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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-03ARM: linux-user: Restore iWMMXT state from ucontext on sigreturnPeter Maydell
2010-12-03ARM: linux-user: Expose iWMMXT registers to signal handlersPeter Maydell
2010-12-03ARM: linux-user: Restore VFP state from ucontext on sigreturnPeter Maydell
2010-12-03ARM: linux-user: Expose VFP registers to signal handlersPeter Maydell
2010-12-03ARM: linux-user: Correct size of padding in target_ucontext_v2Peter Maydell
2010-11-23microblaze: target-ify target_ucontextRichard Henderson
2010-07-23microblaze: Pass a ucontext * as 3rd sighandler argEdgar E. Iglesias
2010-07-15microblaze: Correct signal frame setup.Edgar E. Iglesias
2010-05-09sparc: Fix lazy flag calculation on interrupts, refactorBlue Swirl
2010-04-01linux-user/ia64: workaround ia64 strangenessesAurelien Jarno
2010-03-18Replace assert(0) with abort() or cpu_abort()Blue Swirl
2010-03-13Fix build with -DNDEBUG in CFLAGSBlue Swirl
2010-03-06linux-user: Save/restore fpu registers to signal context on sh4takasi-y@ops.dti.ne.jp
2010-02-28alpha-linux-user: Implement signals.Richard Henderson
2009-12-19linux-user: cleanup force_sig() callsRiku Voipio
2009-11-24linux-user: remove hardcoded value of _NSIG in signal.cArnaud Patard
2009-10-01Revert "Get rid of _t suffix"Anthony Liguori
2009-10-01Get rid of _t suffixmalc
2009-08-25m68k, linux-user: add setup_rt_frameLaurent Vivier
2009-08-25m68k,linux-user: add setup_frameLaurent Vivier
2009-07-20Fix most warnings (errors with -Werror) when debugging is enabledBlue Swirl
2009-07-18Avoid name clashes with symbols that leak from system headersmalc
2009-07-16Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF addressBlue Swirl
2009-07-09MIPS signal handling fixPaul Brook
2009-06-16linux-user: implemented ELF coredump support for ARM targetMika Westerberg
2009-05-26microblaze: linux-user support.Edgar E. Iglesias
2009-05-16linux-user: ppc signal handlingNathan Froyd
2009-04-21MIPS signal handling fixes.pbrook
2009-04-16Translate signal values in exit status.pbrook
2009-04-15linux-user: proper exit code for uncaught signalsaurel32
2009-03-07Use a dedicated function to request exit from execution loopaurel32
2009-03-07The _exit syscall is used for both thread termination in NPTL applications,pbrook
2009-02-01Replace noreturn with QEMU_NORETURNmalc
2009-01-30linux-user: fix signal.c warningaurel32
2009-01-14Add noreturn function attributeblueswir1
2009-01-05Fix more FSF addressesblueswir1
2009-01-03Fix qemu endless loop when raising a SIGSEGV/SIGBUS signal with gdbstub in us...aurel32
2008-12-18User-mode GDB stub improvements - handle signalsaurel32
2008-11-27linux-user: Add support for STOP/CONT signals.ths
2008-11-27linux-user: sig is target signal.ths
2008-10-08CRIS: linux-user signals dont need ERP compensation after break anymore.edgar_igl
2008-10-05Make target_sigaltstack_used staticblueswir1
2008-09-16Move offsetof to osdep.h, remove local defintions.balrog
2008-08-17Fix some warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wmissing-prototypesblueswir1
2008-07-16Fix a bunch of type mismatch-related warnings (Jan Kiszka).balrog
2008-06-27More efficient target register / TC accesses.ths
2008-06-07Multithreaded locking fixes.pbrook
2008-05-31Make signal queues per thread.pbrook
2008-05-31Fix usermode build.pbrook
2008-05-30Copy siginfo.si_code.pbrook