path: root/hw/9pfs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-059pfs: reduce latency of TwalkChristian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: drop root_qidChristian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: replace not_same_qid() by same_stat_id()Christian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: drop fid_to_qid()Christian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: capture root statChristian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: fix not_same_qid()Christian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: simplify v9fs_walk()Christian Schoenebeck
2021-07-059pfs: add link to 9p developer docsChristian Schoenebeck
2021-06-02docs: fix references to docs/devel/tracing.rstStefano Garzarella
2021-03-16hw/9pfs/9p-synth: Replaced qemu_mutex_lock with QEMU_LOCK_GUARDMahmoud Mandour
2021-03-09qtest: delete superfluous inclusions of qtest.hChen Qun
2021-01-229pfs: Convert reclaim list to QSLISTGreg Kurz
2021-01-229pfs: Improve unreclaim loopGreg Kurz
2021-01-219pfs: Convert V9fsFidState::fid_list to QSIMPLEQGreg Kurz
2021-01-219pfs: Convert V9fsFidState::clunked to boolGreg Kurz
2021-01-219pfs/proxy: Check return value of proxy_marshal()Greg Kurz
2021-01-159pfs: Fully restart unreclaim loop (CVE-2021-20181)Greg Kurz
2020-11-05hw/9pfs: Fix Kconfig dependency problem between 9pfs and XenPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2020-11-05hw/9pfs : add space before the open parenthesis '('Xinhao Zhang
2020-11-05hw/9pfs : open brace '{' following struct go on the same lineXinhao Zhang
2020-11-05hw/9pfs : add spaces around operatorXinhao Zhang
2020-10-199pfs: suppress performance warnings on qtest runsChristian Schoenebeck
2020-09-18Use OBJECT_DECLARE_SIMPLE_TYPE when possibleEduardo Habkost
2020-09-159pfs: disable msize warning for synth driverChristian Schoenebeck
2020-09-159pfs: log warning if msize <= 8192Christian Schoenebeck
2020-09-09Use DECLARE_*CHECKER* macrosEduardo Habkost
2020-09-09Move QOM typedefs and add missing includesEduardo Habkost
2020-08-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/cschoenebeck/tags/pull-9p-20200812' int...Peter Maydell
2020-08-21meson: convert hw/9pfs, cleanupMarc-André Lureau
2020-08-21trace: switch position of headers to what Meson requiresPaolo Bonzini
2020-08-129pfs: clarify latency of v9fs_co_run_in_worker()Christian Schoenebeck
2020-08-129pfs: differentiate readdir lock between 9P2000.u vs. 9P2000.LChristian Schoenebeck
2020-08-129pfs: T_readdir latency optimizationChristian Schoenebeck
2020-08-129pfs: add new function v9fs_co_readdir_many()Christian Schoenebeck
2020-08-129pfs: split out fs driver core of v9fs_co_readdir()Christian Schoenebeck
2020-08-129pfs: make v9fs_readdir_response_size() publicChristian Schoenebeck
2020-07-10virtio-9p: Use ERRP_GUARD()Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
2020-07-02Clean up some calls to ignore Error objects the right wayMarkus Armbruster
2020-05-25xen/9pfs: increase max ring order to 9Stefano Stabellini
2020-05-25xen/9pfs: yield when there isn't enough room on the ringStefano Stabellini
2020-05-25Revert "9p: init_in_iov_from_pdu can truncate the size"Stefano Stabellini
2020-05-259p: Lock directory streams with a CoMutexGreg Kurz
2020-05-259pfs: include linux/limits.h for XATTR_SIZE_MAXDan Robertson
2020-05-15qdev: Unrealize must not failMarkus Armbruster
2020-05-14xen-9pfs: Fix log messages of reply errorsChristian Schoenebeck
2020-05-149pfs: local: ignore O_NOATIME if we don't have permissionsOmar Sandoval
2020-03-109p/proxy: Fix export_flagsGreg Kurz
2020-02-08hw/9pfs/9p-synth: added directory for readdir testChristian Schoenebeck
2020-02-089pfs: validate count sent by client with T_readdirChristian Schoenebeck
2020-02-089pfs: require msize >= 4096Christian Schoenebeck