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2004-01-04This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tagv0.5.1release_0_5_1(no author)
2004-01-04first multi target test (lauches 'ls')bellard
2004-01-04more precise PIT gate emulationbellard
2004-01-04removed test codebellard
2004-01-04explicited S3 specific code - added more debug codebellard
2004-01-04termios support for SPARC and PPCbellard
2004-01-04stat64 fix - added getpagesize()bellard
2004-01-04SPARC fixes : syscall fixes - added user register window exception supportbellard
2004-01-04added CPU callbacksbellard
2004-01-04more generic TLB support - began to fix unlikely interrupt issuesbellard
2004-01-04aligned stack on 16 byte boundary - PPC target fixes - SPARC target fixesbellard
2004-01-04sparc fixesbellard
2004-01-04float access fixesbellard
2004-01-04invd and wbinvd support - fixed code gen logic for invlpg - simpler exception...bellard
2004-01-04debug fixes - use more generic TLB mappingsbellard
2004-01-04correct zero segment values when coming from VM86 mode - cache infos in CPUID...bellard
2004-01-04SPARC fixes: corrected PC/NPC logic (now slower but can be optimized a lot) -...bellard
2004-01-04PowerPC fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)bellard
2003-12-02disable keyboard interrupts if keyboard clock disabled (may not be fully corr...bellard
2003-12-02P4 style multiplication eflagsbellard
2003-12-02dump irq inhibit flag as it is a part of the cpu statebellard
2003-12-02more complete eflags testing for multiplication (P4 case only)bellard
2003-11-30imull fix (suggested by Robert J. Harley)bellard
2003-11-23a20 fixbellard
2003-11-23fixed eflags IF/IOPL updatebellard
2003-11-23fixed PPC state reloadingbellard
2003-11-23PowerPC target support (Jocelyn Mayer) - added better support for uid16bellard
2003-11-23suppressed use of gen_multi - use intermediate FT0 register for floats - use ...bellard
2003-11-23PowerPC support (Jocelyn Mayer)bellard
2003-11-22FTST instruction fixbellard
2003-11-19more fcmovxx testsbellard
2003-11-19fixed TB linking in case of code invalidation (fixes random segfaults)bellard
2003-11-19added fcmovxx supportbellard
2003-11-19added fcmovxx support (fixes segfaults in some recent linux tools) - fixed ir...bellard
2003-11-19always completely redefine the TLB in case of MMU faultbellard
2003-11-16static config for SDLbellard
2003-11-16fcmovx supportbellard
2003-11-16more hack for CMOS interruption (enable linux /dev/rtc not to hang) - auto bo...bellard
2003-11-16more precise stack operations in call/int gates (16 bit wrapping is handled i...bellard
2003-11-16quick and dirty CMOS irq emulation (windows install uses it) - emm386 keyboar...bellard
2003-11-16make windows happierbellard
2003-11-13call gate fix - verr and verw fixbellard
2003-11-13fixed pop %sp bugbellard
2003-11-13fixed lmsw instructionbellard
2003-11-13Soundblaster 16 support (malc)bellard
2003-11-13iret and int fix for vm86 - added undefined instructions for real and vm86 mo...bellard
2003-11-13added verr, verw, arpl - more precise segment rights checksbellard