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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-09qemu-img: Convert by cluster size if target is compressedFam Zheng
2014-05-09qemu-img: sort block formats in help messageMike Day
2014-04-29block: Add '--version' option to qemu-imgJeff Cody
2014-04-28block: fix qemu-img --help invocationJeff Cody
2014-04-25qemu-img: Consistently name Error * objects err, and not errpMarkus Armbruster
2014-04-22qemu-img: Improve error messagesFam Zheng
2014-04-22qemu-img: Avoid duplicate block device IDsKevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Add errp to bdrv_new()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-01qemu-img: Release reference to BlockDriverStatePrasad Joshi
2014-03-25qemu-img: mandate argument to 'qemu-img check --repair'Prasad Joshi
2014-03-05qemu-img convert: Fix progress outputKevin Wolf
2014-03-03qemu-img: Remove unneeded include filesStefan Weil
2014-02-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-02-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/configure' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-02-21qemu-img: Allow -o help with incomplete argument listKevin Wolf
2014-02-21qemu-img amend: Support multiple -o optionsKevin Wolf
2014-02-21qemu-img convert: Support multiple -o optionsKevin Wolf
2014-02-21qemu-img create: Support multiple -o optionsKevin Wolf
2014-02-21block: Add reference parameter to bdrv_open()Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Change BDS parameter of bdrv_open() to **Max Reitz
2014-02-20util: Split out exec_dir from os_find_datadirFam Zheng
2014-02-17Use error_is_set() only when necessaryMarkus Armbruster
2014-01-06qemu-option: Remove qemu_opts_create_nofailPeter Crosthwaite
2013-12-13qemu-img: make progress output more accurate during convertPeter Lieven
2013-12-06qemu-img: decrease progress update interval on convertPeter Lieven
2013-12-06qemu-img: round down request length to an aligned sectorPeter Lieven
2013-12-05qemu-img: dynamically adjust iobuffer size during convertPeter Lieven
2013-12-05qemu-img: fix usage instruction for qemu-img convertPeter Lieven
2013-12-05qemu-img: add support for skipping zeroes in input during convertPeter Lieven
2013-12-04qemu-img: add -l for snapshot in convertWenchao Xia
2013-12-04snapshot: distinguish id and name in load_tmpWenchao Xia
2013-11-28qemu-img: conditionally zero out target on convertPeter Lieven
2013-11-28qemu-img: add support for fully allocated imagesPeter Lieven
2013-11-15qemu-img: Fix overwriting 'ret' before usingFam Zheng
2013-10-24qemu-img: add special exit code if bdrv_check is not supportedPeter Lieven
2013-09-12qemu-img: fix invalid JSONPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-12qemu-img create: Emit filename on errorMax Reitz
2013-09-12block: Error parameter for create functionsMax Reitz
2013-09-12block: Error parameter for open functionsMax Reitz
2013-09-12snapshot: distinguish id and name in snapshot deleteWenchao Xia
2013-09-12block: Image file option amendmentMax Reitz
2013-09-06qemu-img: add a "map" subcommandPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-06block: make bdrv_has_zero_init return false for copy-on-write-imagesPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-06qemu-img: always probe the input image for allocated sectorsPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-06block: expect errors from bdrv_co_is_allocatedPaolo Bonzini
2013-09-06block: make bdrv_delete() staticFam Zheng
2013-09-06add qemu-img convert -n option (skip target volume creation)Alexandre Derumier
2013-08-06ignore SIGPIPE in qemu-img and qemu-ioMORITA Kazutaka
2013-08-06qemu-img: Error out for excess argumentsKevin Wolf
2013-07-15block: Don't parse protocol from file.filenameKevin Wolf