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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-16Include qemu/main-loop.h lessMarkus Armbruster
2019-08-16Include exec/memory.h slightly lessMarkus Armbruster
2019-08-16Include migration/vmstate.h lessMarkus Armbruster
2019-08-16Clean up inclusion of exec/cpu-common.hMarkus Armbruster
2019-08-14migration: add some multifd tracesJuan Quintela
2019-08-14migration: Make global sem_sync semaphore by channelJuan Quintela
2019-08-14migration: Add traces for multifd terminate threadsJuan Quintela
2019-08-14qemu-file: move qemu_{get,put}_counted_string() declarationsMarc-André Lureau
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: use mis->bh instead of allocating a QEMUBHWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: rename migration_bitmap_sync_range to ramblock_sync_dirty_bitmapWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: update ram_counters for multifd sync packetIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: add speed limit for multifd migrationIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: add qemu_file_update_transfer interfaceIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: always initialise ram_counters for a new migrationIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: remove unused field bytes_xferWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: use QEMU_IS_ALIGNED to replace host_offsetWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: simplify calculation of run_start and fixup_start_addrWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: make PostcopyDiscardState a static variableWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: extract ram_load_precopyWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: return -EINVAL directly when version_id mismatchWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: equation is more proper than and to check LOADVM_QUITWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: just pass RAMBlock is enoughWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: use migration_in_postcopy() to check POSTCOPY_ACTIVEWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: start_postcopy could be true only when migrate_postcopy()...Wei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: PostcopyState is already set in loadvm_postcopy_handle_ad...Wei Yang
2019-08-14migration/savevm: move non SaveStateEntry condition check out of iterationWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/savevm: split qemu_savevm_state_complete_precopy() into two partsWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/savevm: flush file for iterable_only caseWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: do_fixup is true when host_offset is non-zeroWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: reduce one operation to calculate fixup_start_addrWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: discard_length must not be 0Wei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: break the loop when there is no more page to discardWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: the valid condition is one less then endWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: consolidate time info into populate_time_infoWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: Add error_desc for file channel errorsYury Kotov
2019-07-24migration: fix migrate_cancel multifd migration leads destination hung foreverIvan Ren
2019-07-24migration: Make explicit that we are quitting multifdJuan Quintela
2019-07-24migration: fix migrate_cancel leads live_migration thread hung foreverIvan Ren
2019-07-24migration: fix migrate_cancel leads live_migration thread endless loopIvan Ren
2019-07-15migration: always initial RAMBlock.bmap to 1 for new migrationIvan Ren
2019-07-15migration/postcopy: remove redundant cpu_synchronize_all_post_initWei Yang
2019-07-15migration/postcopy: fix document of postcopy_send_discard_bm_ram()Wei Yang
2019-07-15migration: allow private destination ram with x-ignore-sharedPeng Tao
2019-07-15migration: Split log_clear() into smaller chunksPeter Xu
2019-07-15migration: No need to take rcu during sync_dirty_bitmapPeter Xu
2019-07-15migration/ram.c: reset complete_round when we gets a queued pageWei Yang
2019-07-15migration/multifd: sync packet_num after all thread are doneWei Yang
2019-07-15migration/xbzrle: update cache and current_data in one placeWei Yang
2019-07-15migration/multifd: call multifd_send_sync_main when sending RAM_SAVE_FLAG_EOSWei Yang
2019-07-15migration: fix multifd_recv event typoJuan Quintela