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21 hoursMerge tag 'pull-tcg-20230123' of https://gitlab.com/rth7680/qemu into stagingHEADmasterPeter Maydell
9 daysdocs/about/deprecated: Mark HAXM in QEMU as deprecatedThomas Huth
11 daystarget/loongarch: Disassemble pcadd* addressesRichard Henderson
11 daystarget/loongarch: Disassemble jirl properlyRichard Henderson
11 daystarget/loongarch: Enable the disassembler for host tcgRichard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm: Look up ARMCPRegInfo at runtimepull-target-arm-20230123Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm: Reorg do_coproc_insnRichard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm: provide stubs for more external debug registersEvgeny Iakovlev
12 daystarget/arm: implement DBGCLAIM registersEvgeny Iakovlev
12 daystarget/arm: Don't set EXC_RETURN.ES if Security Extension not presentPeter Maydell
12 daystarget/arm: Fix in_debug path in S1_ptw_translateRichard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm: Fix physical address resolution for MTERichard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Unify set_pstate() SM/ZA helpers as set_svcr()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Rebuild hflags in aarch64_set_svcr()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Reset ZA state in aarch64_set_svcr()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Reset SVE state in aarch64_set_svcr()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Introduce aarch64_set_svcr()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Rebuild hflags in set_pstate() helpersRichard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm/sme: Reorg SME access handling in handle_msr_i()Richard Henderson
12 daystarget/arm: Unify checking for M Main Extension in MRS/MSRDavid Reiss
12 daystarget/arm: Widen cnthctl_el2 to uint64_tRichard Henderson
2023-01-20Merge tag 'pull-riscv-to-apply-20230120' of https://github.com/alistair23/qem...Peter Maydell
2023-01-20Merge tag 'pull-include-2023-01-20' of https://repo.or.cz/qemu/armbru into st...Peter Maydell
2023-01-20include/block: Untangle inclusion loopsMarkus Armbruster
2023-01-20target/riscv: Remove helper_set_rod_rounding_modeRichard Henderson
2023-01-20target/riscv: Introduce helper_set_rounding_mode_chkfrmRichard Henderson
2023-01-20target/riscv: Trap on writes to stimecmp from VS when hvictl.VTI=1Andrew Bresticker
2023-01-20target/riscv: Fix up masking of vsip/vsie accessesAndrew Bresticker
2023-01-20target/riscv: Use TARGET_FMT_lx for env->mhartidBin Meng
2023-01-20target/riscv/cpu.c: do not skip misa logic in riscv_cpu_realize()Daniel Henrique Barboza
2023-01-20target/riscv/cpu: set cpu->cfg in register_cpu_props()Daniel Henrique Barboza
2023-01-20target/riscv/cpu.c: Fix elen checkDongxue Zhang
2023-01-20hw/char: riscv_htif: Move registers from CPUArchState to HTIFStateBin Meng
2023-01-18bulk: Rename TARGET_FMT_plx -> HWADDR_FMT_plxPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2023-01-16Merge tag 'm68k-next-pull-request' of https://github.com/vivier/qemu-m68k int...Peter Maydell
2023-01-16Merge tag 'mips-20230113' of https://github.com/philmd/qemu into stagingPeter Maydell
2023-01-16target/m68k: fix FPSR quotient byte for frem instructionMark Cave-Ayland
2023-01-16target/m68k: fix FPSR quotient byte for fmod instructionMark Cave-Ayland
2023-01-16target/m68k: pass sign directly into make_quotient()Mark Cave-Ayland
2023-01-16target/m68k: pass quotient directly into make_quotient()Mark Cave-Ayland
2023-01-13target/mips: Restrict 'qapi-commands-machine.h' to system emulationPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2023-01-13mips: Always include nanomips disassemblerPaolo Bonzini
2023-01-13target/arm: allow writes to SCR_EL3.HXEn bit when FEAT_HCX is enabledpull-target-arm-20230113Evgeny Iakovlev
2023-01-13mips: Remove support for trap and emulate KVMPaolo Bonzini
2023-01-12target/arm: Fix sve_probe_pageRichard Henderson
2023-01-11target/i386: fix operand size of unary SSE operationsPaolo Bonzini
2023-01-11target/i386: Remove compilation errors when -Werror=maybe-uninitializedEric Auger
2023-01-11i386: Emit correct error code for 64-bit IDT entryJoe Richey
2023-01-09Merge tag 'pull-request-2023-01-09' of https://gitlab.com/thuth/qemu into sta...Peter Maydell
2023-01-09target/s390x: Restrict sysemu/reset.h to system emulationPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé