AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-17cris: avoid "naked" qemu_logPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17alpha: convert "naked" qemu_log to tracepointPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17qemu-log: introduce qemu_log_separatePaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17qemu-char: append opt to stop truncation of serial fileOlga Krishtal
2015-12-17kvm: x86: add support for KVM_CAP_SPLIT_IRQCHIPPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17kvm: add support for -machine kernel_irqchip=splitMatt Gingell
2015-12-17target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V SynIC timers MSR's supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17hw/misc: Hyper-V test device 'hyperv-testdev'Andrey Smetanin
2015-12-17target-i386/hyperv: Hyper-V SynIC SINT routing and vcpu exitAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17kvm: Hyper-V SynIC irq routing supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17target-i386/kvm: Hyper-V SynIC MSR's supportAndrey Smetanin
2015-12-17linux-headers: update from kvm/nextPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: Introduce 'x-disable-pcie' backword compatability propertyShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: The pvscsi device is a PCIE endpointShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: coding: Introduce PVSCSIClassShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: Introduce 'x-old-pci-configuration' backword compatability propertyShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: Change offset of msi pci capabilityShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17vmw_pvscsi: Set device subsystem and revisionShmulik Ladkani
2015-12-17memory: emulate ioeventfdPavel Fedin
2015-12-17kvm-all: PAGE_SIZE should be real host page sizeAndrew Jones
2015-12-17exec: Remove unnecessary RAM_FILE flagEduardo Habkost
2015-12-17memory: Eliminate memory_region_destructor_ram_from_ptr()Eduardo Habkost
2015-12-17exec: Eliminate qemu_ram_free_from_ptr()Eduardo Habkost
2015-12-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/pull-target-arm-20151217-...Peter Maydell
2015-12-17i.MX: Add an i.MX25 specific CCM class/instancepull-target-arm-20151217-1Jean-Christophe Dubois
2015-12-17i.MX: Split the CCM class into an abstract base class and a concrete classJean-Christophe Dubois
2015-12-17i.MX: rename i.MX CCM get_clock() function and CLK ID enum namesJean-Christophe Dubois
2015-12-17i.MX: Fix i.MX31 default/reset configurationJean-Christophe Dubois
2015-12-17tests/guest-debug: introduce basic gdbstub testsAlex Bennée
2015-12-17target-arm: kvm - re-inject guest debug exceptionsAlex Bennée
2015-12-17target-arm: kvm - add support for HW assisted debugAlex Bennée
2015-12-17target-arm: kvm - support for single stepAlex Bennée
2015-12-17target-arm: kvm - implement software breakpointsAlex Bennée
2015-12-17target-arm: kvm64 - introduce kvm_arm_init_debug()Alex Bennée
2015-12-17ARM: Virt: Add gpio-keys node for Poweroff using DTShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ARM: Virt: Add QEMU powerdown notifier and hook it to GPIO Pin 3Shannon Zhao
2015-12-17ARM: ACPI: Add _E03 for Power ButtonShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ACPI: Add aml_gpio_int() wrapper for GPIO Interrupt ConnectionShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ACPI: Add GPIO Connection DescriptorShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ARM: ACPI: Add power button device in ACPI DSDT tableShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ARM: ACPI: Add GPIO controller in ACPI DSDT tableShannon Zhao
2015-12-17ARM: Virt: Add a GPIO controllerShannon Zhao
2015-12-17acpi: extend aml_interrupt() to support multiple irqsIgor Mammedov
2015-12-17acpi: support serialized methodXiao Guangrong
2015-12-17target-arm: Fix and improve AA32 singlestep translation completion codeSergey Fedorov
2015-12-17target-arm: raise exception on misaligned LDREX operandsAndrew Baumann
2015-12-17arm: soc-dma: use hwaddr instead of target_ulong in printfPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17arm: explicitly mark device loads as little-endianPaolo Bonzini
2015-12-17i.MX: add support for lower and upper interrupt in GPIO.Jean-Christophe Dubois
2015-12-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-fw-cfg-20151217-1' int...Peter Maydell