AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-05This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tagv0.9.0release_0_9_0(no author)
2007-02-05darwin fixbellard
2007-02-05Make cpu_signal_handler work on Mac OS X/Darwin x86bellard
2007-02-05int conversion testbellard
2007-02-05update pathbellard
2007-02-05gdbserver fixbellard
2007-02-05copyright updatebellard
2007-02-05info vnc command (Anthony Liguori)bellard
2007-02-05Mouse relative offset VNC extension (Anthony Liguori)bellard
2007-02-05This patch fixes typos in the commpage definition (Pierre d'Herbemont).bellard
2007-02-05This patch cleans up target_mach_msg_trap(), removes unuseful do_pread, begi...bellard
2007-02-05Darwin cleanup usage (Pierre d'Herbemont)bellard
2007-02-05Darwin user help (Pierre d'Herbemont)bellard
2007-02-05gcc versionbellard
2007-02-04Fix 64-bit host register corruption.pbrook
2007-02-02sem* and msg* for qemu, part2, by Kirill Shutemov.ths
2007-02-02sem* and msg* for qemu, part1, by Kirill Shutemov.ths
2007-02-02Use target_ulong type for emulator registers.ths
2007-02-02Mingw build fix, by Johannes Schindelin.ths
2007-02-02PIIX4 SMBus host, EEPROM device emulation, by Ed Swierk.ths
2007-02-02Update MIPS TODO.ths
2007-02-02Sparc arm/mips/sparc register patch, by Martin Bochnig.ths
2007-02-02script=no for the TUN/TAP net option, by Jean-Christian de Rivazths
2007-02-0164 bit syscall fixbellard
2007-02-0164 bit syscall fixes - more logical mwait/monitor ECX testbellard
2007-02-01cwde and cdq fix in 64 bit modebellard
2007-01-31Remove redundant ENOMEDIUM define.ths
2007-01-31Save some vm space for the regular program loading zone, byths
2007-01-31Upgrade the apic version_id, by Don Laor.ths
2007-01-31siginfo fix for Darwin/Mac OS X, by Pierre d'Herbemont.ths
2007-01-31Use Cocoa and CoreAudio backend by default on Darwin systems, by Pierreths
2007-01-31Fix set_error return value, by Pierre d'Herbemont.ths
2007-01-31Fix GT64120 mapping with REDBOOT, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-31Fix 64bit-induced MIPS Malta breakage, by Aurelien Jarno.ths
2007-01-28GDB hosted syscalls.pbrook
2007-01-28Use standard character device interface for gdbstub.pbrook
2007-01-28Add nodelay option for TCP character devices.pbrook
2007-01-27Rearrange char event handlers to fix CHR_EVENT_RESET.pbrook
2007-01-27Accept --foo as an alias for -foo.pbrook
2007-01-27Accept -help.pbrook
2007-01-26ENODEV works also for __sun__, the magic number 4097 stemmed from theths
2007-01-26Define ENOMEDIUM to match ENODEV if it isn't available.ths
2007-01-24Make the tarball's VERSION part overridable from make invocation.ths
2007-01-24Fix malta emulation for 64bit qemu.ths
2007-01-24Split out SDL X keymap, by Bernhard Fischer.ths
2007-01-24Add support for 82371FB (Step A1) and Improved support for 82371SBths