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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-29exec: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2016-01-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2016-01-26cpus: use broadcast on qemu_pause_condDr. David Alan Gilbert
2016-01-21qom/cpu: Add MemoryRegion propertyPeter Crosthwaite
2016-01-21exec.c: Allow target CPUs to define multiple AddressSpacesPeter Maydell
2016-01-21exec.c: Don't set cpu->as until cpu_address_space_initPeter Maydell
2015-12-17cpu: Convert CpuInfo into flat unionEric Blake
2015-11-26call bdrv_drain_all() even if the vm is stoppedWen Congyang
2015-11-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream-replay' into ...Peter Maydell
2015-11-06replay: checkpointsPavel Dovgalyuk
2015-11-06icount: improve counting for record/replayPavel Dovgalyuk
2015-11-06replay: recording and replaying clock ticksPavel Dovgalyuk
2015-11-05cpu: replay instructions sequencePavel Dovgalyuk
2015-11-05Revert "Introduce cpu_clean_all_dirty"Liang Li
2015-10-08s/cpu_get_real_ticks/cpu_get_host_ticks/Christopher Covington
2015-09-30cpu: Provide vcpu throttling interfaceJason J. Herne
2015-09-09cpus: remove tcg_halt_cond and tcg_cpu_thread globalsKONRAD Frederic
2015-09-09cpus: protect work list with work_mutexPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-09tcg: signal-free qemu_cpu_kickPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-09use qemu_cpu_kick instead of cpu_exit or qemu_cpu_kick_threadPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-09tcg: synchronize exit_request and tcg_current_cpu accessesPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-09tcg: introduce tcg_current_cpuPaolo Bonzini
2015-09-07cpus.c: qemu_mutex_lock_iothread fix race condition at cpu thread initAníbal Limón
2015-08-14exec: drop cpu_can_do_io, just read cpu->can_do_ioPaolo Bonzini
2015-07-24rcu: actually register threads that have RCU read-side critical sectionsPaolo Bonzini
2015-07-09cpu-exec: Purge all uses of ENV_GET_CPU()Peter Crosthwaite
2015-07-09cpu: Change tcg_cpu_exec() arg to cpu, not envPeter Crosthwaite
2015-07-01main-loop: introduce qemu_mutex_iothread_lockedPaolo Bonzini
2015-07-01main-loop: use qemu_mutex_lock_iothread consistentlyPaolo Bonzini
2015-06-22qerror: Move #include out of qerror.hMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-22qerror: Clean up QERR_ macros to expand into a single stringMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-12migration: Use normal VMStateDescriptions for SubsectionsJuan Quintela
2015-06-05icount: print a warning if there is no more deadline in sleep=no modeVictor CLEMENT
2015-06-05icount: add sleep parameter to the icount option to set icount_sleep modeVictor CLEMENT
2015-06-05icount: implement a new icount_sleep mode toggleing real-time cpu sleepVictor CLEMENT
2015-05-14qmp: Add qom_path field to query-cpus commandEduardo Habkost
2015-04-30cpus: use first_cpu macro instead of QTAILQ_FIRST(&cpus)Emilio G. Cota
2015-03-25cpus: Don't kick un-realized cpus.Peter Crosthwaite
2015-03-18profiler: Reenable built-in profilerAlexey Kardashevskiy
2015-03-10memsave: Improve and disambiguate error messageBorislav Petkov
2015-03-02cpus: be more paranoid in avoiding deadlocksPaolo Bonzini
2015-03-02cpus: fix deadlock and segfault in qemu_mutex_lock_iothreadPaolo Bonzini
2015-02-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2015-02-16exec: RCUify AddressSpaceDispatchPaolo Bonzini
2015-02-16qtest: Fix deadloop by running main loop AIO context's timersFam Zheng
2015-02-02cpu-exec: simplify init_delay_paramsPaolo Bonzini
2015-01-14cpus: consistently use QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL_RT for icount_warp_rt timerPavel Dovgalyuk
2014-12-20cpu: initialize cpu->exception_index on resetPaolo Bonzini
2014-12-15cpus: make icount warp behave well with respect to stop/contPavel Dovgalyuk
2014-12-15icount: introduce cpu_get_icount_rawPavel Dovgalyuk