path: root/slirp/bootp.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-15slirp: Add domain-search option to slirp's DHCP serverKlaus Stengel
2012-02-27slirp: Fix assertion failure on rejected DHCP requestsDavid Gibson
2011-08-03Simple ARP tableFabien Chouteau
2011-03-05net: fix trace when debug is activated in slirpVincent Palatin
2011-01-10slirp: fix unaligned access in bootp codeAurelien Jarno
2010-09-04Change DPRINTF() to do{}while(0) to avoid compiler warningJes Sorensen
2010-03-07slirp: remove dead increments, spotted by clangBlue Swirl
2010-02-07Do not use dprintfmalc
2009-06-29slirp: Factor out internal state structureJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Cleanup and basic reanimation of debug codeJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Rework internal configurationJan Kiszka
2009-06-29slirp: Move smb, redir, tftp and bootp parameters and -net channelJan Kiszka
2009-05-22slirp: Reassign same address to same DHCP clientJan Kiszka
2009-05-13Replace gcc variadic macro extension with C99 versionBlue Swirl
2009-04-21slirp: Handle DHCP requests for specific IP (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-01-24Use broadcast address for slirp dhcp repliesaurel32
2009-01-08Add slirp_restrict option (Gleb Natapov)aliguori
2008-10-01Make some variables staticblueswir1
2008-09-20Suppress gcc 4.x -Wpointer-sign (included in -Wall) warningsblueswir1
2007-10-26 Use const and static as needed, disable unused codeblueswir1
2007-09-17find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]*$//g' # Yes, again. Note the star in the...ths
2007-09-16find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]$//g' # on most filesths
2007-02-20Add -bootp option for slirp, by Anthony Liguori.ths
2006-04-16Set slirp client hostname.pbrook
2005-06-0564 bit fixes (initial patch by Gwenole Beauchesne)bellard
2004-10-03hack for bootp supportbellard
2004-09-30full system SPARC emulation (Blue Swirl)bellard
2004-09-30give a new address at DHCPREQUEST too (useful if the OS remembers its IP addressbellard
2004-06-04dhcp packet size fix (aka pump fix)bellard
2004-05-04fixed dhcp for windows clientbellard
2004-04-22initial user mode network supportbellard