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2016-02-04Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1378 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2016-01-22seabios: fix submoduleGerd Hoffmann
Commit "36f96c4 target-i386: Add support to migrate vcpu's TSC rate" updates roms/seabios, appearently by mistake. Revert this. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com> Message-id: 1453460391-7664-1-git-send-email-kraxel@redhat.com Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
2016-01-21target-i386: Add support to migrate vcpu's TSC rateHaozhong Zhang
This patch enables migrating vcpu's TSC rate. If KVM on the destination machine supports TSC scaling, guest programs will observe a consistent TSC rate across the migration. If TSC scaling is not supported on the destination machine, the migration will not be aborted and QEMU on the destination will not set vcpu's TSC rate to the migrated value. If vcpu's TSC rate specified by CPU option 'tsc-freq' on the destination machine is inconsistent with the migrated TSC rate, the migration will be aborted. For backwards compatibility, the migration of vcpu's TSC rate is disabled on pc-*-2.5 and older machine types. Signed-off-by: Haozhong Zhang <haozhong.zhang@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Eduardo Habkost <ehabkost@redhat.com> [ehabkost: Rewrote comment at kvm_arch_put_registers()] [ehabkost: Moved compat code to pc-2.5] Signed-off-by: Eduardo Habkost <ehabkost@redhat.com>
2016-01-05seabios: stop updating aml filesGerd Hoffmann
ACPI aml files traditionally have been managed in the seabios repo. In qemu version 2.0 we've switched over to have qemu generate the acpi tables and provide them to the firmware via fw_cfg. The old aml files are still there and used for old machine types. Well, actually the q35 file only, the piix4 version is compiled into seabios (unless built with CONFIG_ACPI_DSDT=n) and is there for reference only. The aml files havn't been touched for a long time, and given that new features requiring acpi changes are typically only added to new machine types this is unlikely to change in the future. So stop updating them. That allows to cleanup things a bit on the seabios side in the future. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2016-01-05seabios: update 128k bios configGerd Hoffmann
Turn off OHCI + TPM support to keep the size below 128k. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2016-01-05seabios: use new EXTRAVERSION to tag qemu buildsGerd Hoffmann
Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2016-01-05seabios: update submodule to release 1.9.0Gerd Hoffmann
Highlights / user visible changes in seabios: * boot menu key is ESC now. * virtio 1.0 support. * sdcard support. * fw_cfg dma suport. * usual share of bugfixes ;) In vgabios: * Emulates leal instruction. Works around a bug in old x86emu versions, which makes old xorg vesa drivers work (RHEL-5 for example). full shortlog rel-1.8.2..rel-1.9.0 ---------------------------------- Ameya Palande (1): x86: add barrier to read{b,w,l} and write{b,w,l} functions Andreas Färber (1): checkrom: Fix typo in error message Chen Fan (1): pci: enable SERR# for error forwarding in bridge control register Gerd Hoffmann (28): vga: simplify vga builds vga: rework virtio-vga support vga: add virtio-vga to kconfig pci: allow to loop over capabilities virtio: run drivers in 32bit mode virtio: add struct vp_device virtio: pass struct pci_device to vp_init_simple virtio: add version 1.0 structs and #defines virtio: add version 0.9.5 struct virtio: find version 1.0 virtio capabilities virtio: create vp_cap struct for legacy bar virtio: add read/write functions and macros virtio: make features 64bit, support version 1.0 features virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_{get,set}_status virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_get_isr virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_reset virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_notify virtio: remove unused vp_del_vq virtio: add version 1.0 support to vp_find_vq virtio-scsi: fix initialization for version 1.0 virtio-blk: fix initialization for version 1.0 virtio: use version 1.0 if available (flip the big switch) virtio: also probe version 1.0 pci ids virtio: legacy cleanup virtio-blk: 32bit cleanup virtio-scsi: 32bit cleanup virtio-ring: 32bit cleanup virtio-pci: use high memory for rings Julius Werner (1): xhci: Count new Max Scratchpad Bufs bits from XHCI 1.1 Kevin O'Connor (126): docs: add page for SeaVGABIOS docs: Add page describing the patch contribution process docs: Add page on available CBFS/fw_cfg runtime config files docs: Prefer triple backticks to multiple lines with single backticks smp: Fix smp race introduced in 0673b787 docs: Note release date of 1.8.1 vgabios: On bda_save_restore() the saved vbe_mode also has flags in it vgabios: Don't use extra stack if it appears a modern OS is in use docs: Clarify that pci-optionrom-exec doesn't apply to roms in cbfs checkstack: Replace function information tuple with class checkstack: Simplify yield calculations checkstack: Prefer passing "function" class instead of function address smbios: Use integer signature instead of string signature vgabios: Don't use "smsww" instruction - it confuses x86emu vgabios: Add config option for assembler fixups vgabios: Emulate "leal" instruction checkstack: Minor - continue if not a regular asm line Don't forward declare functions with "inline" in headers build: Support "make VERSION=xyz" to override the default build version tcg: Use seabios setup()/prepboot() calling convention for tcg build: CONFIG_VGA_FIXUP_ASM should depend on CONFIG_BUILD_VGABIOS bootorder: Update "extra pci root" buses bootorder format to match qemu Make sure all code checks for malloc failures docs: Note release date of 1.8.2 block: Split process_op() command dispatch up into multiple functions block: Introduce default_process_op() with common command handling codes block: Route scsi style commands through 'struct disk_op_s' blockcmd: Introduce scsi_fill_cmd() ata: Handle ATA ATAPI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests ahci: Handle AHCI ATAPI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests usb-msc: Handle USB drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests usb-uas: Handle USB drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests lsi-scsi: Handle LSI drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests esp-scsi: Handle ESP drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests megasas: Handle Megasas drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests virtio-scsi: Handle virtio drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests pvscsi: Move pvscsi_fill_req() code into pvscsi_cmd() pvscsi: Handle pvscsi drives directly via 'struct disk_op_s' requests blockcmd: Remove unused scsi_process_op() and cdb_cmd_data() blockcmd: Convert cdb_is_read() to scsi_is_read() block: Rename process_XXX_op() functions to XXX_process_op() coreboot: Try to auto-detect if the CBFS anchor pointer is a relative pointer ps2: Support mode for polling the PS2 port instead of using irqs ata: Make sure "chanid" is relative to PCI device for bootorder file Don't enable interrupts prior to IVT and PIC setup ps2: Don't wait 100ms to discard possible extra reset receive byte timer: Delay timestamp counter init until after pmtimer is probed timer: Add CONFIG_TSC_TIMER build option to disable the CPU TSC timer ramdisk: Allow ramdisk support (CONFIG_FLASH_FLOPPY) under QEMU Minor - move declaration of CDRom_locks to code that uses it smm: ignore bits 16,18-31 of SMM revision ID at runtime too vgafb: Minor - move gfx_common() variables outside of switch statement sdcard: Check if card is present before sending commands to card sdcard: Implement controller frequency setting according to sdhci spec sdcard: Make sure controller support 3.3V before enabling it sdcard: Set timeout control register during init (to max allowed timeout) sdcard: Improve SD card initialization command sequence sdcard: Add proper delays during card power up mptable: Don't create mptable if it is very large optionroms: Don't run option rom on PCI bar if CBFS/fw_cfg version exists edd: Pass the segment/offset from int 1348 calls using a 'struct segoff_s' edd: Reduce parameters to fill_generic_edd() Move CanInterrupt check to check_irqs() Call cpu_relax() if yielding prior to interrupts being enabled sdcard: Fix typo - use sdcard_pio() instead of sdcard_pio_app() sdcard: Fill command bits according to spec sdcard: Support SDHCI v3.00 spec clock setting sdcard: Move power setup to new function sdcard_set_power() sdcard: Power controller up to maximum voltage supported sdcard: Power down controller on failure sdcard: The card should never be in a busy state at start of sdcard_pio() sdcard: Implement timeout on every block read in sdcard_pio_transfer() sdcard: Rename waitw() to sdcard_waitw() and simplify sdcard: Perform a controller reset at start of init sdcard: Check for error events during sdcard_pio() sdcard: Initial support for MMC cards sdcard: Allow the sdcard driver to run on real hardware rtc: Support disabling the RTC timer irq support Add minimal support for machines without hardware interrupts ps2: Eliminate "etc/ps2-poll-only"; use CONFIG_HARDWARE_IRQ instead sdcard: Allow sdcard addresses to be specified in CBFS files xhci: Minor - add USB port type comments to xhci_hub_reset() docs: Don't use an add-symbol-file offset when describing gdb debugging rtc: Disable NMI in rtc_mask() sdcard: Move sdcard_set_frequency()/sdcard_set_power() in sdcard.c sdcard: Move frequency setting into sdcard_card_setup() sdcard: Move drive registration to sdcard_card_setup() sdcard: Turn card_type into a bitmap and store if card is MMC type sdcard: Display sdcard product name in boot menu sdcard: Obtain card capacity and report it on the boot menu megasas: Use outl() on MFI_IDB register minor - correct spelling error in comment Simplify transition16/32 assembler code docs: Minor - add "code relocation" link to "Execution and code flow" document Unify smm/sloppy variants of call32_prep/post and call16_helper Rename Call32Data to Call16Data Unify inline assembler in variants of call16 functions Unify call32_sloppy() and call32() Use transition32_nmi_off from call32() and call16_back() Consolidate code16*() functions Always enable caching on transition32; backup/restore cr0 on call32 e820: Introduce e820_remove() and avoid exporting E820_HOLE e820: Rename memmap.c to e820map.c and use consistent "e820_" prefix e820: Update debugging messages to report 64bit values virtio: Simplify vring alignment code virtio: Move standard definitions from virtio-ring.h to standard headers malloc: Use consistent naming for internal low-level "alloc" functions malloc: Introduce common helper alloc_new_detail() malloc: Add warning if free() called on invalid memory malloc: Don't mix virtual and physical addresses memmap: Introduce SYMBOL() macro to access linker script symbols build: Rework version generation; don't allow make version override build: Report gcc and binutils versions in debug log build: Generate "reproducible" version strings on "clean" builds stacks: Use macro wrappers for call32() and stack_hop_back() malloc: Rename csm_malloc_preinit() to malloc_csm_preinit() build: Be more permissive in buildversion.py tool version scan docs: Document 'make EXTRAVERSION=xyz' and scripts/tarball.sh build: Allow official tarball builds to be considered "clean" coreboot: Minor - avoid K&R style function declaration biostables: Minor - fix incorrect indentation virtio: Minor - replace tab characters with space docs: Minor - replace seavgabios text in Build_overview.md with link buildversion: Avoid subprocess.check_output() as that requires python2.7 buildversion: Add debugging messages docs: Note v1.9.0 release Kyösti Mälkki (1): PCI SDHCI driver: Fix base address Magnus Granberg (1): build: use -fstack-check=no when available Marc Marí (1): Add QEMU fw_cfg DMA interface Marcel Apfelbaum (2): fw/pci: scan all buses if extraroots romfile is present fw/pci: map memory and IO regions for multiple pci root buses Paolo Bonzini (4): boot.c: delay exiting boot if menu key is ESC boot: switch default menu key to ESC smm: ignore bits 16,18-31 of SMM revision ID smm: fix outl argument order Paulo Alcantara (1): ich9: initialise RCBA register through LPC interface Quan Xu (1): make SeaBios compatible with Xen vTPM. Stefan Berger (9): Add an implementation of a TPM TIS driver Implementation of the TCG BIOS extensions Support for BIOS interrupt handler Add 'measurement' code to the BIOS tpm: Introduce a #define for command tag tpm: Be consistent with array sizes in tcgbios.c tpm: clean up parameters to build_and_send_cmd tpm: Clean up in tcgbios.h tpm: Move call to tpm_option_rom into init_optionrom Stefan Weil (2): megasas: Fix outw, outl argument order Fix typos found by codespell Vladimir Serbinenko (3): ahci: Ignore max_ports. Link rom.o with -N option. Add multiboot support. tpearson@raptorengineeringinc.com (1): Add an option to only execute option ROMs contained in CBFS Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-11-11pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20151103Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changes are: 1. supports recent binutils; 2. 64bit BARs behind PCI bridges supported; 3. Many fixes for USB keyboard support - keys, XHCI; 4. virtio-vga support. This image was built with: gcc version 4.8.3 20140911 (Red Hat 4.8.3-7) (GCC) GNU ld version 2.23.2 The full changelog is: > version: update to 20151103 > documentation: Add a clause about signing off > qemu/js2x/client: Support binutils >= 2.25.1 > Fix special keys on USB > Fix function keys on USB > pci-scan: program 64-bit mem bar range in pci-bridge bar > Allow to build SLOF on Little Endian host > usb-xhci: add keyboard support > usb-xhci: ready the link trb early > usb-xhci: scan usb high speed ports > usb-xhci: bulk improve event handling loop > usb-xhci: return on allocation failure > usb-xhci: add delay in shutdown path > usb-xhci: event trbs does not need link trb > usb-hid: refactor usb key reading > takeover: Fix header includes > board-js2x: Add missing file dma-function.fs > vga: Add support for virtio-vga > qemu-vga: Use MMIO BAR instead of legacy IO ports > slof: Change call_c() function to a proper assembler function Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
2015-10-28Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1353 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2015-09-23pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20150813Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changes are: 1. GPT support; 2. Much faster VGA support. The full changelog is: > Add missing half word access case to _FASTRMOVE and _FASTMOVE > Remove unused RMOVE64 stub > fbuffer: Implement RFILL as an accelerated primitive > fbuffer: Implement MRMOVE as an accelerated primitive > fbuffer: Precalculate line length in bytes > terminal: Disable the terminal-write trace by default > boot: remove trailing ":" in the bootpath > ci: implement boot client interface > boot: bootpath should be complete device path > fbuffer: Use a smaller cursor > fbuffer: Improve invert-region helper > usb-hid: Caps is not always shift > cas: Increase FDT buffer size to accomodate larger ibm, cas node properties > README: Update with patch submittion note > disk-label: add support for booting from GPT FAT partition > disk-label: introduce helper to check fat filesystem > introduce 8-byte LE helpers > disk-label: simplify gpt-prep-partition? routine > fbuffer: introduce the invert-region-x helper > fbuffer: introduce the invert-region helper > fbuffer: simplify address computations in fb8-toggle-cursor Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
2015-09-03ipxe: use upstream configurationGerd Hoffmann
Upstream supports named configurations now and ships with settings for qemu. Use them, drop our config header copying. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-09-03ipxe: don't override GITVERSIONGerd Hoffmann
We had build problems due to the git version checking in the ipxe build system in the past. Don't remember the details, but the problem seems to be gone now, so lets remove the workaround. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com> [ most likely ipxe commit 6153c09c41034250408f3596555fcaae715da46c: [build] Set GITVERSION only if there is a git repository ] Reviewed-by: Laszlo Ersek <lersek@redhat.com>
2015-09-03ipxe: update from 35c53797 to 4e03af8Gerd Hoffmann
git shortlog ============ Alex Williamson (1): [dhcp] Extract timing parameters out to config/dhcp.h Bernd Wiebelt (1): [tg3] Add support for BCM57766 Christian Hesse (3): [intel] Add PCI device IDs for Intel I218-LM and I218-V [build] Add missing "const" qualifiers [ath9k] Remove confusing logic inversion in an ANI variable Christian Nilsson (1): [bios] Add ANSI blink attribute Daniel Pieczko (1): [prefix] Use correct register for KEEP_IT_REAL physical address conversion Ed Swierk (1): [intel] Update PCI device IDs for Intel 82599 and X540 10G NICs Fabrice Bacchella (2): [efi] Improve NII driver logging [efi] Work around bugs in Emulex NII driver Laszlo Ersek (1): [virtio] Downgrade per-iobuf debug messages to DBGC2 Michael Brown (284): [device] Provide a driver-private data field for root devices [iobuf] Add iob_split() to split an I/O buffer into portions [rndis] Add generic RNDIS device abstraction [hyperv] Add support for Hyper-V hypervisor [hyperv] Add support for VMBus devices [hyperv] Add support for NetVSC paravirtual network devices [rndis] Send RNDIS_INITIALISE_MSG [rndis] Send RNDIS_HALT_MSG [hyperv] Tear down NetVSC RX buffer GPADL after closing VMBus device [rndis] Clear receive filter when closing the device [hyperv] Receive all VMBus messages in a poll [hyperv] Increase TX ring size [hyperv] Assume that VMBus xfer page ranges correspond to RNDIS messages [rndis] Ignore start-of-day RNDIS_INDICATE_STATUS_MSG with status 0x40020006 [hyperv] Tidy up debug output [hyperv] Require support for VMBus version 3.0 or newer [build] Include Hyper-V driver in the all-drivers build [pci] Allow drivers to specify a PCI class [romprefix] Ensure UNDI loader can be included by all ROM types [usb] Add basic support for USB devices [usb] Add basic support for USB hubs [usb] Add support for xHCI host controllers [ncm] Add support for CDC-NCM USB Ethernet devices [usb] Report xHCI host controller events [ncm] Use large multi-packet buffers by default [tftp] Explicitly abort connection whenever parent interface is closed [uri] Allow tftp_uri() to construct a URI with a custom port [pxe] Use tftp_uri() to construct PXE TFTP URIs [pxe] Maintain a queue for received PXE UDP packets [ncm] Reserve headroom in received packets [usb] Try multiple USB device configurations [usb] Handle CDC union functional descriptors [usb] Parse endpoint descriptor bInterval field [usb] Allow usb_stream() to enforce a terminating short packet [ecm] Add support for CDC-ECM USB Ethernet devices [xhci] Delay after (possibly) forcing port link state to RxDetect [build] Move branding information to config/branding.h [build] Use PRODUCT_SHORT_NAME for end-user visible strings [build] Allow product URI to be customised via config/branding.h [build] Allow error message URI to be customised via config/branding.h [build] Allow command help text URI to be customised via config/branding.h [build] Allow setting help text URI to be customised via config/branding.h [build] Allow product tag line to be customised via config/branding.h [rndis] Add rndis_rx_err() [usb] Handle port status changes received after failing to find a driver [efi] Disallow R_X86_64_32 relocations [build] Apply the "-fno-PIE -nopie" workaround only to i386 builds [usb] Provide generic framework for refilling receive endpoints [usb] Use generic refill framework for USB hub interrupt endpoints [ecm] Use generic refill framework for bulk IN and interrupt endpoints [ncm] Use generic refill framework for bulk IN and interrupt endpoints [libc] Remove unused string functions [libc] Rewrite string functions [test] Add self-tests for more string functions [test] Add constant-length memset() self-tests [libc] Reduce size of memset() [usb] Add generic USB network device framework [ecm] Use generic USB network device framework [ncm] Use generic USB network device framework [timer] Rewrite the 8254 Programmable Interval Timer support [xhci] Leak memory if controller fails to disable slot [xhci] Abort commands on timeout [test] Add IPv4 self-tests [legal] Add missing copyright header to net/ipv4.c [ipv4] Rewrite inet_aton() [libc] Rewrite strtoul() [hyperv] Check for required features [prefix] Use .bss16 as temporary stack space for calls to install_block [zbin] Use LZMA compression [zbin] Perform extra normalisation after completing decompression [prefix] Call decompressor in flat real mode when DEBUG=libprefix is enabled [zbin] Allow decompressor to generate debug output via BIOS console [zbin] Fix check for existence of most recent output byte [zbin] Remove now-unused unnrv2b.S decompressor [legal] Update GPLv2 licence text [legal] Include full licence text for all GPL2_OR_LATER files [mucurses] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations [legal] Add support for the Unmodified Binary Distribution Licence [legal] Add UBDL relicensing tool [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [libc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of stddef.h [libc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of ctype.h [libc] Rewrite setjmp() and longjmp() [libc] Rewrite byte-swapping code [elf] Rewrite ELF header [list] Relicense list.h [iscsi] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of iscsi.c [pci] Remove outdated and mostly-unused pci_ids.h file [pci] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of pci.h [settings] Use list_first_entry() when unregistering child settings [settings] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of settings.c [menu] Abstract out the generic concept of a jump scroller [settings] Use generic jump scrolling abstraction [malloc] Move valgrind headers out of arch/x86 [malloc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of malloc.c [build] Remove unused IMPORT_SYMBOL() and EXPORT_SYMBOL() macros [build] Remove unused __keepme macro [pxe] Remove obsolete references to pxeparent_dhcp [build] Remove obsolete and unused portions of config.c [build] Use REQUIRE_OBJECT() to drag in per-object configuration [build] Fix the REQUIRE_SYMBOL mechanism [i386] Move real_to_user() to realmode.h [linux] Rewrite headers included in all builds [retry] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of retry.c [retry] Colourise debug output [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [xhci] Enable USB3 ports on Intel PCH8/PCH9 controllers [xhci] Undo PCH-specific quirk fixes when removing device [xen] Set the "feature-rx-notify" flag for netfront devices [http] Abstract out HTTP Digest hash algorithm operations [http] Support MD5-sess Digest authentication [dm96xx] Add driver for Davicom DM96xx USB Ethernet NICs [legal] Relicense Davicom DM96xx drivers [mii] Add generic mii_check_link() function [smsc75xx] Add driver for SMSC/Microchip LAN75xx USB Ethernet NICs [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL [tcp] Implement support for TCP Selective Acknowledgements (SACK) [smsc75xx] Move RX FIFO overflow message to DBGLVL_EXTRA [tcpip] Fix dubious calculation of min_port [libc] Add ffs(), ffsl(), and ffsll() [usb] Add the concept of a USB bus maximum transfer size [ncm] Respect maximum transfer size of the bus [usb] Add functions for manual device address assignment [xhci] Forcibly disable SMIs if BIOS fails to release ownership [autoboot] Match against parent devices when matching by bus type and location [usb] Add config/usb.h for USB configuration options [xhci] Do not release ownership back to BIOS when booting an OS [ehci] Add support for EHCI host controllers [netdevice] Add missing bus types to netdev_fetch_bustype() [usb] Fix USB timeouts to match specification [libprefix] Fix building on 64-bit FreeBSD 8.4 [xhci] Ring doorbell as part of endpoint reset [usb] Reset endpoints without waiting for a new transfer to be enqueued [usb] Add clear_tt() hub method to clear transaction translator buffer [usb] Clear transaction translator buffers when applicable [ehci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction translators [usb] Improve debug messages for failed control transactions [xhci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction translators [libc] Fix typo in longjmp() [libc] Add x86_64 versions of setjmp() and longjmp() [test] Add setjmp()/longjmp() self-tests [test] Simplify digest algorithm self-tests [crypto] Add SHA-224 algorithm [crypto] Add SHA-512 algorithm [crypto] Add SHA-384 algorithm [crypto] Add SHA-512/256 algorithm [crypto] Add SHA-512/224 algorithm [efi] Ensure drivers are disconnected when ExitBootServices() is called [peerdist] Add support for decoding PeerDist Content Information [xhci] Always reset root hub ports [romprefix] Allow autoboot device filter to be disabled [util] Add ability to dump PCI device ID list [efi] Add EFI entropy source [efi] Add EFI time source [efi] Provide a dummy data block in nii_initialise() [efi] Poll media status only if advertised as supported [efi] Poll for TX completions only when there is an outstanding TX buffer [efi] Use the EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL as an entropy source if available [eepro100] Remove duplicate PCI_ROM() line [prism2] Remove duplicate PCI_ROM() lines [build] Allow building PCI ROMs with device ID lists [build] Fix compiler warning on OpenBSD 5.7 [build] Work around binutils quirk on OpenBSD 5.7 [build] Use a single call to parserom.pl to speed up building [intel] Report any unexpected interrupt causes [intel] Force RX polling on VMware emulated 82545em [realtek] Do not attempt to access EEPROM on RTL8169 chips [rtl818x] Obviate RTL_ROM() hack [build] Construct all-drivers list based on driver class [test] Include IPv6 support when performing settings self-tests [base16] Add buffer size parameter to base16_encode() and base16_decode() [base64] Add buffer size parameter to base64_encode() and base64_decode() [settings] Add "base64" setting type [vram] Add "vram" built-in setting to dump video RAM [usb] Include setup packet within I/O buffer for message transfers [pci] Provide PCI_CLASS() to calculate a scalar PCI class value [usb] Detect missed disconnections [usb] Maintain a list of all USB buses [usb] Maintain single lists of halted endpoints and changed ports [ehci] Poll child companion controllers after disowning port [usb] Add find_usb_bus_by_location() helper function [ehci] Allow UHCI/OHCI controllers to locate the EHCI companion controller [uhci] Add support for UHCI host controllers [usb] Provide usb_endpoint_name() for use by host controller drivers [xhci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages [ehci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages [uhci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages [ipv6] Disambiguate received ICMPv6 errors [usb] Add USB_INTERRUPT_OUT internal type [usb] Add generic USB human interface device (HID) framework [usb] Add basic support for USB keyboards [usb] Do not call usb_hotplug() when registering a new hub [usb] Always clear recorded disconnections after performing hotplug actions [intel] Expose intel_diag() for use by other Intel NIC drivers [intel] Allow for the use of advanced TX descriptors [intel] Add support for mailbox used by virtual functions [intel] Add intelxvf driver for Intel 10 GigE virtual function NICs [int13con] Add basic ability to log to a local disk via INT 13 [intel] Add intelxvf_stats() to dump packet statistics registers [intel] Fix operation when physical function has jumbo frames enabled [neighbour] Return success when deferring a packet [xhci] Fix length of allocated slot array [build] Fix .ids.o creation for drivers not in the all-drivers build [xhci] Fix comparison of signed and unsigned integers [ipoib] Fix REMAC cache discarder [xhci] Record device-specific quirks in xHCI device structure [xhci] Ignore invalid protocol speed ID values on Intel Skylake platforms [pci] Use flat real mode to call INT 1a,b101 [tcp] Do not shrink window when discarding received packets [mromprefix] Report a dummy size at offset 0x02 of .mrom payload [ethernet] Add minimal support for receiving LLC frames [netdevice] Add a generic concept of a "blocked link" [stp] Add support for detecting Spanning Tree Protocol non-forwarding ports [stp] Fix interpretaton of hello time [dhcp] Defer discovery if link is blocked [pxe] Always reconstruct packet for PXENV_GET_CACHED_INFO [serial] Add general abstraction of a 16550-compatible UART [gdb] Use new UART abstraction in GDB serial transport [serial] Use new UART abstraction in serial console driver [ipoib] Mark REMAC cache as expensive [ipoib] Attempt to generate ARPs as needed to repopulate REMAC cache [gdb] Allow gdbstub to be started on an arbitrary serial port [xen] Wait for and clear XenStore event before receiving data [tcp] Gracefully close connections during shutdown [ipoib] Transmit multicast packets as broadcasts [efi] Fix receive and transmit completion reporting [efi] Allow user experience to be downgraded [build] Add named configuration for qemu [tcp] Ensure FIN is actually sent if connection is closed while idle [fault] Generalise NETDEV_DISCARD_RATE fault injection mechanism [fault] Add inject_corruption() to randomly corrupt data [profile] Add profile_custom() for profiling with arbitrary time units [interface] Add intf_poke() helper [xfer] Use intf_poke() to implement xfer_window_changed() [xfer] Add xfer_check_order() utility function [xferbuf] Generalise to handle umalloc()-based buffers [xferbuf] Add xfer_buffer() to provide direct access to underlying buffer [downloader] Use generic data-transfer buffer mechanism [downloader] Provide direct access to the underlying data transfer buffer [build] Fix compiler warnings on some gcc versions [crypto] Add bit-rotation functions for 8-bit and 16-bit values [802.11] Use correct SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE constant name [crypto] Add ECB block cipher mode (for debug and self-tests only) [test] Generalise cipher tests and use okx() [test] Define shortcuts for frequently-used NIST AES test vectors [test] Add NIST self-tests for AES128 and AES256 in ECB mode [crypto] Replace AES implementation [test] Add NIST self-tests for AES192 in ECB and CBC modes [crypto] Remove AXTLS headers [build] Fix strict-aliasing warning on older gcc versions [ipv6] Treat a missing network device name as "netX" [netdevice] Avoid using zero as a network device index [ipv4] Redefine IP address constants to avoid unnecessary byte swapping [ipv4] Allow IPv4 socket addresses to include a scope ID [iscsi] Add missing "break" statements [netdevice] Allow network devices to disclaim IRQ support at runtime [peerdist] Include trimmed range within content information block [peerdist] Add support for constructing and decoding discovery messages [peerdist] Add support for constructing and decoding retrieval messages [pool] Add a generic concept of a pooled connection [linebuf] Support buffering of multiple lines [elf] Reject ELFBoot images requiring virtual addressing [comboot] Avoid dragging in serial console support unconditionally [serial] Check for UART existence in uart_select() [tls] Do not access beyond the end of a 24-bit integer [tls] Report supported signature algorithms in ClientHello [crypto] Support SHA-{224,384,512} in X.509 certificates [efi] Hold off watchdog timer while running [efi] Add missing "ULL" suffix on 64-bit constant [block] Add generic block device translator [http] Rewrite HTTP core to support content encodings [peerdist] Add segment discovery mechanism [peerdist] Add individual block download mechanism [peerdist] Add block download multiplexer [peerdist] Add support for PeerDist (aka BranchCache) HTTP content encoding [dhcp] Allow pseudo-DHCP servers to use pseudo-identifiers [dhcp] Ignore ProxyDHCPACKs without PXE options [pxe] Warn about PXE NBPs that may be EFI executables [test] Allow self-tests to report exit status when running under Linux [image] Detect image type when image is first registered [autoboot] Display image information as part of the default control flow Olaf Hering (1): [build] Sort objects in blib.a Robin Smidsrød (2): [vbox] Enable some more features now that we have LZMA compression [build] Rewrite parserom.pl to support multiple source files Thomas Miletich (1): [intel] Add PCI ID for I218-LM Tufan Karadere (1): [crypto] Add ASN.1 OIDs for sha{224,384,512}WithRsaEncryption Wissam Shoukair (2): [comboot] Implement INT22,0x000c [ipoib] Fix a race when chain-loading undionly.kpxe in IPoIB Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-07-07pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20150429Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changelog is: > version: update to 20150429 > pci: Use QEMU created PCI device nodes > usb: support 64-bit pci bars > pci: Support 64-bit address translation > pci: program correct bridge limit registers during probe > scsi: handle report-luns failure > Fix "key?" Forth word when using USB keyboards > Remove bulk.fs package > Include make.rules in the library Makefiles Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2015-06-17Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1340 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2015-06-17tag our seabios buildsGerd Hoffmann
Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-06-17update seabios submodule to release 1.8.2Gerd Hoffmann
git shortlog rel-1.8.1..rel-1.8.2 ================================= Gerd Hoffmann (1): vga: rework virtio-vga support Kevin O'Connor (5): vgabios: Add config option for assembler fixups vgabios: Emulate "leal" instruction build: Support "make VERSION=xyz" to override the default build version build: CONFIG_VGA_FIXUP_ASM should depend on CONFIG_BUILD_VGABIOS vgabios: On bda_save_restore() the saved vbe_mode also has flags in it Paolo Bonzini (1): smm: ignore bits 16,18-31 of SMM revision ID Vladimir Serbinenko (1): ahci: Ignore max_ports. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-06-12virtio-vga: add vgabios configurationGerd Hoffmann
Add seavgabios configuration for virtio-vga, hook up the new vgabios in the makefiles. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-03-25pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20150313Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changelog is: > virtio: Fix vring allocation > helpers: Fix SLOF_alloc_mem_aligned to meet callers expectation > Set default palette according to "16-color Text Extension" document > Fix rectangle drawing functions to work also with higher bit depths > Fix the x86emu patch file > Silence compiler warning when building the biosemu > Use device-type Forth word to set up the corresponding property > Improve /openprom node > pci-properties: Remove redundant call to device-type > cas: reconfigure memory nodes > pci: use 64bit bar ranges Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2015-03-16seabios: update to 1.8.1 stable releaseGerd Hoffmann
Carries two bugfixes and support for multiple pci root buses. git shortlog rel-1.8.0..rel-1.8.1 ================================= Ameya Palande (1): x86: add barrier to read{b,w,l} and write{b,w,l} functions Kevin O'Connor (1): smp: Fix smp race introduced in 0673b787 Marcel Apfelbaum (2): fw/pci: scan all buses if extraroots romfile is present fw/pci: map memory and IO regions for multiple pci root buses Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-03-13Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1334 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2015-03-10sun4u: switch m48t59 NVRAM to MMIO accessMark Cave-Ayland
Real sun4u systems memory-map the NVRAM on the (ISA) ebus, so switch over to MMIO from ioport access whilst setting the base year to 1968 as used by Sun systems. This allows all SPARC64 OSs included in my tests to correctly detect the NVRAM IC and read the hardware clock correctly upon boot. Note that this also requires a corresponding OpenBIOS update to r1330 in order to switch the SPARC64 NVRAM accessors over from ioport to MMIO. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2015-02-19seabios: update to 1.8.0 releaseGerd Hoffmann
'git shortlog 8936dbb2..4c59f5d8' for seabios repo: David Woodhouse (4): Update EFI_COMPATIBILITY16_TABLE to match 0.98 spec update build: use -m16 where available instead of asm(".code16gcc") romlayout: Use .code16 not .code16gcc vgabios: Use .code16 not .code16gcc Gerd Hoffmann (2): add scripts/tarball.sh build: set LC_ALL=C Hannes Reinecke (1): megasas: read addional PCI I/O bar Ian Campbell (1): romlayout: Use "rep ; nop" not "rep nop". Kevin O'Connor (139): vgabios: Return from handle_1011() if handler found. edd: Move EDD get drive parameters (int 1348) logic from disk.c to block.c. edd: Use sectors==-1 to detect removable media. edd: Separate out ATA and virtio specific parts of fill_edd(). cdemu: store internal cdemu fields in standard "el-torito" spec format. Move cdemu call interface and disk_ret helper code to disk.c. smm: Replace SMI assembler code with C code. smm: Use a C struct to define the layout of the SMM area. smp: Replace QEMU SMP init assembler code with C; run only in 32bit mode. Don't enable thread preemption during S3 resume vga option rom execution. Remove old Bochs bios fixed address string at 0xfff00. Move most of the VAR16FIXED() defs to misc.c. build: Avoid absolute paths during "whole-program" compiling. Make sure handle_smi() and handle_smp() are compiled out if not enabled. Remove the TODO file. Abstract reset call (and possible 16bit mode switch) into reset() function. build: Remove unused function getSectionsStart() from layoutrom.py. build: Extract section visiting logic in layoutrom.py. build: Refactor layoutrom.py gc() function. build: Use customized entry point for each type of build. build: Refactor findInit() function. build: Rework getRelocs() to use a hash instead of categories in layoutrom.py build: Keep segmented sections separate until final link step. build: Use fileid instead of category to write sections in layoutrom.py. build: Only export needed fields in LayoutInfo in layoutrom.py. build: Get fixed address variables from 32bit compile pass (not 16bit) build: Minor - fix comments referring to old tools/ directory. xhci: Update the times for usb command timeouts. ehci: Update usb command timeouts to use usb_xfer_time() uhci: Update usb command timeouts to use usb_xfer_time() ohci: Update usb command timeouts to use usb_xfer_time() vgabios: Fix broken build resulting from e5749978. boot: Change ":rom%d" boot order rom instance to ":rom%x" Minor - remove stray tab from src/fw/smm.c. build: Update kconfig to version in Linux 3.16. usb: Fix usb_xfer_time() to work when called in 16bit mode. xhci: Call usb_desc2pipe() on xhci_update_pipe(). xhci: Remove 16bit code wrappers. xhci: Use high memory instead of low memory for internal storage. xhci: Move root hub and setup code to top of file. xhci: Add xhci_check_ports() and xhci_free_pipes() functions. ehci: Move port power up from ehci_hub_detect() to check_ehci_ports(). usb-hub: Enable power to all ports prior to calling usb_enumerate(). xhci: Change xhci_hub_detect() to use connect status instead of link state. uhci: Repeatedly poll for device detect for 100ms. ohci: Repeatedly poll for device detect for 100ms. ehci: Stall uhci/ohci init only until default port routing is done. usb: Perform device detect polling on all usb controllers. ehci: Fix bug in hub port assignment Revert "Use the extra stack for 16bit USB and PS2 keyboard/mouse commands." pmm: Fix entry point to support non-zero %ss Move stack hop code below call32/call16 code in stacks.c Add need_hop_back() call that determines if stack_hop_back is needed Update invoke_mouse_handler() to use need_hop_back() Update stack_hop_back() to jump to 16bit mode if called in 32bit mode. Track when entering via call32() and use the same mode for stack_hop_back() Simplify farcall16 code Update reset() to use call16_back() build: Support declaring 32bit C functions that must reside in the f-segment Move call16() functions from romlayout.S to inline assembler in stacks.c Break up call32() into call32() and call32_sloppy() Fully restore 16bit state during call16_sloppy() Implement call32 mechanism using SMIs. Move a20 code from system.c and ps2port.h to x86.h Backup and restore a20 on call32_sloppy() usb: Rename ?hci_control() to ?hci_send_control() usb: Rename usb_getFrameExp() to usb_get_period() usb: Rename findEndPointDesc() to usb_find_desc() usb: Rename send_default_control() to usb_send_default_control() usb: Rename free_pipe() to usb_free_pipe() usb: Clarify usb freelist manipulations xhci: Change xhci_update_pipe() to xhci_realloc_pipe() and use for alloc too uhci: Export uhci_realloc_pipe() instead of uhci_alloc_pipe() ohci: Export ohci_realloc_pipe() instead of ohci_alloc_pipe() ehci: Export ehci_realloc_pipe() instead of ehci_alloc_pipe() usb: Use usb_realloc_pipe for pipe alloc, update, and free. Use 32bit memcpy in int1587 when applicable Don't clobber %ax on ENTRY_INTO32 macro Create assembler macros for saving and restoring 'struct bregs' Do full BREGS backup/restore for pmm, pnp, and irqentry_extrastack Remove unused macro ENTRY_ST vgabios: Don't declare custom internal BDA storage in std/bda.h vgabios: Cache a pointer to the current mode struct in the BDA vgabios: Don't pass vmode_g to vgafb_move_chars() / vgafb_clear_chars() vgabios: Rename vbe_flags to flags vgabios: Set cursor shape fixes vgabios: Refactor get/set_cursor_shape() code vgabios: Only init BDA device details in init_bios_area() vgabios: Only set the dcc_index=8 if stdvga ports are available vgabios: Move standard table definitions to std/vga.h vgabios: Fill in available legacy modes in video_func_static at runtime vgabios: Add support for reading framebuffer in "direct" mode Fix PNP regression introduced in 99cb8f3e due to missed conversion Minor - move PORT_PS2_CTRLB from hw/ps2port.h to hw/timer.c vgabios: Support emulating text mode attributes while in graphics mode vgabios: Add software cursor capability Use an aligned stack offset when entering on the extra stack Minor - comment updates in romlayout.S Fix build issue on gcc34 pciinit: Fix build warning in mch_pci_slot_get_irq() floppy: Make sure to yield() during floppy PIO Minor - be consistent in placement of .code16/32 in romlayout.S Use macros for .code16/32 mode switches in inline asm in stacks.c Eliminate FUNCFSEG - only force portions of inline asm to f-segment usb: Update USB hub code to support super speed hubs Simplify README files - point to online documentation instead sdcard: Initial support for SD cards on PCI SDHCI controllers on QEMU Add wiki documentation to repository docs: Don't point to repo README files docs: Add info on MODE16/MODESEGMENT compile time flags docs: Add page describing SeaBIOS final object linking scsi: Move cdb_* functions above scsi_* functions scsi: Move process_scsi_op() to hw/blockcmd.c and rename cdrom: call scsi_process_op() instead of cdb_read() scsi: Don't export cdb_* functions cdrom: Break up very large read requests into smaller requests block: Check for read/write requests over 64K usb: Add support for OHCI bulk transfers readserial: Enhance pipe support docs: Add documentation on using readserial.py script uhci: Enable "depth" tree traversal for bulk transfers uhci: Increase bulk transfer STACKTDS to 16 vgabios: Support emulated text in gfx_read_char() ehci: No need to support td array wrapping ehci: Simplify fillTDbuffer() and rename ehci: Merge ehci_send_control with ehci_send_bulk ohci: Merge ohci_send_control with ohci_send_bulk uhci: Merge uhci_send_control with uhci_send_bulk xhci: Merge xhci_send_control with xhci_send_bulk usb: Use usb_send_pipe() now that all drivers have x_send_pipe() xhci: Move xhci_xfer_x() functions together xhci: Merge some xhci_xfer_x() functions into xhci_send_pipe() usb: Control transfers always have an 8 byte command size usb: Minor - properly free memory on get_device_config() error path checkstack: Handle callw instruction docs: Document why v1.6.3 release came after v0.6.2 docs: Update release history with dates of stable releases docs: There is only one VAR16 flag now docs: Note v1.8.0 release Marcel Apfelbaum (1): hw/pci: reserve IO and mem for pci express downstream ports with no devices attached Markus Armbruster (1): boot: Fix boot order for SCSI target, lun > 9 Paolo Bonzini (5): piix: add and use dev-piix.h smm: complete SMM setup smm: unify SMM handlers vgabios: fix graphics operation with Bochs VGA in non-DISPI modes vgabios: implement read char in graphics mode zhanghailiang (1): acpi: use specified macro instead of magic-number Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2015-01-07pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to 20141202Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changelog is: > version: update to 20141202 > ipv4: Fix send packet across a subnet > pci: scan only type 0 and type 1 > usb-xhci: support xhci extended capabilities > Fix term-io-key to also work when stdin has not been set yet > net-snk: llfw startup is using the wrong offset to handler > net-snk: Make call_client_interface() a bit more ABI compliant > net-snk: Remove custom printf version > net-snk: Sanitize our .lds file > net-snk: Avoid type clash for stdin & stdout > net-snk: use socket descriptor in the network stack > net-snk: Remove printk() in favor of printf() > net-snk: Remove redundant prototypes > net-snk: Remove unused timer functions > net-snk: Remove some unused PCI functions > net-snk: Remove module system > net-snk: Remove insmod/rmmod > net-snk: Remove snk_kernel_interface and related definitions > net-snk: Remove pci/vio_config gunk > js2x: Fix build > net-snk: Remoe some now unused "kernel" functions > rtas: Improve error handling in instantiate-rtas > version: update to 20140827 > Add private HCALL to inform updated RTAS base and entry > xhci: fix port assignment Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2014-12-17update ipxe from 69313ed to 35c5379Gerd Hoffmann
Anton D. Kachalov (1): [intel] Add 8086:1557 card (Intel 82599 10G ethernet mezz) Christian Hesse (1): [build] Merge util/geniso and util/genliso Curtis Larsen (3): [efi] Use EFI_CONSOLE_CONTROL_PROTOCOL to set text mode if available [efi] Report errors from attempting to disconnect existing drivers [efi] Try various possible SNP receive filters Dale Hamel (1): [smbios] Expose board serial number as ${board-serial} Florian Schmaus (1): [build] Set GITVERSION only if there is a git repository Hannes Reinecke (3): [ethernet] Provide eth_random_addr() to generate random Ethernet addresses [igbvf] Assign random MAC address if none is set [igbvf] Allow changing of MAC address Jan Kiszka (1): [intel] Add I217-LM PCI ID Marin Hannache (4): [nfs] Fix an invalid free() when loading a symlink [nfs] Fix an invalid free() when loading a regular (non-symlink) file [nfs] Rewrite NFS URI handling [readline] Add CTRL-W shortcut to remove a word Michael Brown (144): [profile] Allow interrupts to be excluded from profiling results [intel] Exclude time spent in hypervisor from profiling [build] Fix version.o dependency upon git index [tcp] Defer sending ACKs until all received packets have been processed [lkrnprefix] Function as a bzImage kernel [build] Avoid errors when build directory is mounted via NFS [undi] Apply quota only to number of complete received packets [lkrnprefix] Make real-mode setup code relocatable [intel] Increase receive ring fill level [syslog] Strip invalid characters from hostname [test] Add self-tests for strdup() [libc] Prevent strndup() from reading beyond the end of the string [efi] Allow for optional protocols [efi] Make EFI_DEVICE_PATH_TO_TEXT_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Make EFI_HII_DATABASE_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Do not try to fetch loaded image device path protocol [ipv6] Fix definition of IN6_IS_ADDR_LINKLOCAL() [dhcpv6] Do not set sin6_scope_id on the unspecified client socket address [ipv6] Do not set sin6_scope_id on source address [ipv6] Include network device when transcribing multicast addresses [ipv6] Avoid potentially copying from a NULL pointer in ipv6_tx() [librm] Allow for the PIC interrupt vector offset to be changed [ifmgmt] Do not sleep CPU while configuring network devices [scsi] Improve sense code parsing [iscsi] Read IPv4 settings only from the relevant network device [iscsi] Include IP address origin in iBFT [debug] Allow debug message colours to be customised via DBGCOL=... [build] Expose build timestamp, build name, and product names [efi] Allow device paths to be easily included in debug messages [efi] Provide a meaningful EFI SNP device name [efi] Restructure EFI driver model [build] Fix erroneous object name in version object [build] Add yet another potential location for isolinux.bin [efi] Allow network devices to be created on top of arbitrary SNP devices [autoboot] Allow autoboot device to be identified by link-layer address [efi] Identify autoboot device by MAC address when chainloading [efi] Attempt to start only drivers claiming support for a device [efi] Rewrite SNP NIC driver [efi] Include SNP NIC driver within the all-drivers target [crypto] Add support for iPAddress subject alternative names [crypto] Fix debug message [netdevice] Reset network device index when last device is unregistered [efi] Update EDK2 headers [efi] Install our own disk I/O protocol and claim exclusive use of it [efi] Allow for interception of boot services calls by loaded image [efi] Print well-known GUIDs by name in debug messages [efi] Include EFI_CONSOLE_CONTROL_PROTOCOL header [ioapi] Fail ioremap() when attempting to map a zero bus address [intel] Check for ioremap() failures [realtek] Check for ioremap() failures [vmxnet3] Check for ioremap() failures [skel] Check for ioremap() failures [myson] Check for ioremap() failures [natsemi] Check for ioremap() failures [i386] Add functions to read and write model-specific registers [x86_64] Add functions to read and write model-specific registers [efi] Show more diagnostic information when building with DEBUG=efi_wrap [ioapi] Centralise notion of PAGE_SIZE [lotest] Discard packets arriving on the incorrect network device [xen] Import selected public headers [xen] Add basic support for PV-HVM domains [xen] Add support for Xen netfront virtual NICs [efi] Default to releasing network devices for use via SNP [efi] Unload started images only on failure [efi] Fill in loaded image's DeviceHandle if firmware fails to do so [efi] Fix incorrect debug message level when device has no device path [efi] Report exact failure when unable to open the device path [netdevice] Avoid registering duplicate network devices [efi] Ignore failures when attempting to install SNP HII protocol [efi] Expand the range of well-known EFI GUIDs in debug messages [efi] Provide efi_handle_name() for debugging [efi] Add ability to dump all openers of a given protocol on a handle [efi] Use efi_handle_name() instead of efi_handle_devpath_text() [efi] Use efi_handle_name() instead of efi_devpath_text() where applicable [efi] Allow compiler to perform type checks on EFI_HANDLE [efi] Avoid unnecessarily passing pointers to EFI_HANDLEs [efi] Dump existing openers when we are unable to open a protocol [efi] Dump handle information around connect/disconnect attempts [efi] Improve debugging of the debugging facilities [efi] Add excessive sanity checks into efi_debug functions [efi] Also try original ComponentName protocol for retrieving driver names [efi] Print raw device path when we have no DevicePathToTextProtocol [efi] Add ability to dump SNP device mode information [efi] Reset multicast filter list when setting SNP receive filters [efi] Provide centralised definitions of commonly-used GUIDs [efi] Open device path protocol only at point of use [efi] Move abstract device path and handle functions to efi_utils.c [efi] Generalise snpnet_pci_info() to efi_locate_device() [bios] Support displaying and hiding cursor [efi] Support displaying and hiding cursor [readline] Ensure cursor is visible when prompting for input [xen] Accept alternative Xen platform PCI device ID 5853:0002 [xen] Use version 1 grant tables by default [xen] Cope with unexpected initial backend states [smc9000] Avoid using CONFIG as a preprocessor macro [build] Allow for named configurations at build time [intel] Display PBS value when applying ICH errata workaround [intel] Display before and after values for both PBS and PBA [intel] Apply PBS/PBA errata workaround only to ICH8 PCI device IDs [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed during Windows boot [efi] Dump details of any calls to our dummy block and disk I/O protocols [romprefix] Do not preserve unused register %di [build] Remove obsolete references to .zrom build targets [build] Allow ISA ROMs to be built [build] Avoid deleting config header files if build is interrupted [prefix] Halt system without burning CPU if we cannot access the payload [prefix] Report both %esi and %ecx when opening payload fails [util] Use PCI length field to obtain length of individual images [mromprefix] Use PCI length field to obtain length of individual images [mromprefix] Allow for .mrom images larger than 128kB [efi] Show details of intercepted LoadImage() calls [efi] Make our virtual file system case insensitive [efi] Wrap any images loaded by our wrapped image [efi] Use the SNP protocol instance to match the SNP chainloading device [efi] Avoid returning uninitialised data from PCI configuration space reads [efi] Make EFI_PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE_IO_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Allow for non-PCI snpnet devices [build] Clean up all binary directories on "make [very]clean" [efi] Add efifatbin utility [efi] Provide dummy device path in efi_image_probe() [dhcp] Check for matching chaddr in received DHCP packets [dhcp] Remove obsolete dhcp_chaddr() function [build] Use -malign-double to build 32-bit UEFI binaries [efi] Centralise definitions of more protocol GUIDs [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed when chainloading from Intel driver [efi] Free transmit ring entry before calling netdev_tx_complete() [efi] Generalise snpnet_dev_info() to efi_device_info() [efi] Update to current EDK2 headers [efi] Add NII / UNDI driver [efi] Check for presence of UNDI in NII protocol [efi] Include NII driver within "snp" and "snponly" build targets [ping] Report timed-out pings via the callback function [ping] Allow termination after a specified number of packets [ping] Allow "ping" command output to be inhibited [intel] Use autoloaded MAC address instead of EEPROM MAC address [crypto] Fix parsing of OCSP responder ID key hash [vmxnet3] Add profiling code to exclude time spent in the hypervisor [netdevice] Fix erroneous use of free(iobuf) instead of free_iob(iobuf) [libc] Add ASSERTED macro to test if any assertion has triggered [list] Add sanity checks after list-adding functions [malloc] Tidy up debug output [malloc] Sanity check parameters to alloc_memblock() and free_memblock() [malloc] Check integrity of free list [malloc] Report caller address as soon as memory corruption is detected Peter Lemenkov (1): [build] Check if git index actually exists Robin Smidsrød (2): [build] Add named configuration for VirtualBox [build] Avoid using embedded script in VirtualBox named configuration Sven Ulland (1): [lacp] Set "aggregatable" flag in response LACPDU Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-11-15Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1327 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-11-13update seabios to stable releaseGerd Hoffmann
git shortlog since 1.7.5: Hannes Reinecke (1): megasas: read addional PCI I/O bar Kevin O'Connor (5): boot: Change ":rom%d" boot order rom instance to ":rom%x" vgabios: Return from handle_1011() if handler found. Don't enable thread preemption during S3 resume vga option rom execution. build: Avoid absolute paths during "whole-program" compiling. ehci: Fix bug in hub port assignment Marcel Apfelbaum (1): hw/pci: reserve IO and mem for pci express downstream ports with no devices attached Markus Armbruster (1): boot: Fix boot order for SCSI target, lun > 9 Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-11-04Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1321 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-09-25Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1320 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-08-26Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1316 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-07-08pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20140630Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changelog is: > Quieten the grub warning > Add boot menu support > boot from disk having chrp-boot file > fat16: fix read and remove debug messages > dhcparch define missing in compilation > pci-scan: reserve memory for pci-bridge without devices > pci-bridge: Fix ranges when no device beyond the bridge > Set dhcp arch in board-qemu config file > xhci: fix controller stop > dhcp: support client architecture code 93 > virtio-blk: support variable block size > usb: use common pci dma alloc/mapping routines > Remove unused SLOF code > pci-bridge: generic bridge needs to support pci dma functions > pci: extract dma functions as separate file > e1000: fix usage of multiple nics Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2014-07-07prep: Update ppc_rom.binAndreas Färber
This replaces QEMU-side workarounds for PCI BARs and CPU reset. Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber@web.de>
2014-06-20Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1306 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-06-16PPC: Add u-boot firmware for e500Alexander Graf
This adds a special build of u-boot tailored for the e500 platforms we emulate. It is based on the current version of upstream u-boot which contains all the code necessary to drive our QEMU provided machines. Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2014-06-02seabios: update to 1.7.5 finalGerd Hoffmann
git shortlog since -rc1: Gerd Hoffmann (2): acpi: remove PORT_ACPI_PM_BASE constant Allow using full io region on q35. Kevin O'Connor (2): vgabios: Add debug message if x86emu leal check triggers. python3 fixes for vgabios and csm builds. Paolo Bonzini (1): smm: remove code to handle ACPI disable/enable Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-05-15ipxe: update to current gitGerd Hoffmann
Now that ipxe has separate settings for load / boot banner timeouts re-enable the boot banner while keeping the load banner turned off, so we don't add a delay to non-pxe boots. git shortlog: Adrian Jamróz (2): [rhine] Rewrite VIA Rhine driver [velocity] Rewrite VIA Velocity driver Alex Williamson (4): [romprefix] Allow ROM banner timeout to be configured independently [autoboot] Enable infrastructure to specify an autoboot device location [prefix] Allow prefix to specify a PCI autoboot device location [romprefix] Store boot bus:dev.fn address as autoboot device location Alexander Chernyakhovsky (1): [ocsp] Handle OCSP responses that don't provide certificates Bo Yang (1): [build] Avoid strict-aliasing warning for gcc 4.3 Brandon Penglase (1): [build] Add vmware build target Christian Hesse (2): [build] Update build system for Syslinux 6.x [build] Fix LABEL name for .liso images Daniel P. Berrange (1): [zbin] Fix size used for memset in alloc_output_file Frediano Ziglio (1): [romprefix] Fix incorrect pointer offset in undiloader.S Kevin Tran (1): [tg3] Fix various tg3 issues Marin Hannache (8): [linux] Add missing #include <stddef.h> [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for valgrind headers [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for core/errno.c [legal] Add FILE_LICENCE for ath9k driver headers [legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations [cmdline] Add "poweroff" command [nfs] Add support for NFS protocol [nfs] Fix an issue with the selection of a local port Michael Brown (363): [netdevice] Separate VLAN support from presence of VLAN-supporting drivers [undi] Work around specific devices with known broken interrupt behaviour [menu] Prevent character code zero from acting as a shortcut key [menu] Prevent separators with shortcut keys from being selected [tftp] Allow TFTP block size to be controlled via the PXE TFTP API [pcbios] Add extra debugging messages when unhiding iPXE from memory [nbiprefix] Set up real-mode stack before jumping to .text16 [prefix] Use %cs as implicit parameter to uninstall() [pcbios] Inhibit all calls to INT 15,e820 and INT 15,e801 during POST [romprefix] Display only one "Ctrl-B" prompt per PCI device during POST [efi] Update to latest EDK2 headers [autoboot] Split main control flow out of main() into a new function ipxe() [efi] Add last_opened_snpdev() [efi] Expose downloaded images via EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL [efi] Add our own EFI_LOAD_FILE_PROTOCOL implementation [efi] Fix building with newer binutils [lkrnprefix] Allow relocation when no initrd is present [efi] Fix minor typos in efi_image.c [efi] Add EFI-specific debugging macros [int13] Split out ISO9660 and El Torito definitions to separate header files [smbios] Provide SMBIOS version number via smbios_version() [smbios] Mangle UUIDs for SMBIOS version 2.6 and newer [dhcp] Use PXE byte ordering for UUID in DHCP option 97 [uuid] Abstract UUID mangling code out to a separate uuid_mangle() function [efi] Provide efi_guid_ntoa() for printing EFI GUIDs [efi] Add "reboot" command for EFI [cmdline] Add ability to perform a warm reboot [efi] Enable "cpuid" command by default for EFI [cs89x0] Remove conflicting macro definitions [igbvf] Remove conflicting macro definitions [prism2] Use standard type names [efi] Fetch device path for loaded image during initialisation [settings] Expose build architecture and platform via settings [bios] Fix screen clearing on buggy BIOSes [intel] Remove hardcoded offsets for descriptor ring registers [intel] Expose functionality to be shared with intelx driver [intel] Add intelx driver for Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet NICs [efi] Remove obsolete EFI I/O implementation using EFI_CPU_IO_PROTOCOL [libc] Use __einfo() tuple as first argument to EUNIQ() [libc] Redefine low 8 bits of error code as "platform error code" [efi] Perform meaningful error code conversions [efi] Add sample platform-generated error disambiguations [netdevice] Use link-layer address as part of RNG seed [build] Allow sparse to find compiler.h [build] Define __WINT_TYPE__ if necessary [build] Allow sparse to be invoked via "make C=1" [build] Avoid sparse undeclared symbol warning for PROVIDE_SYMBOL() [process] Mark process descriptor as static in PERMANENT_PROCESS [realtek] Print bad MAC address in debug message when inferring no EEPROM [build] Use -Wno-decl when running sparse [build] Fix uses of literal 0 as a NULL pointer [build] Fix dubious uses of bitwise operators [build] Default to short wchar_t in stddef.h [realtek] Use ID word to detect EEPROM presence [errdb] Strip platform error code for non-platform-generated errors [pxe] Convert external PXE API errors into iPXE platform-generated errors [realtek] Allow reaction time between writing RTL_CAPR and reading RTL_CR [romprefix] Report failure cause when unable to open payload [realtek] Ensure EEPROM writes reach chip before starting udelay() [dhcp] Remove obsolete bootp.h header [netdevice] Add netdev_tx_defer() to allow drivers to defer transmissions [realtek] Defer packets when no transmit descriptors are available [settings] Eliminate settings "tag magic" [smbios] Allow access to unreferenced SMBIOS strings [smbios] Allow access to multiple instances of SMBIOS structures [crypto] Report meaningful error when certificate chain validation fails [build] Use $(eval) if available [build] Provide "allXXXs" targets for all media on all platforms [build] Add efidrv.cab target for UEFI Secure Boot signing [netdevice] Add "chip" setting [netdevice] Reset MAC address when asked to clear the "mac" setting [realtek] Fix reopening of legacy-mode 8139 NIC [crypto] Accept OCSP responses containing multiple certificates [bzimage] Align initrd images to page boundary [bzimage] Fix spurious uninitialised-variable warning on some gcc versions [build] Work around bug in gcc >= 4.8 [autoboot] Use next-server from filename's settings block [tcp] Do not send RST for unrecognised connections [tcp] Fix comment to match code behaviour [test] Add self-tests for base16 [base16] Generalise base16_decode() to hex_decode() [settings] Use hex_decode() to parse hex settings [settings] Add "hexraw" setting type [netdevice] Add "bustype" and "busloc" settings [settings] Add "busdevfn" setting type [linux] Add support for accessing PCI configuration space via /proc/bus/pci [settings] Add config/settings.h [settings] Expose PCI configuration space via settings mechanism [settings] Make "netX" settings block function as a symbolic link [cmdline] Accept "netX" in iPXE commands [lotest] Include sequence number within loopback test packets [intel] Incorporate ring producer and consumer counters in diagnostics [base16] Ensure base16_encode() always terminates its result string [realtek] Report RX error detail in debug messages [script] Allow for backslash continuation of script lines [settings] Add support for navigation keys in "config" user interface [realtek] Allow extra space in RX buffers [ifmgmt] Avoid relying on global variable within ifcommon_exec() [script] Avoid trying to read final character of a zero-length string [legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations [build] Fix %.licence build target [settings] Clarify usage of the term "named setting" [settings] Avoid potentially large stack allocations [settings] Remove temporary name buffer parameter from parse_setting_name() [settings] Remove default_type parameter from parse_setting_name() [settings] Expose parse_setting_name() [settings] Change "not-found" semantics of fetch_setting_copy() [settings] Add fetchf_setting_copy() [settings] Eliminate call to fetchf_named_setting() in expand_settings() [settings] Eliminate call to store_named_setting() in nslookup.c [settings] Remove now-unused store_named_setting() [parseopt] Allow parsed option to be modified [parseopt] Move parse_settings() to parseopt.c [parseopt] Add parse_setting() [settings] Eliminate call to storef_named_setting() in choose_exec() [settings] Eliminate calls to {fetch,store}f_named_setting() in NVO commands [settings] Remove now-unused fetchf_named_setting() and storef_named_setting() [script] Allow initial whitespace on lines containing labels [script] Allow commands following a script label [settings] Introduce the generalised concept of a numeric setting [cmdline] Add "inc" command [pci] Add pci_find_next() to iterate over existent PCI devices [cmdline] Add "pciscan" command to allow iteration over PCI devices [udp] Move high-frequency debug messages to DBGLVL_EXTRA [ipv6] Rename sin_{family,port} to sin6_{family,port} in struct sockaddr_in6 [tcpip] Allow binding to unspecified privileged ports (below 1024) [settings] Expose CPUID instruction via settings mechanism [test] Add self-tests for snprintf() [settings] Allow numeric_setting_value() to handle long setting values [settings] Expose memory map via settings mechanism [params] Add support for the general concept of a form parameter list [cmdline] Add "params" and "param" commands to manage form parameter lists [uri] Allow URIs to incorporate a parameter list [http] Add support for HTTP POST [settings] Make built-in settings a linker table [linux] Give tap devices a name and bus type [ipv4] Generalise fragment reassembly mechanism [netdevice] Increase maximum network-layer address length [netdevice] Add concept of a network device index [netdevice] Add method for generating EUI-64 address from link-layer address [ethernet] Add support for generating multicast hash for IPv6 addresses [linux] Apply MAC address prior to registering network device [tcpip] Pass through network device to transport layer protocols [neighbour] Generalise concept of neighbour discovery [ipv4] Abstract out protocol-specific portions of "route" command [ipv6] Replace IPv6 stack [ipv6] Fix uninitialised-variable warning [tcp] Reduce path MTU to 1280 bytes [ipv6] Add inet6_aton() [build] Work around bug in gcc >= 4.8 [neighbour] Add nstat() function to print out neighbour table [cmdline] Add "nstat" command [tcp] Add AF_INET6 socket opener [udp] Add AF_INET6 socket opener [netdevice] Add find_netdev_by_index() [socket] Add concept of a generalised socket address converter [ipv4] Add IPv4 socket address converter [ipv6] Add IPv6 socket address converter [resolv] Use sock_aton() to allow parsing of arbitrary numeric addresses [icmp] Add support for sending ICMP echo requests [ping] Add concept of a ping socket [ping] Add generic ping mechanism [ping] Add top-level ping() function to ping a host [cmdline] Add "ping" command [ipv6] Handle IPv6 option length correctly [ipv6] Extract link layer addresses from router advertisements [ipv6] Support stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC) [ipv6] Treat sin6_scope_id consistently [ipv6] Automatically choose source for link-local and multicast destinations [pxe] Always retrieve cached DHCPACK and apply to relevant network device [ipv6] Add ndp_tx_router_solicitation() to send router solicitations [parseopt] Add parse_timeout() [netdevice] Make all net_driver methods optional [interface] Default to calling intf_restart() in response to intf_close() [job] Allow job_progress() to return an ongoing job status code, if known [monojob] Add timeout parameter to monojob_wait() [monojob] Report ongoing job status as overall return status on timeout [cmdline] Rewrite "sync" command to use monojob_wait() [autoboot] Fix shell banner timeout [ifmgmt] Rewrite iflinkwait() to use monojob_wait() [cmdline] Allow "if<xxx>" commands to take options [netdevice] Add generic concept of a network device configurator [dhcp] Add DHCP network device configurator [parseopt] Add parse_netdev_configurator() [ifmgmt] Add ifconf() to carry out network device configuration [autoboot] Use ifconf() to configure network device [cmdline] Add "ifconf" command [cmdline] Make "dhcp" command a synonym for "ifconf" [dhcp] Remove obsolete dhcp() function [ipv6] Add IPv6 network device configurator [cmdline] Generate command option help text automatically [pxe] Ensure cached DHCPACK is retrieved prior to network device creation [base16] Fix comparison of signed and unsigned integers [settings] Move user-class setting from dhcp.c to settings.c [ipv6] Use given source address only if it is not the unspecified address [ipv6] Add "ipv6" setting type [dhcpv6] Add basic support for stateful and stateless DHCPv6 [ipv6] Separate the concepts of prefix and address creation [dhcpv6] Allow stateful DHCPv6 to apply obtained IPv6 addresses [test] Include failing code within failed test result output [main] Defer "initialising devices" message until initialising devices [console] Pass escape sequence context to ANSI escape sequence handlers [pixbuf] Add generic concept of a pixel buffer [image] Allow for non-executable image formats [image] Add image_pixbuf() to create pixel buffer from image [pnm] Add support for PNM images [mucurses] Use "<ESC>[2J" ANSI escape sequence to clear screen [console] Allow console input and output to be disabled independently [console] Add concept of generic console configuration [cmdline] Add "console" command to configure console [fbcon] Add generic concept of a frame buffer console [vesafb] Add VESA frame buffer console [vesafb] Include raw status value within VBE error messages [vesafb] Skip modes for which we cannot get mode information [vesafb] Return meaningful error when no suitable mode is found [vesafb] Select an optimal mode, rather than the first acceptable mode [build] Fix building on OpenBSD 5.4 [console] Allow '?' as an intermediate byte in ANSI escape sequences [mucurses] Implement curs_set() to control cursor visibility [settings] Hide cursor when not actively editing a setting [menu] Hide cursor when displaying menu [fbcon] Add support for displaying a cursor [settings] Explicitly separate the concept of a completed fetched setting [settings] Allow for IPv6 setting types in non-IPv6 builds [settings] Add fetch_ipv6_setting() [dns] Add support for resolving IPv6 addresses via AAAA records [socket] Ensure socket address structure sizes are fixed [syslog] Add support for IPv6 syslog server [ipv6] Add support for resolving IPv6 addresses via the "nslookup" command [linux] Provide access to SMBIOS via /dev/mem [dhcpv6] Use DUID-UUID form of client DUID [settings] Force settings into alphabetical order within sections [settings] Allow for multiple definitions of each predefined setting [settings] Merge SETTING_IPv4 and SETTING_IPv6 [dhcpv6] Add DHCPv6 "filename" setting [ipv6] Expose NDP-provided settings (including the DNS server) [vesafb] Work around data corruption bug in bochs/qemu VBE implementation [settings] Adapt user interface to fit display size [login] Adapt user interface to fit display size [menu] Adapt user interface to fit display size [console] Allow consoles to update the recorded console size [fbcon] Update the console width and height after changing mode [lkrnprefix] Include iPXE version string in image header [fbcon] Always draw cursor using current foreground and background colours [console] Add centralised concept of colours and colour pairs [mucurses] Use centralised concept of colour pairs [cmdline] Add the "colour" and "cpair" commands [console] Add concept of a "magic" colour [vesafb] Set "magic" colour to transparent when a background picture is used [build] Remove obsolete check for GNU as version 2.9.1 [ipv6] Fix compilation under FreeBSD [build] Build ROMs used by qemu and VMware as part of "make all" [libc] Add isprint() [test] Add okx() macro taking an explicit file name and line number [deflate] Add support for DEFLATE decompression [deflate] Fix literal data length calculation [libc] Add abs() [uaccess] Add memcmp_user() [test] Rewrite pnm_ok() using okx() [test] Generalise pnm_ok() to pixbuf_ok() [png] Add support for PNG images [vesafb] Handle failures from fbcon_init() [fbcon] Centre background picture on console [fbcon] Allow for an arbitrary margin around the text area [vesafb] Allow for an arbitrary margin around the text area [cmdline] Rename "console" command's --bpp option to --depth [cmdline] Add margin options to the "console" command [fbcon] Allow ANSI CUP with missing arguments [cmdline] Always clear screen after reconfiguring console [intel] Add some missing PCI IDs [dns] Support DNS search lists [dns] Update end-of-name pointer after processing CNAME record [dhcp] Copy exactly the required length when resizing DHCP options [settings] Remove "uristring" setting type [params] Use reference counters for form parameter lists [uri] Refactor URI parsing and formatting [image] Ensure every image has a fully resolved URI [tcpip] Add IP statistics collection as per RFC 4293 [cmdline] Add the "ipstat" command [prefix] Ignore PCI autoboot device location if set to 00:00.0 [tcpip] Provide tcpip_netdev() to determine the transmitting network device [tcpip] Provide tcpip_mtu() to determine the maximum transmission unit [tcp] Calculate correct MSS from peer address [bzimage] Report exact initrd length via bzImage header [realtek] Include link status register details in debug messages [romprefix] Do not clobber stack segment when returning to BIOS [netdevice] Mark devices as open before calling open() method [tcp] Update window even if ACK does not acknowledge new data [linux] Avoid starting currticks() from zero every time [http] Use a retry timer to trigger retried requests [http] Automatically retry request on a 503 Service Unavailable [mii] Add mii_dump() to dump all MII registers [realtek] Dump all MII register contents when link status changes [monojob] Reset timeout when progress is made [image] Add "--timeout" parameter to image downloading commands [efi] Allow for 64-bit EFI_STATUS codes [efi] Allow driver to be unloaded [efi] Connect driver to devices as part of installation [console] Fix display of characters with top bit set [lotest] Allow loopback testing on shared networks [netdevice] Notify upper-layer drivers when RX processing is (un)frozen [efi] Avoid accidentally calling main() twice [efi] Unload our own image before exiting UEFI application [efi] Disable SNP devices when running iPXE as the application [realtek] Add ability to dump all internal registers [realtek] Clear bit 24 of RCR [bios] Fix screen clearing on even more buggy BIOSes [http] Accept Content-Length header with trailing whitespace [crypto] Remove dynamically-allocated storage for certificate name [crypto] Remove dynamically-allocated storage for certificate OCSP URI [build] Remove long-obsolete mechanism for wrapping embedded images [build] Disable ccache for all relevant build targets [build] Add dependency of generated files upon Makefile [crypto] Add pubkey_match() to check for matching public/private key pairs [crypto] Generalise X.509 cache to a full certificate store [crypto] Use fingerprint when no common name is available for debug messages [crypto] Allow signed timestamp error margin to be configured at build time [test] Rewrite X.509 tests using okx() [test] Rewrite CMS tests using okx() [test] Add tests for x509_check_name() [test] Add subject alternative names to X.509 server test certificate [crypto] Add support for subjectAltName and wildcard certificates [crypto] Allow wildcard matches on commonName as well as subjectAltName [intel] Avoid completely filling the TX descriptor ring [test] Rewrite TCP/IP tests using okx() [test] Add self-tests for flsl() [libc] Add inline assembly implementation of flsl() using BSR instruction [test] Add tests for 64-bit division [build] Fix __libgcc attribute for recent gcc versions [test] Check for correct -mrtd assumption on libgcc arithmetic functions [libc] Add isqrt() function to find integer square roots [libc] Add flsll() [profile] Add generic profiling infrastructure [cmdline] Add "profstat" command to display profiling statistics [netdevice] Profile common operations [intel] Profile common virtual machine operations [intel] Push new RX descriptors in batches [librm] Use genuine real mode to accelerate operation in virtual machines [ipv4] Profile transmit and receive datapaths [tcp] Profile transmit and receive datapaths [http] Profile receive datapath [downloader] Profile receive datapath [build] Allow for a debug level of zero [librm] Allow interrupts in protected mode [comboot] Use built-in interrupt reflector [pcbios] Do not switch to real mode to check for timer interrupt [pcbios] Do not switch to real mode to sleep the CPU [test] Print out profiling statistics after a successful test run [librm] Add a profiling self-test for measuring mode transition times [librm] Add meaningful labels at section changes [librm] Speed up protected-to-real mode transition under KVM [librm] Speed up real-to-protected mode transition under KVM [librm] Speed up protected-mode calls under KVM [profile] Provide methods for profiling individual stages of operations [librm] Add profiling self-tests for complete real_call and prot_call cycles [pxe] Profile all PXE API calls [pxe] Profile UNDI transmit datapath [pxe] Work around missing PXENV_UNDI_OPEN only when necessary [undi] Profile all PXE API calls [undi] Profile transmit and receive datapaths [undi] Report any PXENV_UNDI_ISR errors via netdev_rx_err() [undi] Do not switch to real mode to check for NIC interrupt [undi] Place an upper limit on the number of PXENV_UNDI_ISR calls per poll Peter Pickford (1): [serial] Enable UART FIFOs Robin Smidsrød (2): [settings] Add "version" builtin setting [build] Include ipxe.pxe in default build Stefan Hajnoczi (2): [netdevice] Add vlan_tag() to get the VLAN tag of a network device [iscsi] Include 802.1Q VLAN identifier in iBFT Thomas Miletich (3): [3c90x] Stall upload engine before setting RX ring address [3c90x] Don't round up transmit packet length [3c90x] Fix High-MTU packet reception lolipop (1): [intel] Add Intel I217 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-05-15seabios: update to 1.7.5-rc1Gerd Hoffmann
Code grew a bit, had to disable CONFIG_USB_UAS to make the bios for the old machine types continue top fit into 128k. git shortlog since 1.7.4: Eric Northup (2): init_virtio_blk, init_virtio_scsi: reset HBA on error vp_init_simple: enable PCI bus-mastering before relying on DMA. Gabriel L. Somlo (1): SMBIOS: Check for aggregate tables & entry point in fw_cfg Gerd Hoffmann (4): smbios: catch zero-length strings pci: improve io address space allocation xhci: allocate scratch pad buffers vga: rework bar detection, add virtio-vga Johannes Krampf (5): build: Remove unneccesary semicolons from acpi_extract scripts. build: Make print statements in scripts python3 compatible. build: Be explicit that we want integers when dividing for python3 compat. build: Avoid sort() on unordered classes for python3 compatibility. build: Be careful with unicode and byte strings for python3 compatibility. Kevin O'Connor (79): build: Don't trash the .config file when src/Kconfig changes. Remove the pmm handle argument from _malloc(). Clear the total block transfer count on error. Remove unnecesary updates of the disk op->count field. Always perform thread cleanup on MainThread stack. pvscsi: Don't store reference to struct pci_device. pvscsi: Always run entirely in 32bit mode. pvscsi: Remove use of LOWFLAT and GLOBALFLAT macros. usb: Replace EHCI to UHCI/OHCI synchronization with new scheme. Minor - pciinit.c - order header files and use static on local functions. Minor - fix misspelling in romfile.c comment. ehci: memset the qTD structures in ehci_alloc_intr_pipe build: Update kconfig to version in Linux 3.13. scripts: Allow encodeint.py to take integers in hex notation. coreboot: Support alternative locations for CBFS. debug: Add runtime option to not report the debug serial port to the OS. debug: Only call serial_debug_preinit() at startup. debug: Unify the SeaBIOS debug version banner. xhci: Use 64bit writes to ERDP register. xhci: Fix incorrect direction setting on status transmissions. xhci: Set the interval parameter on interrupt pipes. xhci: Verify PAGESIZE register before initializing driver. xhci: Allocate and free the xhci inctx structure on each use. xhci: Move set_address code from xhci_control to xhci_alloc_pipe. xhci: Eliminate 'struct xhci_device'. xhci: Support xhci controllers with 64 byte contexts. xhci: Allow the XHCI USB controller to be enabled for coreboot. xhci: Don't use a dummy endpoint count in configure command. xhci: Report the "protocol defined" and PSIC bits of extended capabilities. xhci: Support USB hubs on xhci controllers. Add call32_params() helper function. Add space between DTYPE_* definitions. xhci: Run the XHCI driver entirely in 32bit mode. Remove pci_writel() and pci_readl() functions. xhci: Check if scratch pad allocation fails. Increase maximum size of permanent high memory area. usb: USB 3 devices encode bMaxPacketSize0 field. usb: Move default pipe max packet size code from xhci to main code. xhci: Use the same endpoint initialization code in xhci_alloc_pipe() xhci: Add copyright notice to usb-xhci.c vgabios: Make sure exported structs use PACKED. vgabios: Simplify the bios save state area. vgabios: Simplify save/restore mechanism. vgabios: Attempt to detect old x86emu and force a fault. vgabios: Don't interpret TAB character. vgabios: Refactor write_teletype and write_chars. vgabios: Make sure stdvga_list_modes() doesn't overrun the buffer. coreboot: Add support for a "links" file to have aliases in CBFS. Enhance nullTrailingSpace() so that it can also skip leading spaces. coreboot: Move links file processing to its own function. vgabios: Fix PMM allocation request size. smbios: Default all values to zero. usb: Only disable HID devices if both USB_MOUSE and USB_KEYBOARD are off. Minor - fix some typos in comments. Replace CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS with a runtime config setting. acpi: Move acpi parsing logic from acpi.c to biostables.c / paravirt.c. smbios: Move smbios parsing logic from smbios.c to biostables.c. Move PirAddr definition from pirtable.c to biostables.c. Use biostables.c for copying bios tables even when generating them. Document no new changes to pirtable.c, mptable.c, acpi.c, and smbios.c. apm: Remove old Bochs mechanism for shutdown/suspend/standby. Minor - remove unused includes from pci.c. vgabios: Add option to control use of standard VGA IO ports. vgabios: Split vgafb_scroll() into separate move and clear functions. vgabios: Rewrite vgafb.c graphics operations to set of 4 standard operators. vgabios: Introduce text_address(). vgabios: Add support for manipulating framebuffers in high memory. Set the color attribute when calling vgabios print character. vgabios: PMM scan was incorrectly depending on a zero %ds segment. coreboot: Make coreboot table searching available to other code. vgabios: Initial support for coreboot native vga vgabios. Minor - replace some tab characters that slipped into the code. Factor out smbios table walking from display_uuid to smbios_next(). vgabios: Define PlatformRunningOn to make compile happy. If an int 1587 call is made from an option rom, stay in bigreal mode. xhci: Use msleep() instead of mdelay() for port status delay. build: Make sure romlayout.o is recompiled on Kconfig change. Fix int 1589 calls when CONFIG_ENTRY_EXTRASTACK is enabled. acpi: Fix acpi dsdt compile warning. Laszlo Ersek (1): init_virtio_scsi(): reset the HBA before freeing its virtio ring Marcel Apfelbaum (3): resume: restore piix pm config registers after resume hw/pci: reserve IO and mem for pci-2-pci bridges with no devices attached hw/pci: check if pci2pci bridges implement optional limit registers Roger Pau Monne (1): ld: don't hardcode "-melf_i386" Sander Eikelenboom (1): Prevent build failure by not splitting line in the middle of arguments to checkrom.py script Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-04-08pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20140404Alexey Kardashevskiy
The change log is: > Isolate sc 1 detection logic > build: auto-detect ppc64 architecture > cas: increase hcall buffer size to accomodate 256 cpus > usb: change device tree naming > usb-core: adjust port numbers in set_address > virtio-scsi: correct srplun comment > Fix kernel loading > Workaround to make grub2 assign server ip from dhcp ack packet only > ELF: Enter LE binary in LE mode > ELF loading should fail for virt != phys Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
2014-03-13prep: Update ppc_rom.binAndreas Färber
This increases file size from 512 KiB to 1 MiB. Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber@web.de>
2014-03-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/afaerber/tags/ppc-for-2.0' into stagingPeter Maydell
PowerPC queue for 2.0-rc0 * QEMUMachine include cleanup * SLOF update * XICS reset fix * sPAPR PCI host bridge refactorings # gpg: Signature made Thu 13 Mar 2014 02:50:51 GMT using RSA key ID 3E7E013F # gpg: Good signature from "Andreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de>" # gpg: aka "Andreas Färber <afaerber@suse.com>" * remotes/afaerber/tags/ppc-for-2.0: spapr-pci: Convert fprintf() to error_report() spapr-pci: Convert to QOM realize xics-kvm: Fix reset function pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20140304 Move QEMUMachine typedef to qemu/typedefs.h Revert "KVM: Split QEMUMachine typedef into separate header" Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
2014-03-13pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20140304Alexey Kardashevskiy
The changelog is: > version: update to 20140304 > Introduce dummy console device > vio-vscsi: Fix CRQ allocation alignment > version: update to 20140204 > virtio-9p: disable unused structure > Make "boot net:dhcp" boot from IPv4 only > Fix virtio device shutdown > Change shutdown method name for virtio-scsi > Add support for 64bit LE ABI v1 and v2 support > Change representation of string environment variable > cas: return error when unknown node found > version: update > Reset obp-tftp arguments before parsing > Enable seamless netboot on IPv6 network > Fix shutdown for virtio devices > Fix zero checksum in UDP header > Handle router advertisement message properly > [oex]hci_exit: Check before freeing/unmapping memory > Work around missing sc 1 traps on pHyp > fix print_version() to return where it came from > usb-xhci: memory freeing and using returns as bool uniformly > Output banner and initial display output in VNC window > use VERSION file to generate FW version > cas: remove warning > Add support for loading little endian ELF binaries. > Add bswap_{16,32,64}p > dhcpv6 and other minor net-snk fixes > Fix missing drop in virtio-fs setup-alias > Find next available alias name > SLOF does not exit if given 1KB disk > boot: enable support for bootindex > pci-properties: add properties to enable hotplug for spapr > e1000: remember node handle > Increase quiesce tokens array size > virtio: timeout after 5sec > Enable IPv6 support in dns > usb-ohci: fix warnings > Add ipv6 support in net-snk > ipv4: fix frame overwriting following arp_send_request > e1000: fix SLOF_dma_map_out arguments > Maintain single global packet buffer for tftp > Increase virtio-net receive queue size > Increase veth receive queue size > Fix dprintf macros at various points > usb-ohci: rewrite done_head processing code > boot: add net in default boot order > block 0 address in the allocator > scsi: make-media-alias fix > usb-xhci: add xhci host controller support > usb-xhci: add xhci support > Avoid veth read/write calls with zero length buffer > boot: include other aliases > usb-core: disable xhci Cc: Andreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de> Cc: Nikunj A Dadhania <nikunj@linux.vnet.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru>
2014-03-12prep: Update ppc_rom.binAndreas Färber
Functionally, this is a revert of Jocelyn's r3309 / 55aa45ddde3283cdd781326d001f7456bf02f684 (Quickly hack PowerPC BIOS able to boot on CDROM again.), for which we do not have the sources. Therefore the sources used are v0.4.1 plus pc-bios/ohw.diff plus a workaround turning IDE errors into warnings. Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber@web.de>
2014-03-12Add OpenHack'Ware submoduleAndreas Färber
This replaces the ohw.diff file on top of v0.4.1. Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber@web.de>
2014-03-10Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1280 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2014-02-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-roms-1' into stagingPeter Maydell
Update seabios to 1.7.4 # gpg: Signature made Mon 03 Feb 2014 14:42:44 GMT using RSA key ID D3E87138 # gpg: Good signature from "Gerd Hoffmann (work) <kraxel@redhat.com>" # gpg: aka "Gerd Hoffmann <gerd@kraxel.org>" # gpg: aka "Gerd Hoffmann (private) <kraxel@gmail.com>" * remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-roms-1: Update seabios binaries to 1.7.4 Update seabios submodule to 1.7.4 roms: remove explicit MAKEFLAGS from recursive make invocations Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
2014-02-03Update seabios submodule to 1.7.4Gerd Hoffmann
Not that many changes as we already have a git snapshot pretty close to final 1.7.4 in the tree. Most notably change is the vgabios change which fixes the windows guest regression. Full git shortlog: Gerd Hoffmann (2): run qemu_cfg_e820 only for CONFIG_QEMU=y change boot order load log level Kevin O'Connor (10): Minor - move sgdt/lgdt macros from stacks.c to x86.h. Separate out sec32init sections even when not doing code relocation. floppy: Fix incorrect LBA to CHS translation. floppy: Fix accesses to DOR register. vgabios: Avoid memory references via %esp register in vgabios. Small improvements to irqentry_extrastack assembler. floppy: Encode command and flags into single value in floppy pio code. On disk format request, verify cylinders and pass to driver. floppy: Implement cylinder seeking when accessing a different cylinder. coreboot: Make sure to print the SeaBIOS version in cbmem debug output. Kyösti Mälkki (1): Fix CBMEM console overflow
2014-02-03roms: remove explicit MAKEFLAGS from recursive make invocationsBruce Rogers
When using $(MAKE) within a makefile, we shouldn't be explicitly including $(MAKEFLAGS) on the command-line. It causes problems when that makefile is recursively invoked. When the roms/Makefile is invoked as in make -C roms bios a spurious 'w' appears on the sub-make invocation, due to the erroneous $(MAKEFLAGS) inclusion. Signed-off-by: Bruce Rogers <brogers@suse.com> Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2014-01-12Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r1246 built from submodule. Signed-off-by: Mark Cave-Ayland <mark.cave-ayland@ilande.co.uk>
2013-12-06roms: enable seabios cross buildsGerd Hoffmann
Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
2013-12-06roms: build two seabios binariesGerd Hoffmann
Adding xhci support to seabios made it jump over the 128k line. Changing the bios size breaks migration, so we have to keep a 128k seabios binary for old machine types. New machine types can use a large 256k bios which should be big enougth for a while. This patch updates the seabios build process to build seabios twice, once full featured and once with xen and xhci turned off so the resulting binary is small enougth to fit into 128k. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>