path: root/qmp-commands.hx
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-16qmp-commands.hx: remove outdated noteMarc-André Lureau
2016-07-20pc: Implement query-hotpluggable-cpus callbackIgor Mammedov
2016-07-18trace: Add QAPI/QMP interfaces to query and control per-vCPU tracing stateLluís Vilanova
2016-07-13commit: Add 'job-id' parameter to 'block-commit'Alberto Garcia
2016-07-13stream: Add 'job-id' parameter to 'block-stream'Alberto Garcia
2016-07-13backup: Add 'job-id' parameter to 'blockdev-backup' and 'drive-backup'Alberto Garcia
2016-07-13mirror: Add 'job-id' parameter to 'blockdev-mirror' and 'drive-mirror'Alberto Garcia
2016-07-01qmp: fix spapr example of query-hotpluggable-cpusIgor Mammedov
2016-06-17QMP: Add query-hotpluggable-cpusIgor Mammedov
2016-06-13Introduce "xen-load-devices-state"Wen Congyang
2016-05-23migration: Promote improved autoconverge commands out of experimental stateJason J. Herne
2016-05-12qmp: add monitor command to add/remove a childWen Congyang
2016-03-30arm: qmp: add query-gic-capabilities interfacePeter Xu
2016-03-11postcopy: Remove the x-Dr. David Alan Gilbert
2016-03-01qapi: promote input-send-event to stableGerd Hoffmann
2016-03-01qapi: rename InputAxis values.Gerd Hoffmann
2016-03-01qapi: rename input buttonsGerd Hoffmann
2016-03-01qapi: switch x-input-send-event from console to device+headGerd Hoffmann
2016-02-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2016-02-22Dump: add qmp command "query-dump"Peter Xu
2016-02-22dump-guest-memory: add "detach" flag for QMP/HMP interfaces.Peter Xu
2016-02-22qapi: Add burst length parameters to block_set_io_throttleAlberto Garcia
2016-02-16nbd: enable use of TLS with nbd-server-start commandDaniel P. Berrange
2016-02-05qmp-commands.hx: Document the missing options for migration capability commandszhanghailiang
2016-02-05qmp-commands.hx: Fix the missing options for migration parameters commandszhanghailiang
2016-01-07qmp: Add blockdev-mirror commandFam Zheng
2015-12-18qemu-char: convert to use error checked base64 decodeDaniel P. Berrange
2015-12-17cpu: Convert CpuInfo into flat unionEric Blake
2015-12-11blockdev: Mark {insert, remove}-medium experimentalMax Reitz
2015-11-12block: Add average I/O queue depth to BlockDeviceTimedStatsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Compute minimum, maximum and average I/O latenciesAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Allow configuring whether to account failed and invalid opsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Add statistics for failed and invalid I/O operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Add idle_time_ns to BlockDeviceStatsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: add transactional propertiesJohn Snow
2015-11-11block: Add 'x-blockdev-del' QMP commandAlberto Garcia
2015-11-11block: add a 'blockdev-snapshot' QMP commandAlberto Garcia
2015-11-11blockdev: read-only-mode for blockdev-change-mediumMax Reitz
2015-11-11qmp: Introduce blockdev-change-mediumMax Reitz
2015-11-11blockdev: Add blockdev-insert-mediumMax Reitz
2015-11-11blockdev: Add blockdev-remove-mediumMax Reitz
2015-11-11blockdev: Add blockdev-close-trayMax Reitz
2015-11-11blockdev: Add blockdev-open-trayMax Reitz
2015-11-10migrate_start_postcopy: Command to trigger transition to postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-10-23block: Remove wr_highest_sector from BlockAcctStatsMax Reitz
2015-10-16qmp-commands.hx: Update the supported 'transaction' operationsKashyap Chamarthy
2015-09-22monitor: allow device_del to accept QOM pathsDaniel P. Berrange
2015-09-21qapi: New QMP command query-qmp-schema for QMP introspectionMarkus Armbruster
2015-09-21qapi-schema: Fix up misleading specification of netdev_addMarkus Armbruster
2015-09-21qom: Don't use 'gen': false for qom-get, qom-set, object-addMarkus Armbruster