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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-09block: Fix open flags with BDRV_O_SNAPSHOTKevin Wolf
2014-04-30block: Fix open_flags in bdrv_reopen()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-30Revert "block: another bdrv_append fix"Kevin Wolf
2014-04-30block: Unlink temporary files in raw-posix/win32Kevin Wolf
2014-04-30block: Remove BDRV_O_COPY_ON_READ for bs->fileKevin Wolf
2014-04-30block: Create bdrv_backing_flags()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-30block: Create bdrv_inherited_flags()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-29block: Ignore duplicate or NULL format_name in bdrv_iterate_formatJeff Cody
2014-04-25Use error_is_set() only when necessary (again)Markus Armbruster
2014-04-25block: Prevent coroutine stack overflow when recursing in bdrv_open_backing_f...Benoît Canet
2014-04-22block: Catch duplicate IDs in bdrv_new()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Add errp to bdrv_new()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Remove -errno return value from bdrv_assign_node_nameKevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Handle error of bdrv_getlength in bdrv_create_dirty_bitmapFam Zheng
2014-04-22block: Check bdrv_getlength() return value in bdrv_make_zero()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Catch integer overflow in bdrv_rw_co()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Limit size to INT_MAX in bdrv_check_byte_request()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-22block: Fix nb_sectors check in bdrv_check_byte_request()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-04block: Check bdrv_getlength() return value in bdrv_append_temp_snapshot()Kevin Wolf
2014-04-04block: Fix snapshot=on for protocol parsed from filenameKevin Wolf
2014-04-04block: Don't parse 'filename' optionKevin Wolf
2014-04-01block: Limit request size (CVE-2014-0143)Kevin Wolf
2014-03-19block: Add error handling to bdrv_invalidate_cache()Kevin Wolf
2014-03-14blockdev: Refuse to open encrypted image unless pausedMarkus Armbruster
2014-03-13block: Unlink temporary fileMax Reitz
2014-03-13block: Rewrite the snapshot authorization mechanism for block filters.Benoît Canet
2014-03-13block: bs->drv may be NULL in bdrv_debug_resume()Max Reitz
2014-03-13block: Update image size in bdrv_invalidate_cache()Kevin Wolf
2014-03-06block: Fix error path segfault in bdrv_open()Kevin Wolf
2014-03-06block: Keep "filename" option after parsingMax Reitz
2014-03-06block: make bdrv_swap rebuild the bs graph node list field.Benoît Canet
2014-03-05block: Fix bs->request_alignment assertion for bs->sg=1Kevin Wolf
2014-02-28block: use /var/tmp instead of /tmp for -snapshotAmit Shah
2014-02-21block: Remove bdrv_open_image()'s force_raw optionMax Reitz
2014-02-21block: Reuse success path from bdrv_open()Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Handle bs->options in bdrv_open() onlyMax Reitz
2014-02-21block: Remove bdrv_new() from bdrv_file_open()Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Reuse reference handling from bdrv_open()Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Make bdrv_file_open() staticMax Reitz
2014-02-21block: Add reference parameter to bdrv_open()Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Change BDS parameter of bdrv_open() to **Max Reitz
2014-02-21block: Fix bdrv_is_first_non_filter()Kevin Wolf
2014-02-20Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/qmp-unstable/queue/qmp' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-02-17Use error_is_set() only when necessaryMarkus Armbruster
2014-02-14block: Open by reference will try device then node_name.Benoît Canet
2014-02-14block: Relax bdrv_lookup_bs constraints.Benoît Canet
2014-02-09block: Fix 32 bit truncation in mark_request_serialising()Kevin Wolf
2014-02-09block: Don't call ROUND_UP with negative valuesKevin Wolf
2014-02-09block: bdrv_aligned_pwritev: Assert overlap rangeKevin Wolf
2014-02-09block: Fix memory leaks in bdrv_co_do_pwritev()Kevin Wolf