path: root/net/tap-linux.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-01tap: add Linux multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01net: tap: use abort() instead of assert(0)Jason Wang
2012-12-19softmmu: move include files to include/sysemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19misc: move include files to include/qemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19net: reorganize headersPaolo Bonzini
2012-12-12tap: reset vnet header size on openMichael S. Tsirkin
2012-07-23convert net_init_tap() to NetClientOptionsLaszlo Ersek
2011-11-01net: tap-linux: Fix unhelpful error messageLuiz Capitulino
2011-02-01tap: safe sndbuf defaultMichael S. Tsirkin
2010-09-07tap: add APIs for vnet header lengthMichael S. Tsirkin
2010-06-22give some useful error messages when tap openMichael Tokarev
2010-03-16error: Replace qemu_error() by error_report()Markus Armbruster
2010-03-16error: Move qemu_error & friends into their own headerMarkus Armbruster
2009-12-03net: check for TUNSETOFFLOAD support before trying to enable offload featuresPierre Riteau
2009-12-03net: fix TAP networking on host kernels without IFF_VNET_HDR supportPierre Riteau
2009-10-30net: move UFO support detection to tap-linux.cMark McLoughlin
2009-10-30net: move tap_set_offload() code into tap-linux.cMark McLoughlin
2009-10-30net: move tap_probe_vnet_hdr() to tap-linux.cMark McLoughlin
2009-10-30net: move tap_set_sndbuf() to tap-linux.cMark McLoughlin
2009-10-30net: move linux code into net/tap-linux.cMark McLoughlin