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2016-03-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/thibault/tags/samuel-thibault' into sta...Peter Maydell
2016-03-08MAINTAINERS: Add Samuel Thibault as slirp maintainerSamuel Thibault
2016-03-08MAINTAINERS: Add entries for include/net/ filesThomas Huth
2016-03-07MAINTAINERS: Add entry for include/sysemu/kvm*.hThomas Huth
2016-03-03MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for the include/sysemu/rng*.h filesThomas Huth
2016-03-01MAINTAINERS: Remove entry for hw/s390x/s390-virtio-bus.[ch]Thomas Huth
2016-03-01MAINTAINERS: Remove the old s390-virtio machineThomas Huth
2016-02-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-usb-20160229-1' into s...Peter Maydell
2016-02-29MAINTAINERS: Add some missing entries for USB related filesThomas Huth
2016-02-29MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for the include/ui/ folderThomas Huth
2016-02-29MAINTAINERS: Add spice-display.h to the SPICE sectionThomas Huth
2016-02-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/pull-target-arm-20160226'...Peter Maydell
2016-02-26MAINTAINERS: Add some missing ARM related header filesThomas Huth
2016-02-26MAINTAINERS: Add docs/migration.txt to the "Migration" sectionThomas Huth
2016-02-22MAINTAINERS: Add myself as maintainer of the throttling codeAlberto Garcia
2016-02-19MAINTAINERS: Add section for FPU emulationpull-softfloat-20160219softfloat.nextsoftfloat.for-upstreamPeter Maydell
2016-02-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2016-02-09MAINTAINERS: add all-match entry for qemu-devel@Stephen Warren
2016-02-08MAINTAINERS: Add .travis.ymlAlex Bennée
2016-01-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/sstabellini/tags/xen-20160121' into sta...Peter Maydell
2016-01-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-socket-20160120-1' int...Peter Maydell
2016-01-19add MAINTAINERS entry for qemu socket codeGerd Hoffmann
2016-01-18MAINTAINERS: Fix sPAPR entry headingAndreas Färber
2016-01-15nbd: Split nbd.cFam Zheng
2016-01-14MAINTAINERS: update Xen filesStefano Stabellini
2016-01-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mjt/tags/pull-trivial-patches-2016-01-1...Peter Maydell
2016-01-11MAINTAINERS: Add the correct device_tree.h fileThomas Huth
2016-01-11MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for the net/slirp.c fileThomas Huth
2015-12-22nvdimm: add maintain infoXiao Guangrong
2015-12-22parallels: add format specVladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
2015-12-18io: add abstract QIOChannel classesDaniel P. Berrange
2015-12-10MAINTAINERS: add maintainer to virtio-9pGreg Kurz
2015-11-25MAINTAINERS: Update TCG CPU cores sectionPaolo Bonzini
2015-11-19MAINTAINERS: Add check-qom-{interface,proplist} to QOMAndreas Färber
2015-11-11MAINTAINERS: update virtio-ccw/s390 git treeCornelia Huck
2015-11-11MAINTAINERS: update s390 file patternsCornelia Huck
2015-11-03MAINTAINERS: Add new qemu-arm mailing list to ARM related entriesPeter Maydell
2015-10-20util: pull Buffer code out of VNC moduleDaniel P. Berrange
2015-10-20coroutine: move into libqemuutil.a libraryDaniel P. Berrange
2015-10-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Specify QAPI include and test filesMarkus Armbruster
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Specify QObject include and test filesMarkus Armbruster
2015-10-12docs: Move files from docs/qmp/ to docs/Markus Armbruster
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Add more devices to realview boardPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer for ARM PrimeCell and integrated devicesPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Add more pxa2xx files and boardsPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: Add more Xen filesPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-12MAINTAINERS: add two devices to the e500 sectionPaolo Bonzini
2015-10-08MAINTAINERS: Add NSIS file for W32, W64 hostsStefan Weil
2015-10-05MAINTAINERS: Small IDE/FDC touchupJohn Snow