AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-19q35: Re-enable FDC on pc-q35-2.3 and olderEduardo Habkost
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/armbru/tags/pull-qapi-2015-06-18' into ...Peter Maydell
2015-06-18qapi-types: Bury code dead since commit 6b5abc7Markus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi-types: Split generate_fwd_builtin() off generate_fwd_struct()Markus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi-types: Drop unused members parametersMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi-types: Don't filter out expressions with 'gen'Markus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Catch and reject flat union branch of array typeMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18tests/qapi-schema: New flat union array branch test caseMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Better separate the different kinds of helpersMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Move exprs checking from parse_schema() to check_exprs()Markus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Fix to reject stray 't', 'f' and 'n'Markus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Simplify inclusion cycle detectionMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Fix file name in error messages for included filesMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Improve a couple of confusing variable namesMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Eliminate superfluous QAPISchema attribute input_dirMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18qapi: Drop bogus command from docsMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18MAINTAINERS: Fix up QAPI and QAPI schema file patternsMarkus Armbruster
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mcayland/tags/qemu-openbios-signed' int...Peter Maydell
2015-06-18vfio: fix build error on CentOS 5.7Leon Alrae
2015-06-17Update OpenBIOS imagesMark Cave-Ayland
2015-06-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/agraf/tags/signed-s390-for-upstream' in...Peter Maydell
2015-06-17s390x: Switch to s390-ccw machine as defaultAlexander Graf
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER: add Breaking-Event-Address registerAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER instruction-fetch nullification event supportAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER store-using-real-address event supportAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER storage-alteration event supportAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17translate-all: fix watchpoints if retranslation not possibleAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER instruction-fetch event supportAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: PER successful-branching event supportAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: basic PER event handlingAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: add get_per_in_range functionAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: add get_per_atmid functionAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: add PER related constantsAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: mvc_fast_memmove: access memory through softmmuAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: mvc_fast_memset: access memory through softmmuAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: function to adjust the length wrt page boundaryAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17softmmu: provide tlb_vaddr_to_host function for user modeAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: wire up I/O instructions in TCG modeAlexander Graf
2015-06-17target-s390x: wire up DIAG REIPL in TCG modeAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: wire up DIAG IPL in TCG modeAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: fix s390_cpu_initial_resetAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: initialize I/O interrupt queueAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: correctly initialize ext interrupt queueAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17target-s390x: fix setcc in TCG modeAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17virtio-ccw: disable ioevent bit when ioeventfds are not enabledAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17s390/ioinst: fix endianness in ioinst_schib_validAlexander Graf
2015-06-17s390/ioinst: fix IO_INT_WORD_ISC macroAurelien Jarno
2015-06-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/pull-seabios-1.8.2-20150617...Peter Maydell
2015-06-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kvaneesh/tags/for-upstream-signed' into...Peter Maydell
2015-06-17update seabios and vgabios binariesGerd Hoffmann