path: root/slirp/misc.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-27slirp: update to fix CVE-2020-29129 CVE-2020-29130Marc-André Lureau
2020-07-28slirp: update to latest stable-4.2 branchMarc-André Lureau
2020-04-21slirp: update to fix CVE-2020-1983Marc-André Lureau
2020-03-22slirp: update submodule to v4.2.0+Marc-André Lureau
2019-08-02slirp: update with CVE-2019-14378 fixMarc-André Lureau
2019-05-09Update upstream slirpSamuel Thibault
2019-05-04Update slirp submoduleSamuel Thibault
2019-05-03build-sys: move slirp as git submodule projectMarc-André Lureau
2019-03-07slirp: move sources to src/ subdirectoryMarc-André Lureau
2019-02-07slirp: generalize guestfwd with a callback based approachMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: rename exec_listMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: fix slirp_add_exec() leaksMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: remove unused EMU_RSHMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: use a dedicated field for chardev pointerMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: replace ex_pty with ex_chardevMarc-André Lureau
2019-01-14slirp: remove do_pty from fork_exec()Marc-André Lureau
2016-07-12Clean up ill-advised or unusual header guardsMarkus Armbruster
2016-03-23Avoid embedding struct mbuf in other structuresSamuel Thibault
2014-08-24slirp/misc: Use the GLib memory allocation APIszhanghailiang
2013-06-01slirp: cleanup leftovers from misc.hMichael Tokarev
2012-11-10slirp: remove unused function u_sleepBlue Swirl
2010-07-25slirp: Replace u_int8_t, u_int16_t, u_int32_t, u_int64_t by standard int typesStefan Weil
2009-07-27slirp: Remove UDP protocol emulation (talk, cuseeme)Ed Swierk
2009-07-01Fix breakage by obsolete _P() for goodBlue Swirl
2009-06-29slirp: Factor out internal state structureJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Clean up timeout handling around slirp_select_fill/pollJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Factor out one-time initializationJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Drop dead codeJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Rework internal configurationJan Kiszka
2008-10-26Fix inline use warnings from sparseblueswir1
2008-08-30Fix some warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wredundant-declsblueswir1
2007-11-01 Fix slirp compilation failure when using a newer gccblueswir1
2007-10-26 Use const and static as needed, disable unused codeblueswir1
2007-09-16find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]$//g' # on most filesths
2004-10-10openpty fixbellard
2004-04-22initial user mode network supportbellard