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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-22qemu-img: allow specifying image as a set of options argsDaniel P. Berrange
2016-02-22qemu-img: add support for --object command line argDaniel P. Berrange
2016-01-26docs: Style the command and its options in the synopsisSitsofe Wheeler
2015-09-11maint: remove / fix many doubled wordsDaniel P. Berrange
2014-11-03qemu-img: Add progress output for amendMax Reitz
2014-11-03qemu-img: Specify backing file for commitMax Reitz
2014-11-03qemu-img: Enable progress output for commitMax Reitz
2014-11-03qemu-img: Empty image after commitMax Reitz
2014-09-22block: delete cow block driverStefan Hajnoczi
2014-09-12qcow2: Add falloc and full preallocation optionHu Tao
2014-09-12raw-posix: Add falloc and full preallocation optionHu Tao
2014-09-08qemu-img: fix rebase src_cache option documentationStefan Hajnoczi
2014-09-08qemu-img: clarify src_cache option documentationStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-22qemu-img: Allow cache mode specification for amendMax Reitz
2014-08-22qemu-img: Allow source cache mode specificationMax Reitz
2014-07-07Fix nocow typos in manpageChunyan Liu
2014-07-01qemu-img create: add 'nocow' optionChunyan Liu
2014-06-04qemu-img: Document check exit codesMax Reitz
2014-01-31Describe flaws in qcow/qcow2 encryption in the docsDaniel P. Berrange
2014-01-24block: update block commit documentation regarding image truncationJeff Cody
2014-01-24Documentation: qemu-img: Mention SIGUSR1 progress reportKevin Wolf
2014-01-22docs: qcow2 compat=1.1 is now the defaultStefan Hajnoczi
2013-12-20docs: updated qemu-img man page and qemu-doc to reflect VHDX support.Jeff Cody
2013-12-04qemu-img: add -l for snapshot in convertWenchao Xia
2013-11-28qemu-img: add support for fully allocated imagesPeter Lieven
2013-09-12block: Image file option amendmentMax Reitz
2013-09-06docs, qapi: document qemu-img mapPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-06add qemu-img convert -n option (skip target volume creation)Alexandre Derumier
2013-02-22qemu-img: Add compare subcommandMiroslav Rezanina
2013-02-22qemu-img: Add "Quiet mode" optionMiroslav Rezanina
2013-02-22qemu-img: add json output option to the check commandFederico Simoncelli
2012-11-30Documentation: Update image format informationKevin Wolf
2012-10-24qemu-img: document 'info --backing-chain'Kashyap Chamarthy
2012-10-24qemu-img rebase: use empty string to rebase without backing fileAlex Bligh
2012-09-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2012-09-14Spelling fixes in comments and documentationStefan Weil
2012-09-12qemu-img: Add json output option to the info command.BenoƮt Canet
2012-08-17Documentation: Warn against qemu-img on active imageKevin Wolf
2012-06-15qemu-img: document qed format on qemu-img man pageStefan Hajnoczi
2012-06-15qemu-img check -r for repairing imagesKevin Wolf
2012-05-25qemu-img: Explain how rebase operation can be used to perform a 'diff' operat...Richard W.M. Jones
2011-12-15Documentation: Add qemu-img -t parameter in man pageKevin Wolf
2011-08-29qemu-img: Require larger zero areas for sparse handlingKevin Wolf
2011-07-20Add missing documentation for qemu-img -pJes Sorensen
2011-07-05Documentation: Remove outdated host_device noteKevin Wolf
2011-01-24Documentation: Add qemu-img check/rebaseKevin Wolf
2010-10-22Copy snapshots out of QCOW2 diskedison
2010-05-03qemu-img: Add 'resize' command to grow/shrink disk imagesStefan Hajnoczi
2009-11-09Documentation: Add options to image format descriptionsKevin Wolf
2009-11-09Documentation: Don't mention old qemu-img optionsKevin Wolf