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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Support MSA in MIPS KVM guestsJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Support FPU in MIPS KVM guestsJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Support signed 64-bit KVM registersJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Support unsigned KVM registersJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Implement Config CP0 registersJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Implement PRid CP0 registerJames Hogan
2016-02-26mips/kvm: Remove a couple of noisy DPRINTFsJames Hogan
2016-01-23mips: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2016-01-22fpu: Replace uint64 typedef with uint64_tPeter Maydell
2015-10-19kvm: Pass PCI device pointer to MSI routing functionsPavel Fedin
2015-07-16mips/kvm: Sign extend registers written to KVMJames Hogan
2015-07-16mips/kvm: Fix Big endian 32-bit register accessJames Hogan
2015-07-09mips/kvm: Sync with newer MIPS KVM headersJames Hogan
2015-07-01kvm: First step to push iothread lock out of inner run loopJan Kiszka
2015-06-02kvm: introduce kvm_arch_msi_data_to_gsiEric Auger
2015-04-30kvm: add support for memory transaction attributesPaolo Bonzini
2015-03-11kvm: add machine state to kvm_arch_initMarcel Apfelbaum
2015-01-12kvm: extend kvm_irqchip_add_msi_route to work on s390Frank Blaschka
2014-12-15target-mips: kvm: do not use get_clock()Paolo Bonzini
2014-07-09mips/kvm: Disable FPU on reset with KVMJames Hogan
2014-06-18target-mips: kvm: Add main KVM support for MIPSSanjay Lal