AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-01-24New multiple snapshot support for VMDK, by Igor Lvovsky.ths
2007-01-24EBase is limited to KSEG0/KSEG1 even on 64bit CPUs.ths
2007-01-24Reworking MIPS interrupt handling, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-24Fix DMA timeouts on FreeBSD, by Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon.ths
2007-01-23Implementing dmfc/dmtc.ths
2007-01-23Update .cvsignore.ths
2007-01-22Update TODO.ths
2007-01-22Fix PageMask handling, second part.ths
2007-01-21Add dependency for fop_template.c.ths
2007-01-21Don't resume guest when gdb connection terminates and -S specified.pbrook
2007-01-21TLB address wraparound hopefully fixed now.ths
2007-01-21Bring TLB / PageSize handling in line with real hardware behaviour.ths
2007-01-20Add ARM Angel semihosting to system emulation.pbrook
2007-01-20Fix "make test2".pbrook
2007-01-20Add more ATAPI CDROM DMA support, by Juergen Keil.ths
2007-01-20Fix typo.ths
2007-01-20Change display colors, the LED bar is green and the text display is red.ths
2007-01-19Note more issues.ths
2007-01-18Darwin build fix, by Pierre d'Herbemont.ths
2007-01-18Add Darwin userspace emulation to Changelog.ths
2007-01-18Darwin userspace emulation, by Pierre d'Herbemont.ths
2007-01-18Fix CDROM permission check, by Kazu <kazoo@r3.dion.ne.jp>.ths
2007-01-17Big endian support for Gallileo, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-17Kqemu support for Solaris, by Ben Taylor.ths
2007-01-17Fix USB buffer size, by Herbert Xu.ths
2007-01-17Slirp UDP fix, by Jason Wessel.ths
2007-01-17Note newsworthy changes.ths
2007-01-17Keep track of mips related issues.ths
2007-01-17Disable Malta floppy controller for now, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-17ARM boot fix (Jason Wessel).pbrook
2007-01-16Improved console handling, thanks Stefan Weil.ths
2007-01-16fixed movd mmx/sse insnbellard
2007-01-16ARM ELF loader.pbrook
2007-01-15MIPS Malta system and devices support, by Aurelien Jarno and Stefan Weil.ths
2007-01-15Gallileo GT64xxx support, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-15PIIX4 support, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-10Increase MIPS BIOS from 128kB to 4MB, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-10Devfn number for the PIIX3 southbridge, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-10Devfn number for network PCI cards, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-10Restore SCSI disk attaching, by Igor Kovalenko.ths
2007-01-09ifname arg fixbellard
2007-01-07win32: physical drive support (initial patch by kazu)bellard
2007-01-07added cutils.cbellard
2007-01-07Revert -disk patch, as requested by Fabrice. The general idea of thisths
2007-01-07Script to check for missing FORCE_RET.pbrook
2007-01-07path_is_absolute() fix for win32bellard
2007-01-07removed redundant qemu_aio_flush()bellard
2007-01-07win32 block device fixes (initial patch by kazu)bellard
2007-01-07Japanese keyboard patch (kazu)bellard
2007-01-06Unbreak the last patch.ths