_exception and helper_debugBlue Swirl
2011-07-20SPARC64: fix VIS1 SIMD signed compare instructionsTsuneo Saito
2011-05-22Delete unused tb_invalidate_page_rangeBlue Swirl
2011-01-24SPARC: Emulation of Leon3Fabien Chouteau
2010-12-28target-sparc: fix udiv(cc) and sdiv(cc)Aurelien Jarno
2010-05-20target-sparc: Inline some generation of carry for ADDX/SUBX.Richard Henderson
2010-05-19target-sparc: Fix compilation with --enable-debug.Richard Henderson
2010-01-08sparc64: use helper_wrpil to check pending irq on writeIgor V. Kovalenko
2009-05-10Use dynamical computation for condition codesBlue Swirl
2008-11-17TCG variable type checking.pbrook
2008-09-26Implement UA2005 hypervisor trapsblueswir1
2008-09-22Add software and timer interrupt supportblueswir1
2008-09-21Use the new concat_i32_i64 op for std and stdablueswir1
2008-09-10Convert rest of ops using float32 to TCG, remove FT0 and FT1blueswir1
2008-09-10Partially convert float128 conversion ops to TCGblueswir1
2008-09-10Convert basic 64 bit VIS ops to TCGblueswir1
2008-09-10Convert basic 32 bit VIS ops to TCGblueswir1
2008-09-10Convert basic float32 ops to TCGblueswir1
2008-09-09Implement ldxfsr/stxfsr, fix ld(x)fsr masks, convert to TCGblueswir1
2008-08-29Fix Sparc64 boot on i386 host:blueswir1
2008-07-19Implement nucleus quad lddablueswir1
2008-05-27Move non-op functions from op_helper.c to helper.c and vice versa.blueswir1
2008-05-22Register op helpersblueswir1
2008-05-12Move prototype back to avoid a compiler warningblueswir1
2008-05-10Fix compiler warningsblueswir1