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2012-06-27MAINTAINERS: Added device treePeter A. G. Crosthwaite
2012-06-27MAINTAINERS: Added Xilinx EDK devicesPeter A. G. Crosthwaite
2012-06-27MAINTAINERS: Add Petalogix ml605 machine modelPeter A. G. Crosthwaite
2012-05-01Merge branch 'maintainers-up' of git://repo.or.cz/qemu/afaerberBlue Swirl
2012-05-01Merge branch 'cocoa-for-upstream' of git://repo.or.cz/qemu/afaerberBlue Swirl
2012-05-01Drop darwin-userAndreas Färber
2012-04-30MAINTAINERS: Downgrade target-mips and target-sh4 to Odd FixesAndreas Färber
2012-04-30MAINTAINERS: Downgrade target-m68k to Odd FixesAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Document all stable treesAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Fix SCM tree for virtio-9pAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Indicate type of SCMAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Fix TCI file patternAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Fix virtio-9p file patternAndreas Färber
2012-04-25MAINTAINERS: Fix PC file patternAndreas Färber
2012-04-18tracetool: Add MAINTAINERS infoLluís Vilanova
2012-03-30MAINTAINERS: Add entry for UniCore32Andreas Färber
2012-03-12maintainers: Add docs/tracing.txt to TracingAndreas Färber
2012-03-07xilinx_zynq: machine model initial versionPeter A. G. Crosthwaite
2012-02-22split SCSI and LSI, add myself as SCSI maintainerPaolo Bonzini
2012-02-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'bonzini/nbd-for-anthony' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2012-02-17nbd: add git tree to MAINTAINERSPaolo Bonzini
2012-02-17MAINTAINERS: Add hw/highbank.c maintainerMark Langsdorf
2012-02-17MAINTAINERS: Add maintainers for Exynos SOC.Evgeny Voevodin
2012-02-01hw/9pfs: Update MAINTAINERS fileAneesh Kumar K.V
2012-02-01MAINTAINERS: Add a section for the host OS and a W32 maintainerStefan Weil
2012-01-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'afaerber/prep-up' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2012-01-21MAINTAINERS: Add PCI-PCI bridge to New World Mac machineAndreas Färber
2012-01-21MAINTAINERS: Add PCI host bridge files to CHRP machinesAndreas Färber
2012-01-21MAINTAINERS: Add qemu-ppc to all ppc target stuffAndreas Färber
2012-01-20MAINTAINERS: Add PCI host bridge files to PReP machineAndreas Färber
2012-01-12MAINTAINERS: update tracing repo git URLStefan Hajnoczi
2011-12-22nbd: add myself as maintainerPaolo Bonzini
2011-12-02MAINTAINERS: Delete spurious '.'Peter Maydell
2011-11-26tci: Add entry to MAINTAINERSStefan Weil
2011-11-26MAINTAINERS: add checkpatchBlue Swirl
2011-11-01MAINTAINERS: Add Cocoa maintainerAndreas Färber
2011-11-01MAINTAINERS: Add PReP maintainerAndreas Färber
2011-10-30MAINTAINERS: update wiki URL and machine names for target-xtensaMax Filippov
2011-09-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'pmaydell/omap-for-upstream' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2011-09-23MAINTAINERS: update maintainer for target-arm and ARM devboardsPeter Maydell
2011-09-23MAINTAINERS: claim maintainership for the OMAP devicesomap-for-upstreamPeter Maydell
2011-09-21MAINTAINERS: add tracing subsystemStefan Hajnoczi
2011-09-10MAINTAINERS: add xtensa maintainerMax Filippov
2011-08-05MAINTAINERS: add entry for XenStefano Stabellini
2011-08-03slirp: Take maintainer tokenJan Kiszka
2011-06-24MAINTAINERS: Fix typo in email addressPeter Maydell
2011-05-31target-alpha: Claim ownership.Richard Henderson
2011-04-04MAINTAINERS: add Milkymist boardMichael Walle
2011-03-07MAINTAINERS: add LatticeMico32 maintainerMichael Walle
2011-01-24spice: MAINTAINERS updateGerd Hoffmann