AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-29AioContext: take bottom halves into account when computing aio_poll timeoutPaolo Bonzini
2014-08-29blockdev: fix drive-mirror 'granularity' error messageStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-29coroutine: Drop co_sleep_nsFam Zheng
2014-08-29block/quorum: add simple read pattern supportLiu Yuan
2014-08-29qapi: add read-pattern enum for quorumLiu Yuan
2014-08-29sheepdog: improve error handling for a case of failed lockHitoshi Mitake
2014-08-29sheepdog: adopting protocol update for VDI lockingHitoshi Mitake
2014-08-29qemu-img: always goto out in img_snapshot() error pathsStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-29qemu-img: fix img_compare() flags error pathStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-29qemu-img: fix img_commit() error return valueStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-29block.curl: adding 'timeout' optionDaniel Henrique Barboza
2014-08-29ide: Fix bootindex for bus_id > 9Markus Armbruster
2014-08-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-08-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kvm/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-08-28memory: Lazy init name from QOM name as neededPeter Crosthwaite
2014-08-28xen: hvm: Abstract away memory region name refPeter Crosthwaite
2014-08-28xen-hvm: Constify stringPeter Crosthwaite
2014-08-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/stefanha/tags/fix-buildbot-12082014-pul...Peter Maydell
2014-08-28Revert "qemu-img: sort block formats in help message"Stefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-28block: sort formats alphabetically in bdrv_iterate_format()Stefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-28mirror: fix uninitialized variable delay_ns warningsStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-28trace: avoid Python 2.5 all() in tracetoolStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-28libqtest: launch QEMU with QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=noneStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-28qapi.py: avoid Python 2.5+ any() functionStefan Hajnoczi
2014-08-27mc146818rtc: reinitialize irq_reinject_on_ack_count on resetPaolo Bonzini
2014-08-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mcayland/qemu-openbios' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-08-26target-i386: Add "tsc_adjust" CPU feature nameEduardo Habkost
2014-08-26target-i386: Add "mpx" CPU feature nameEduardo Habkost
2014-08-26Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
2014-08-26vl: process -object after other backend optionsPaolo Bonzini
2014-08-26checkpatch.pl: adjust typedef definition to QEMU coding stylePaolo Bonzini
2014-08-26virtio-scsi: Report error if num_queues is 0 or too largeFam Zheng
2014-08-26scsi-generic: remove superfluous DPRINTF avoid to break compilingGonglei
2014-08-26block/iscsi: fix memory corruption on iscsi resizePeter Lieven
2014-08-26scsi-bus: Convert DeviceClass init to realizeFam Zheng
2014-08-26block: Pass errp in blkconf_geometryFam Zheng
2014-08-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/awilliam/tags/vfio-pci-for-qemu-2014082...Peter Maydell
2014-08-25vfio: Enable NVIDIA 88000 region quirk regardless of VGAAlex Williamson
2014-08-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mst/tags/for_upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2014-08-25x86: Clear MTRRs on vCPU resetAlex Williamson
2014-08-25x86: kvm: Add MTRR support for kvm_get|put_msrs()Alex Williamson
2014-08-25x86: Use common variable range MTRR countsAlex Williamson
2014-08-25target-i386: Don't forbid NX bit on PAE PDEs and PTEsWilliam Grant
2014-08-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mjt/tags/trivial-patches-2014-08-24' in...Peter Maydell
2014-08-25spapr: Add support for new NMI interfaceAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-08-25s390x: Migrate to new NMI interfaceAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-08-25s390x: Convert QEMUMachine to MachineClassAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-08-25cpus: Define callback for QEMU "nmi" commandAlexey Kardashevskiy
2014-08-25pcie: fix trailing whitespaceMichael S. Tsirkin
2014-08-25ioh3420: Enable ARI forwardingKnut Omang