path: root/slirp/if.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-22aio / timers: Switch entire codebase to the new timer APIAlex Bligh
2012-12-19misc: move include files to include/qemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-08-01net: determine if packets can be sent before net queue deliver packetsZhi Yong Wu
2012-03-13slirp: Remove unneeded if_queuedJan Kiszka
2012-03-13slirp: Fix queue walking in if_startJan Kiszka
2012-03-13slirp: Prevent recursion of if_startJan Kiszka
2012-03-13slirp: Keep next_m always validJan Kiszka
2012-02-27slirp: Refactor if_startJan Kiszka
2012-02-27slirp: Fix requeuing of batchq packets in if_startJan Kiszka
2012-02-27slirp: Clean up ifs_initJan Kiszka
2011-08-05slirp: Only start packet expiration for delayed onesJan Kiszka
2011-08-05slirp: Read current time only once per if_start callJan Kiszka
2011-08-03Delayed IP packetsFabien Chouteau
2009-06-29slirp: Use internal state in interfaceJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Factor out internal state structureJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Drop link_up checks from if_output and slirp_socket_can_recvJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Drop dead codeJan Kiszka
2009-03-07Sparse fixes: NULL use, header order, ANSI prototypes, staticblueswir1
2008-09-30Add some missing static qualifiersblueswir1
2008-08-17Fix warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wstrict-prototypesblueswir1
2008-05-10Special-case CTL_ALIAS instead of CTL_DNS in udp loopback test.balrog
2007-10-26 Add const etc. to places forgotten from the previous commitblueswir1
2007-10-26 Use const and static as needed, disable unused codeblueswir1
2007-09-17find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]*$//g' # Yes, again. Note the star in the...ths
2007-09-16find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]$//g' # on most filesths
2006-05-10suppressed unaligned accessesbellard
2004-10-07windows fixes (Gregory Alexander)bellard
2004-09-13memory leak fix (Juergen Keil)bellard
2004-04-22initial user mode network supportbellard