AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daystcg: Split out tcg_region_initial_allocRichard Henderson
10 daystcg: Remove error return from tcg_region_initial_alloc__lockedRichard Henderson
10 daystcg: Re-order tcg_region_init vs tcg_prologue_initRichard Henderson
10 daysmeson: Split out fpu/meson.buildRichard Henderson
10 daysmeson: Split out tcg/meson.buildRichard Henderson
10 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/jasowang/tags/net-pull-request' into st...Peter Maydell
10 daysFixed calculation error of pkt->header_size in fill_pkt_tcp_info()Rao, Lei
10 daysAdd the function of colo_compare_cleanupRao, Lei
10 daysAdd a function named packet_new_nocopy for COLO.Rao, Lei
10 daysRemove migrate_set_block_enabled in checkpointRao, Lei
10 daysOptimize the function of filter_sendRao, Lei
10 daysFix the qemu crash when guest shutdown during checkpointRao, Lei
10 daysRemove some duplicate trace code.Rao, Lei
10 daysnetdev: add more commands to preconfig modePaolo Bonzini
10 daysvhost-vdpa: remove the unused vhost_vdpa_get_acked_features()Jason Wang
10 daysvhost-vdpa: don't initialize backend_featuresJason Wang
10 daysvhost-vdpa: map virtqueue notification area if possibleJason Wang
10 daysvhost-vdpa: skip ram device from the IOTLB mappingJason Wang
12 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgilbert-gitlab/tags/pull-migration-202...Peter Maydell
13 dayshmp: Add "calc_dirty_rate" and "info dirty_rate" cmdsPeter Xu
13 daysmigration/dirtyrate: make sample page count configurableHyman Huang(黄勇)
13 dayssockets: Support multipath TCPDr. David Alan Gilbert
13 daysmigration/socket: Close the listener at the endDr. David Alan Gilbert
13 daysmigration: Add cleanup hook for inwards migrationDr. David Alan Gilbert
13 daysio/net-listener: Call the notifier during finalizeDr. David Alan Gilbert
13 dayschannel-socket: Only set CLOEXEC if we have space for fdsDr. David Alan Gilbert
13 daysmigration/rdma: Fix cm event use after freeLi Zhijian
13 daysyank: Unregister function when using TLS migrationLeonardo Bras
13 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/alistair/tags/pull-riscv-to-apply-20210...Peter Maydell
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: add b-ext version cpu optionFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: support and turn on B-extension from command lineKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: add/shift with prefix zero-extendKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: address calculationKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: generalized or-combineFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: generalized reverseFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: rotate (left/right)Kito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: shift onesKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: single-bit instructionsFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: add gen_shifti() and gen_shiftiw() helper functionsFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: sign-extend instructionsKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: min/max instructionsKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: pack two words into one registerKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: logic-with-negateKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: count bits setFrank Chang
14 daystarget/riscv: rvb: count leading/trailing zerosKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: reformat @sh format encoding for B-extensionKito Cheng
14 daystarget/riscv: Pass the same value to oprsz and maxsz.LIU Zhiwei
14 daystarget/riscv/pmp: Add assert for ePMP operationsAlistair Francis
14 daystarget/riscv: Dump CSR mscratch/sscratch/satpChangbin Du
14 daystarget/riscv: Remove unnecessary riscv_*_names[] declarationBin Meng