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2009-12-13target-mips: add copyright notice for mips16 workNathan Froyd
2008-09-18Move the active FPU registers into env again, and use more TCG registersths
2008-06-24Clarify some TODO items.ths
2008-06-11Update TODO list.ths
2008-05-07Mention missing CPU save/restore.ths
2007-12-17MIPS TODO: mention unimplemented system controllers.ths
2007-12-17Update MIPS TODO. The mipsnet failure is caused by a kernel bug.ths
2007-10-17Update TODO.ths
2007-10-13Update TODO.ths
2007-09-30Code provision for n32/n64 mips userland emulation. Not functional yet.ths
2007-09-30Update TODO.ths
2007-07-11Update TODO list.ths
2007-06-01Update some comments, 64bit FPU support is functional regardless ofths
2007-06-01Update TODO.ths
2007-05-07MIPS 64-bit FPU support, plus some collateral bugfixes in theths
2007-05-07Update TODO.ths
2007-04-28Update TODO.ths
2007-03-30Update mips TODO.ths
2007-03-17Note FPU enable/disable issue.ths
2007-02-02Update MIPS TODO.ths
2007-01-22Update TODO.ths
2007-01-21TLB address wraparound hopefully fixed now.ths
2007-01-19Note more issues.ths
2007-01-17Keep track of mips related issues.ths