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2014-05-09block/raw-posix: Try both FIEMAP and SEEK_HOLEMax Reitz
2014-05-09gluster: Correctly propagate errors when volume isn't accessiblePeter Krempa
2014-05-09vmdk: Implement .bdrv_get_info()Fam Zheng
2014-05-09vmdk: Implement .bdrv_write_compressedFam Zheng
2014-05-09block/iscsi: bump year in copyright noticePeter Lieven
2014-05-09block/nfs: Check for NULL server partMax Reitz
2014-05-09qcow2: Fix alloc_clusters_noref() overflow detectionMax Reitz
2014-04-30curl: Fix hang reading from slow connectionsMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Ensure all informationals are checked for completionMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Eliminate unnecessary use of curl_multi_socket_allMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Remove unnecessary explicit calls to internal event handlerMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Remove erroneous sleep waiting for curl completionMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Fix return from curl_read_cb with invalid stateMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Remove unnecessary use of gotoMatthew Booth
2014-04-30curl: Fix long lineMatthew Booth
2014-04-30block/vdi: Error out immediately in vdi_create()Max Reitz
2014-04-30block/bochs: Fix error handling for seek_to_sector()Max Reitz
2014-04-30qcow2: Check min_size in qcow2_grow_l1_table()Max Reitz
2014-04-30qcow2: Catch bdrv_getlength() errorMax Reitz
2014-04-30block: Use correct width in format stringsMax Reitz
2014-04-30qcow2: Avoid overflow in alloc_clusters_noref()Max Reitz
2014-04-30block: Use error_abort in bdrv_image_info_specific_dump()Max Reitz
2014-04-30block: Unlink temporary files in raw-posix/win32Kevin Wolf
2014-04-29qcow2: Fix discardMax Reitz
2014-04-29mirror: Check for bdrv_get_info resultFam Zheng
2014-04-29mirror: Fix resource leak when bdrv_getlength failsFam Zheng
2014-04-28mirror: Use DIV_ROUND_UPFam Zheng
2014-04-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/qmp-unstable/queue/qmp' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-04-25iscsi: Don't use error_is_set() to suppress additional errorsMarkus Armbruster
2014-04-25nbd: Use return values instead of error_is_set(errp)Markus Armbruster
2014-04-25Use error_is_set() only when necessary (again)Markus Armbruster
2014-04-25qerror.h: Remove QERR defines that are only used onceCole Robinson
2014-04-23block/cloop: use PRIu32 format specifier for uint32_tStefan Hajnoczi
2014-04-22vmdk: Fix "%x" to PRIx32 in format strings for cidFam Zheng
2014-04-22block: Add errp to bdrv_new()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22convert fprintf() calls to error_setg() in block/qed.c:bdrv_qed_create()Aakriti Gupta
2014-04-22curl: Replaced old error handling with error reporting API.Maria Kustova
2014-04-22block: Handle error of bdrv_getlength in bdrv_create_dirty_bitmapFam Zheng
2014-04-22vmdk: Fix %d and %lld to PRI* in format stringsFam Zheng
2014-04-11iscsi: Remember to set ret for iscsi_open in error caseFam Zheng
2014-04-11bochs: Fix catalog size checkKevin Wolf
2014-04-11bochs: Fix memory leak in bochs_open() error pathKevin Wolf
2014-04-04qcow2: Put cache reference in error caseKevin Wolf
2014-04-04qcow2: Flush metadata during read-only reopenKevin Wolf
2014-04-04iscsi: Don't set error if already set in iscsi_do_inquiryFam Zheng
2014-04-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/scsi-next' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-04-03iscsi: always query max WRITE SAME lengthPaolo Bonzini
2014-04-03iscsi: ignore flushes on scsi-generic devicesPaolo Bonzini
2014-04-03iscsi: recognize "invalid field" ASCQ from WRITE SAME commandPaolo Bonzini
2014-04-01qcow2: link all L2 meta updates in preallocate()Stefan Hajnoczi