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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-25qerror.h: Remove QERR defines that are only used onceCole Robinson
2014-03-27migration: add more tracesAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-03-08migration: extend section_start/end tracesAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-02-17Use error_is_set() only when necessaryMarkus Armbruster
2014-01-13savevm: Small comment about why timer QEMUFile/VMState code is in savevm.cEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13qemu-file: Move QEMUFile code to qemu-file.cEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13vmstate: Move VMState code to vmstate.cEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13savevm.c: Coding style fixEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13savevm.c: Coding style fixesEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13savevm: Convert all tabs to spacesEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13migration: Move QEMU_VM_* defines to migration/migration.hEduardo Habkost
2014-01-13qemu-file: Make a few functions non-staticEduardo Habkost
2013-11-20The calculation of bytes_xfer in qemu_put_buffer() is wrongWangting (Kathy)
2013-09-24savevm: fix wrong initialization by ram_control_load_hookLei Li
2013-09-24savevm: add comments for qemu_file_get_error()Lei Li
2013-09-12snapshot: distinguish id and name in snapshot deleteWenchao Xia
2013-08-22aio / timers: Switch entire codebase to the new timer APIAlex Bligh
2013-08-22aio / timers: Rearrange timer.h & make legacy functions call non-legacyAlex Bligh
2013-08-22aio / timers: Rename qemu_timer_* functionsAlex Bligh
2013-07-23rdma: bugfix: ram_control_save_page()Michael R. Hines
2013-06-27rdma: new QEMUFileOps hooksMichael R. Hines
2013-06-27rdma: export qemu_fflush()Michael R. Hines
2013-06-27rdma: introduce qemu_file_mode_is_not_valid()Michael R. Hines
2013-06-27rdma: export yield_until_fd_readable()Michael R. Hines
2013-06-27rdma: introduce qemu_update_position()Michael R. Hines
2013-06-21savevm: Fix potential memory leakStefan Weil
2013-06-17savevm: qmp_xen_save_devices_state(): use error_setg_file_open()Luiz Capitulino
2013-06-04block: dump snapshot and image info to specified outputWenchao Xia
2013-06-04block: move qmp and info dump related code to block/qapi.cWenchao Xia
2013-06-04block: move snapshot code in block.c to block/snapshot.cWenchao Xia
2013-06-04block: drop bs_snapshots global variableStefan Hajnoczi
2013-06-01do not check pointers after dereferencing themPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-17qemu-file: do not use stdio for qemu_fdopenPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-17qemu-file: drop socket_put_bufferPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'stefanha/block' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2013-04-15savevm: Implement block_writev_buffer()Kevin Wolf
2013-04-09migration: simplify writev vs. non-writev logicPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-09migration: drop is_write complicationsPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-09migration: use a single I/O operation when writev_buffer is not definedPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-09migration: set f->is_write and flush in add_to_iovecPaolo Bonzini
2013-04-02oslib-posix: rename socket_set_nonblock() to qemu_set_nonblock()Stefan Hajnoczi
2013-03-26Add qemu_put_buffer_asyncOrit Wasserman
2013-03-26Use writev ops if availableOrit Wasserman
2013-03-26Store the data to send also in iovecOrit Wasserman
2013-03-26Update bytes_xfer in qemu_put_byteOrit Wasserman
2013-03-26Add socket_writev_buffer functionOrit Wasserman
2013-03-26savevm: Add VMSTATE_FLOAT64 helpersDavid Gibson
2013-03-26savevm: Add VMSTATE_UINT64_EQUAL helpersDavid Gibson
2013-03-12vmstate: Make vmstate_register() static inlineAndreas Färber
2013-03-11migration: move rate limiting to QEMUFilePaolo Bonzini