path: root/roms/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-03roms: remove explicit MAKEFLAGS from recursive make invocationsBruce Rogers
2013-12-06roms: enable seabios cross buildsGerd Hoffmann
2013-12-06roms: build two seabios binariesGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: add support for building sgabiosGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: enable parallel seabios / seavgabios buildsGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: enable ipxe cross buildsGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: add rules to build slofGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: parallel ipxe buildsGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: build lgplvgabios isavga variantGerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: enable parallel builds for 'make lgplvgabios'Gerd Hoffmann
2013-09-30roms: add 'make clean'Gerd Hoffmann
2013-03-25ipxe: disable two second timeoutGerd Hoffmann
2013-03-18Add Makefile rules to build nic rom binaries with efi supportGerd Hoffmann
2013-03-18Add Makefile rules to build nic rom binariesGerd Hoffmann
2012-11-30roms: also copy the dsdt when updating seabios.Gerd Hoffmann
2012-07-12Add vgabios build rules to roms/MakefileGerd Hoffmann
2012-03-12Add seabios build scripts to roms/Gerd Hoffmann