AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-16seccomp: add cacheflush to whitelistAndrew Jones
2015-11-13Update version for v2.5.0-rc0 releasePeter Maydell
2015-11-12hw/misc: Add support for ADC controller in Xilinx Zynq 7000Guenter Roeck
2015-11-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/juanquintela/tags/migration/20151112' i...Peter Maydell
2015-11-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2015-11-12migration_init: Fix lock initialisation/make it explicitDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12migrate-start-postcopy: Improve textDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12configure: check for $cxx before useJohn Snow
2015-11-12Postcopy: Fix TP!=HP zero caseDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12Finish non-postcopiable iterative devices before packageDr. David Alan Gilbert
2015-11-12migration: Make 32bit linux compile with RDMAJuan Quintela
2015-11-12migration: print ram_addr_t as RAM_ADDR_FMT not %zxJuan Quintela
2015-11-12target-arm: Update PC before calling gen_helper_check_breakpoints()Sergey Fedorov
2015-11-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mst/tags/for_upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2015-11-12block: Update copyright of the accounting codeAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12scsi-disk: Account for failed operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12macio: Account for failed operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12ide: Account for failed and invalid operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12atapi: Account for failed and invalid operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12xen_disk: Account for failed and invalid operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12virtio-blk: Account for failed and invalid operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12nvme: Account for failed and invalid operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12iotests: Add test for the block device statisticsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Use QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL for the accounting code in qtest modeAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12qemu-io: Account for failed, invalid and flush operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: New option to define the intervals for collecting I/O statisticsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Add average I/O queue depth to BlockDeviceTimedStatsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Compute minimum, maximum and average I/O latenciesAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Allow configuring whether to account failed and invalid opsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Add statistics for failed and invalid I/O operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: Add idle_time_ns to BlockDeviceStatsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12util: Infrastructure for computing recent averagesAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12block: define 'clock_type' for the accounting codeAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12ide: Account for write operations correctlyAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12xen_disk: Account for flush operationsAlberto Garcia
2015-11-12tests: add BlockJobTxn unit testStefan Hajnoczi
2015-11-12iotests: 124 - transactional failure testJohn Snow
2015-11-12block: add transactional propertiesJohn Snow
2015-11-12block: Add BlockJobTxn support to backup_runJohn Snow
2015-11-12block/backup: Rely on commit/abort for cleanupJohn Snow
2015-11-12block: Add block job transactionsFam Zheng
2015-11-12blockjob: Simplify block_job_finish_syncFam Zheng
2015-11-12blockjob: Add "completed" and "ret" in BlockJobFam Zheng
2015-11-12blockjob: Add .commit and .abort block job actionsFam Zheng
2015-11-12blockjob: Introduce reference count and fix reference to job->bsFam Zheng
2015-11-12backup: Extract dirty bitmap handling as a separate functionFam Zheng
2015-11-12block: rename BlkTransactionState and BdrvActionOpsJohn Snow
2015-11-12iotests: add transactional incremental backup testJohn Snow
2015-11-12qed: Implement .bdrv_drainFam Zheng
2015-11-12block: Introduce BlockDriver.bdrv_drain callbackFam Zheng