path: root/target-m68k/op_helper.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-20Move target-* CPU file into a target/ folderThomas Huth
2016-10-25target-m68k: Reorg flags handlingRichard Henderson
2016-10-25target-m68k: Some fixes to SR and flags managementRichard Henderson
2016-07-12Fix confusing argument names in some common functionsSergey Sorokin
2016-05-19cpu: move exec-all.h inclusion out of cpu.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-01-29m68k: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2015-06-22m68k: fix usp processing on interrupt entry and exception exitGreg Ungerer
2015-06-19semihosting: create SemihostingConfig structure and semihost.hLeon Alrae
2014-09-25target-m68k: Use cpu_exec_interrupt qom hookRichard Henderson
2014-06-05softmmu: introduce cpu_ldst.hPaolo Bonzini
2014-06-05softmmu: commonize helper definitionsPaolo Bonzini
2014-05-28tcg: Invert the inclusion of helper.hRichard Henderson
2014-03-13translate-all: Change cpu_restore_state() argument to CPUStateAndreas Färber
2014-03-13cpu-exec: Change cpu_loop_exit() argument to CPUStateAndreas Färber
2014-03-13exec: Change tlb_fill() argument to CPUStateAndreas Färber
2014-03-13cpu: Move exception_index field from CPU_COMMON to CPUStateAndreas Färber
2014-03-13cpu: Turn cpu_handle_mmu_fault() into a CPUClass hookAndreas Färber
2013-10-10target-m68k: Rename helpers.h to helper.hRichard Henderson
2013-03-12cpu: Replace do_interrupt() by CPUClass::do_interrupt methodAndreas Färber
2013-03-12cpu: Move halted and interrupt_request fields to CPUStateAndreas Färber
2012-12-19exec: move include files to include/exec/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-16exec: refactor cpu_restore_stateBlue Swirl
2012-09-15Remove unused CONFIG_TCG_PASS_AREG0 and dead codeBlue Swirl
2012-09-15target-m68k: switch to AREG0 free modeBlue Swirl
2012-04-14Use uintptr_t for various op related functionsBlue Swirl
2012-03-14target-m68k: Don't overuse CPUStateAndreas Färber
2011-10-01softmmu_header: pass CPUState to tlb_fillBlue Swirl
2011-08-07Remove unused is_softmmu parameter from cpu_handle_mmu_faultBlue Swirl
2011-07-30exec.h cleanupBlue Swirl
2011-06-26m68k: use caller supplied CPUState for interrupt related stuffBlue Swirl
2011-06-26cpu_loop_exit: avoid using AREG0Blue Swirl
2011-04-20Remove unused function parameter from cpu_restore_stateStefan Weil
2009-07-16Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF addressBlue Swirl
2009-01-04Update FSF address in GPL/LGPL boilerplateaurel32
2008-12-13Remove unnecessary trailing newlinesblueswir1
2008-07-03Convert remaining __builtin_expect to likely/unlikely, by Jan Kiszka.ths
2008-05-25Fix off-by-one unwinding error.pbrook
2008-05-24Convert m68k target to TCG.pbrook
2007-11-11fixed invalid typebellard
2007-10-29Adjust s390 addresses (the MSB is defined as "to be ignored").ths
2007-10-14Replace is_user variable with mmu_idx in softmmu core,j_mayer
2007-09-16find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]$//g' # on most filesths
2007-06-09M68K status register fixes.pbrook
2007-06-03MCF5208 emulation.pbrook
2007-06-02Clear SR_M on a hardware interrupt.pbrook
2007-05-26M68k system mode semihosting.pbrook
2007-05-23m68k/ColdFire system emulation.pbrook