path: root/target-s390x/ioinst.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-17s390/ioinst: fix IO_INT_WORD_ISC macroAurelien Jarno
2015-02-18s390x/ioinst: Rework memory access in TPI instructionThomas Huth
2015-02-18s390x/ioinst: Set condition code in ioinst_handle_tsch() handlerThomas Huth
2015-01-12s390: Add PCI bus supportFrank Blaschka
2014-09-23s390x/css: support format-0 ccwsCornelia Huck
2014-03-05s390x/virtio-ccw: Adapter interrupt support.Cornelia Huck
2013-09-20s390/ioinst: Moved the CC setting to the IO instruction handlersThomas Huth
2013-02-13s390: Fix handling of iscs.Cornelia Huck
2013-01-29s390: Use s390_cpu_physical_memory_map for tpi.Cornelia Huck
2013-01-29s390: Add channel I/O instructions.Cornelia Huck
2013-01-29s390: Channel I/O basic definitions.Cornelia Huck