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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-25rdma: rename 'x-rdma' => 'rdma'Michael R. Hines
2013-09-24rdma: constify ram_chunk_{index, start, end}Isaku Yamahata
2013-09-24rdma: clean up of qemu_rdma_cleanup()Isaku Yamahata
2013-09-01rdma: silly ipv6 bugfixMichael R. Hines
2013-09-01misc: Fix some typos in names and commentsStefan Weil
2013-08-12rdma: IPv6 over Ethernet (RoCE) is broken in linux - workaroundMichael R. Hines
2013-08-12rdma: proper getaddrinfo() handlingMichael R. Hines
2013-08-12rdma: check if RDMAControlHeader::len match transferred byteIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-12rdma: validate RDMAControlHeader::lenIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-12rdma: use resp.len after validation in qemu_rdma_registration_stopIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-05rdma: memory leak RDMAContext::hostIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-05rdma: use RDMA_WRID_READYIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-05rdma: qemu_rdma_post_send_control uses wrongly RDMA_WRID_MAXIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-05rdma: don't use negative index to arrayIsaku Yamahata
2013-08-05rdma: correct newlines in error statementsMichael R. Hines
2013-08-05rdma: forgot to turn off the debugging flagMichael R. Hines
2013-08-05rdma: bugfix: make IPv6 support workMichael R. Hines
2013-07-27misc: Fix new typos in comments and stringsStefan Weil
2013-07-23rdma: core logicMichael R. Hines