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2015-12-17kvm: x86: add support for KVM_CAP_SPLIT_IRQCHIPPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V SynIC timers MSR's supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17target-i386/hyperv: Hyper-V SynIC SINT routing and vcpu exitAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V SynIC MSR's supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-11-26target-i386: kvm: Print warning when clearing mcg_cap bitsEduardo Habkost
2015-11-26target-i386: kvm: Use env->mcg_cap when setting up MCEEduardo Habkost
2015-11-26target-i386: kvm: Abort if MCE bank count is not supported by hostEduardo Habkost
2015-11-17target-i386: Disable rdtscp on Opteron_G* CPU modelsEduardo Habkost
2015-11-17target-i386: Fix mulx for identical target regsRichard Henderson
2015-11-06target-i386: Add clflushopt/clwb/pcommit to TCG_7_0_EBX_FEATURESXiao Guangrong
2015-11-06target-i386: tcg: Check right CPUID bits for clflushopt/pcommitEduardo Habkost
2015-11-06target-i386: tcg: Accept clwb instructionEduardo Habkost
2015-11-05target-i386: Enable clflushopt/clwb/pcommit instructionsXiao Guangrong
2015-11-05target-i386: Remove POPCNT from qemu64 and qemu32 CPU modelsEduardo Habkost
2015-11-05target-i386: Remove ABM from qemu64 CPU modelEduardo Habkost
2015-11-05target-i386: Remove SSE4a from qemu64 CPU modelEduardo Habkost
2015-11-05kvmclock: add a new function to update env->tsc.Liang Li
2015-11-04osdep: Rename qemu_{get, set}_version() to qemu_{, set_}hw_version()Eduardo Habkost
2015-11-04target-i386: fix pcmpxstrx equal-ordered (strstr) modePaolo Bonzini
2015-10-28target-*: Advance pc after recognizing a breakpointRichard Henderson
2015-10-27target-i386: Enable "check" mode by defaultEduardo Habkost
2015-10-27target-i386: Don't left shift negative constantEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Use 1UL for bit shiftEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Add DE to TCG_FEATURESEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Ensure always-1 bits on DR6 can't be clearedEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Check CR4[DE] for processing DR4/DR5Richard Henderson
2015-10-23target-i386: Handle I/O breakpointsEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Optimize setting dr[0-3]Richard Henderson
2015-10-23target-i386: Move hw_*breakpoint_* functionsRichard Henderson
2015-10-23target-i386: Ensure bit 10 on DR7 is never clearedEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: Re-introduce optimal breakpoint removalRichard Henderson
2015-10-23target-i386: Introduce cpu_x86_update_dr7Richard Henderson
2015-10-23target-i386: Disable cache info passthrough by defaultEduardo Habkost
2015-10-23target-i386: allow any alignment for SMBASEPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-19kvm: Allow the Hyper-V vendor ID to be specifiedAlex Williamson
2015-10-19kvm: Move x86-specific functions into target-i386/kvm.cThomas Huth
2015-10-19kvm: Pass PCI device pointer to MSI routing functionsPavel Fedin
2015-10-12target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V HV_X64_MSR_VP_RUNTIME supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-10-12target-i386/kvm: set Hyper-V features cpuid bit HV_X64_MSR_VP_INDEX_AVAILABLEAndrey Smetanin
2015-10-12target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V HV_X64_MSR_RESET supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-10-09qdev: Protect device-list-properties against broken devicesMarkus Armbruster
2015-10-07tcg: Remove gen_intermediate_code_pcRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Pass data argument to restore_state_to_opcRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Add TCG_MAX_INSNSRichard Henderson
2015-10-07target-*: Drop cpu_gen_code defineRichard Henderson
2015-10-07target-i386: Add cc_op state to insn_startRichard Henderson
2015-10-07target-*: Introduce and use cpu_breakpoint_testRichard Henderson
2015-10-07target-*: Increment num_insns immediately after tcg_gen_insn_startRichard Henderson
2015-10-07target-*: Unconditionally emit tcg_gen_insn_startRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Rename debug_insn_start to insn_startRichard Henderson