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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-17qapi: Don't let implicit enum MAX member collideEric Blake
2015-12-11Fix xbzrle vs last_sent_block updateDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-12-03migration: do floating-point divisionPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-03migration: Clean up use of g_poll() in socket_writev_buffer()Markus Armbruster
2015-11-25block-migration: limit the memory usageWen Congyang
2015-11-25Assume madvise for (no)hugepage worksDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-19migration: normalize locking in migration/savevm.cDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19migration: implement bdrv_all_find_vmstate_bs helperDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19migration: reorder processing in hmp_savevmDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19snapshot: create bdrv_all_create_snapshot helperDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19migration: drop find_vmstate_bs check in hmp_delvmDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19snapshot: create bdrv_all_find_snapshot helperDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19migration: factor our snapshottability check in load_vmstateDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19snapshot: create bdrv_all_goto_snapshot helperDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19snapshot: create bdrv_all_delete_snapshot helperDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19snapshot: create helper to test that block drivers supports snapshotsDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-19Unneeded NULL checkDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-19migration: Dead assignment of current_timeDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-19Set last_sent_blockDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12migration_init: Fix lock initialisation/make it explicitDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12migrate-start-postcopy: Improve textDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12Postcopy: Fix TP!=HP zero caseDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12Finish non-postcopiable iterative devices before packageDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12migration: Make 32bit linux compile with RDMAJuan Quintela
2015-11-12migration: print ram_addr_t as RAM_ADDR_FMT not %zxJuan Quintela
2015-11-10migration: qemu_savevm_state_cleanup becomes mandatory operationDenis V. Lunev
2015-11-10Inhibit ballooning during postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Disable mlock around incoming postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10End of migration for postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy: Mark nohugepage before discardDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10postcopy: Wire up loadvm_postcopy_handle_ commandsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Start up a postcopy/listener thread ready for incoming page dataDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy; Handle userfault requestsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Host page!=target page: Cleanup bitmapsDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Don't iterate on precopy-only devices during postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Don't sync dirty bitmaps in postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10postcopy: Check order of received target pagesDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy: Use helpers to map pages during migrationDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10postcopy_ram.c: place_page and helpersDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Page request: Consume pages off the post-copy queueDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Page request: Process incoming page requestDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Page request: Add MIG_RP_MSG_REQ_PAGES reverse commandDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy: End of iterationDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy: Postcopy startup in migration threadDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10postcopy: ram_enable_notify to switch on userfaultDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10postcopy: Incoming initialisationDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10migration_completion: Take current stateDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Postcopy: Maintain unsentmapDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Add qemu_savevm_state_complete_postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-10Avoid sending vmdescription during postcopyDr. David Alan Gilbert