path: root/target-ppc/mmu-hash64.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-20Move target-* CPU file into a target/ folderThomas Huth
2016-09-15Remove unused function declarationsLadi Prosek
2016-07-12Clean up ill-advised or unusual header guardsMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-05ppc/hash64: Add proper real mode translation supportBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2016-07-05target-ppc: Simplify HPTE matchingDavid Gibson
2016-07-05ppc: simplify ppc_hash64_hpte_page_shift_noslb()Cédric Le Goater
2016-05-19target-ppc: do not use target_ulong in cpu-qom.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-03-16target-ppc: Eliminate kvmppc_kern_htab globalDavid Gibson
2016-03-16target-ppc: Add helpers for updating a CPU's SDR1 and external HPTDavid Gibson
2016-02-17target-ppc: Remove hack for ppc_hash64_load_hpte*() with HV KVMDavid Gibson
2016-01-30target-ppc: Allow more page sizes for POWER7 & POWER8 in TCGDavid Gibson
2016-01-30target-ppc: Helper to determine page size information from hpte aloneDavid Gibson
2016-01-30target-ppc: Add new TLB invalidate by HPTE call for hash64 MMUsDavid Gibson
2016-01-30target-ppc: Rework ppc_store_slbDavid Gibson
2016-01-30target-ppc: Convert mmu-hash{32,64}.[ch] from CPUPPCState to PowerPCCPUDavid Gibson
2015-03-09target-ppc: Use right page size with hash table lookupAneesh Kumar K.V
2014-03-13target-ppc: Use PowerPCCPU in PowerPCCPUClass::handle_mmu_fault hookAndreas Färber
2014-03-13target-ppc: Clean up ENV_GET_CPU() usageAndreas Färber
2014-03-05target-ppc: Update ppc_hash64_store_hpte to support updating in-kernel htabAneesh Kumar K.V
2014-03-05target-ppc: Change the hpte store APIAneesh Kumar K.V
2014-03-05target-ppc: Fix page table lookup with kvm enabledAneesh Kumar K.V
2014-02-11exec: Make stq_*_phys input an AddressSpaceEdgar E. Iglesias
2014-02-11exec: Make ldq/ldub_*_phys input an AddressSpaceEdgar E. Iglesias
2013-03-22mmu-hash64: Implement Virtual Page Class Key ProtectionDavid Gibson
2013-03-22mmu-hash*: Separate PTEG searching from permissions checkingDavid Gibson
2013-03-22mmu-hash*: Add hash pte load/store helpersDavid Gibson
2013-03-22mmu-hash*: Add header file for definitionsDavid Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle hash mmu versions of cpu_get_phys_page_debug()David Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle hash mmu paths for cpu_ppc_handle_mmu_faultDavid Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle get_physical_address() pathsDavid Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle get_segment()David Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle find_pte()David Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Disentangle pte_check()David Gibson
2013-03-22target-ppc: Move SLB handling into a mmu-hash64.cDavid Gibson