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2019-01-07Support u-boot noload images for arm as used by, NetBSD/evbarm GENERIC kernel.pull-target-arm-20190107Nick Hudson
2019-01-07arm: Add Clock peripheral stub to NRF51 SOCSteffen Görtz
2019-01-07arm: Instantiate NRF51 TimersSteffen Görtz
2019-01-07arm: Instantiate NRF51 general purpose I/OSteffen Görtz
2019-01-07arm: Instantiate NRF51 random number generatorSteffen Görtz
2019-01-07arm: Add header to host common definition for nRF51 SOC peripheralsSteffen Görtz
2019-01-07hw/arm/allwinner-a10: Add the 'A' SRAM and the SRAM controllerPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2019-01-07hw/arm: versal: Plug memory leaksEdgar E. Iglesias
2019-01-07Revert "armv7m: Guard against no -kernel argument"Stefan Hajnoczi
2019-01-07arm/xlnx-zynqmp: put APUs and RPUs in separate CPU clustersLuc Michel
2018-12-19hw: acpi: Export and share the ARM RSDP buildSamuel Ortiz
2018-12-19hw: arm: Support both legacy and current RSDP buildSamuel Ortiz
2018-12-19hw: arm: Convert the RSDP build to the buid_append_foo() APISamuel Ortiz
2018-12-19hw: arm: Carry RSDP specific data through AcpiRsdpDataSamuel Ortiz
2018-12-19hw: arm: acpi: Fix incorrect checksums in RSDPIgor Mammedov
2018-12-19hw: acpi: The RSDP build API can return voidSamuel Ortiz
2018-12-19hw/smbios: Move to the hw/firmware/ subdirectoryPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2018-12-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/pull-misc-20181214' into ...Peter Maydell
2018-12-14virt: Fix broken indentationpull-misc-20181214misc.nextmisc.for-upstreamEduardo Habkost
2018-12-14hw/arm/mps2-tz.c: Free mscname string in make_dma()Peter Maydell
2018-12-13hw/arm: versal: Use IRQs 111 - 118 for virtio-mmioEdgar E. Iglesias
2018-12-13hw/arm: versal: Reduce number of virtio-mmio instancesEdgar E. Iglesias
2018-12-13hw/arm: versal: Remove bogus virtio-mmio creationEdgar E. Iglesias
2018-12-13musicpal: Convert sysbus init function to realize functionMao Zhongyi
2018-12-13Allow AArch64 processors to boot from a kernel placed over 4GBRicardo Perez Blanco
2018-12-13hw: arm: musicpal: drop TYPE_WM8750 in object_property_set_link()Li Qiang
2018-12-11virt: Eliminate separate instance_init functionsEduardo Habkost
2018-12-11q35/440fx/arm/spapr: Add QEMU 4.0 machine typeAlex Williamson
2018-11-28hw/arm/aspeed: Fix build issue with clang 3.4Thomas Huth
2018-11-27hw/virt/arm: Add support for Cortex-A72 in virtZhiPeng Lu
2018-11-13hw/arm/sysbus-fdt: Only call match_fn callback if the type matchesEric Auger
2018-11-06hw/arm/exynos4210: Zero memory allocated for Exynos4210StatePeter Maydell
2018-11-02hw/arm: versal: Add a virtual Xilinx Versal boardpull-target-arm-20181102Edgar E. Iglesias
2018-11-02hw/arm: versal: Add a model of Xilinx Versal SoCEdgar E. Iglesias
2018-11-02hw/arm/xilinx_zynq: Use the ARRAY_SIZE macroPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2018-11-02strongarm: mask off high[31:28] bits from dir and state registersPrasad J Pandit
2018-11-02hw/arm/nrf51_soc: Connect UART to nRF51 SoCJulia Suvorova
2018-11-02hw/arm/virt: Set VIRT_COMPAT_3_0 compatEric Auger
2018-10-29audio: use TYPE_MV88W8618_AUDIO instead of hardcoded stringMao Zhongyi
2018-10-29audio: use object link instead of qdev property to pass wm8750 referenceMao Zhongyi
2018-10-29audio: use TYPE_WM8750 instead of a hardcoded stringMao Zhongyi
2018-10-24hw/arm/boot: Increase compliance with kernel arm64 boot protocolStewart Hildebrand
2018-10-16hw/arm/virt: add DT property /secure-chosen/stdout-path indicating secure UARTJerome Forissier
2018-10-15hw/arm/virt: Allow dynamic vfio-platform devices againGeert Uytterhoeven
2018-10-15hw/arm/sysbus-fdt: Allow device matching with DT compatible valueEric Auger
2018-10-08virt: Suppress external aborts on virt-2.10 and earlierPeter Maydell
2018-09-25hw/arm/aspeed: Add an Aspeed machine classCédric Le Goater
2018-09-25hw/arm/aspeed: change the FMC flash model of the AST2500 evbCédric Le Goater
2018-09-25hw/arm/smmuv3: fix eventq recording and IRQ triggerringEric Auger
2018-09-25hw/arm/smmu-common: Fix the name of the iommu memory regionsEric Auger