path: root/hw/device-hotplug.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-01hw: move device-hotplug.o to toplevel, compile it oncePaolo Bonzini
2012-12-19softmmu: move include files to include/sysemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19misc: move include files to include/qemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19monitor: move include files to include/monitor/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19net: do not include net.h everywherePaolo Bonzini
2012-12-11Support default block interfaces per QEMUMachineChristian Borntraeger
2012-12-07Clean up pci_drive_hot_add()'s use of BlockInterfaceTypeMarkus Armbruster
2012-10-05cleanup useless return sentenceAmos Kong
2012-01-04Add generic drive hotpluggingAlexander Graf
2011-01-31blockdev: Fix drive_add for drives without mediaMarkus Armbruster
2011-01-31blockdev: Make drive_add() take explicit type, index parametersMarkus Armbruster
2010-08-24Rearrange block headersBlue Swirl
2010-06-04blockdev: Collect block device code in new blockdev.cMarkus Armbruster
2010-06-04blockdev: Hide QEMUMachine from drive_init()Markus Armbruster
2009-10-27kill dead nic unplug code.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-10-05drive cleanup fixes.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-09-12Fix sys-queue.h conflict for goodBlue Swirl
2009-07-27switch -drive to QemuOpts.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-07-27kill drives_optGerd Hoffmann
2009-07-27kill drives_tableGerd Hoffmann
2009-07-09Don't leak VLANClientState on PCI hot removeMark McLoughlin
2009-02-26fix pci net hot-remove (Marcelo Tosatti)aliguori
2009-02-11qemu: PCI device, disk and host network hot-add / hot-remove (Marcelo Tosatti)aliguori