path: root/migration/migration.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-10migration: Make compression_threads use save/load_setup/cleanup()Juan Quintela
2017-07-10migration: Convert ram to use new load_setup()/load_cleanup()Juan Quintela
2017-07-10migration: Rename save_live_setup() to save_setup()Juan Quintela
2017-07-10doc: update TYPE_MIGRATION documentsPeter Xu
2017-07-10migration: fix handling for --only-migratablePeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: add "return-path" capabilityPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: add comment for TYPE_MIGRATEPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: hmp: dump globalsPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: merge enforce_config_section somewhatPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: move skip_section_footersPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: move skip_configuration outPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: move only_migratable to MigrationStatePeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: move global_state.optional outPeter Xu
2017-06-28migration: let MigrationState be a qdevPeter Xu
2017-06-19migration: Fix race of image locking between src and dstFam Zheng
2017-06-14migration: Remove unneeded includesJuan Quintela
2017-06-14migration: fix incorrect enable return pathPeter Xu
2017-06-13migration: Move migration.h to migration/Juan Quintela
2017-06-13migration: Move remaining exported functions to migration/misc.hJuan Quintela
2017-06-13migration: create global_state.cJuan Quintela
2017-06-13migration: Commands are only used inside migration.cJuan Quintela
2017-06-13ram: Now POSTCOPY_ACTIVE is the same that STATUS_ACTIVEJuan Quintela
2017-06-13ram: Print block stats also in the complete caseJuan Quintela
2017-06-13migration: Don't try to set *errp directlyEduardo Habkost
2017-06-13migration: isolate return path on srcPeter Xu
2017-06-09migration: Inactivate images after .save_live_complete_precopy()Kevin Wolf
2017-06-07ram: Use MigrationStats for statisticsJuan Quintela
2017-06-07ram: Call migration_page_queue_free() at ram_migration_cleanup()Juan Quintela
2017-06-07ram: We only print throttling information sometimesJuan Quintela
2017-06-07ram: Unfold get_xbzrle_cache_stats() into populate_ram_info()Juan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Move include/migration/block.h into migration/Juan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export ram.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export rdma.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export tls.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export socket.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export fd.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Export exec.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: Split qemu-file.hJuan Quintela
2017-06-01migration: shut src return path unconditionallyPeter Xu
2017-06-01migration: fix leak of src file on dstPeter Xu
2017-06-01migration: loadvm handlers are not usedJuan Quintela
2017-05-31migration: Create savevm.h for functions exported from savevm.cJuan Quintela
2017-05-18exec: Create include for target_page_size()Juan Quintela
2017-05-18migration: Remove vmstate.h from migration.hJuan Quintela
2017-05-18migration: Export qemu-file-channel.c functions in its own fileJuan Quintela
2017-05-18migration: Split migration/channel.c for channel operationsJuan Quintela
2017-05-18block migration: Allow compile time disableDr. David Alan Gilbert
2017-05-18migration: Remove old MigrationParamsJuan Quintela
2017-05-18migration: Remove use of old MigrationParamsJuan Quintela
2017-05-18migration: Create block capabilityJuan Quintela