path: root/qga/installer
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-31qga-win: install service with --retry-path set by defaultMichael Roth
2018-07-03qga-win: Fixing msi upgrade disallow in WiX fileBishara AbuHattoum
2017-07-17qemu-ga: add missing libpcre to MSI buildThomas Lamprecht
2016-04-07qga: Workaround for console redirection from non-interactive qemu-ga serviceYuri Pudgorodskiy
2016-02-25qemu-ga: Fixed minor version switch issueLeonid Bloch
2015-11-25qga: added another non-interactive gspawn() helper file.Yuri Pudgorodskiy
2015-11-25qga: gspawn() console helper to Windows guest agent msi buildYuri Pudgorodskiy
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Fixed paths issue with MSI buildLeonid Bloch
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Prevent QEMU-GA VSS provider from being unregistered on MSI reinstallLeonid Bloch
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Created a separate component for each installed file in the MSILeonid Bloch
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Minor cosmetic changes to the WXS fileLeonid Bloch
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Fixed GUID capitalizationLeonid Bloch
2015-09-01qemu-ga: Two MSI related cosmetic changesLeonid Bloch
2015-06-17qemu-ga: Introduce Windows MSI scriptYossi Hindin