AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-11Update version for 0.13.0-rc2v0.13.0-rc2Anthony Liguori
2010-10-11Fix ivshmem build on 32-bit hostsAvi Kivity
2010-10-11hw/ivshmem.c don't check for negative values on unsigned data typesJes Sorensen
2010-10-11Disable build of ivshmem on non-KVM systemsCam Macdonell
2010-10-11Add kvm_set_ioeventfd_mmio_long definition for non-KVM systemsCam Macdonell
2010-10-11RESEND: Inter-VM shared memory PCI deviceCam Macdonell
2010-10-11Support marking a device as non-migratableCam Macdonell
2010-10-11Add function to assign ioeventfd to MMIO.Cam Macdonell
2010-10-11Device specification for shared memory PCI deviceCam Macdonell
2010-10-11Add qemu_ram_alloc_from_ptr functionCam Macdonell
2010-08-31Update version for 0.13.0-rc1v0.13.0-rc1Anthony Liguori
2010-08-30posix-aio-compat: Fix async_conmtext for ioctlAndrew de Quincey
2010-08-30vvfat: fat_chksum(): fix access above array boundsLoïc Minier
2010-08-30qemu-img rebase: Open new backing file read-onlyKevin Wolf
2010-08-30block: Fix image re-open in bdrv_commitKevin Wolf
2010-08-30virtio-blk: Fix migration of queued requestsKevin Wolf
2010-08-30virtio: Factor virtqueue_map_sg outKevin Wolf
2010-08-03ide: Avoid canceling IDE DMAAndrea Arcangeli
2010-08-03block: Change bdrv_eject() not to drop the imageMarkus Armbruster
2010-08-03block: Fix bdrv_has_zero_initKevin Wolf
2010-07-30savevm: Fix memory leak of compat structAlex Williamson
2010-07-30linux-user: fix build on hosts not using guest baseAurelien Jarno
2010-07-28Fix -snapshot deleting images on disk changeBlue Swirl
2010-07-28block: Use error codes from lower levels for error messageStefan Weil
2010-07-28block: default to 0 minimal / optiomal I/O sizeChristoph Hellwig
2010-07-28move 'unsafe' to end of caching modes in helpBruce Rogers
2010-07-28virtio-blk: Create exit function to unregister savevmAlex Williamson
2010-07-28block migration: propagate return value when bdrv_write() returns < 0Yoshiaki Tamura
2010-07-28ide/atapi: add support for GET EVENT STATUS NOTIFICATIONAurelien Jarno
2010-07-27Update version for 0.13.0-rc0v0.13.0-rc0Anthony Liguori
2010-07-26vnc: better default values for VNC optionsCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: split send_sub_rectCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: fix rgb_prepare_rowCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: add missing lock for vnc_cursor_define()Corentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: threaded VNC serverCorentin Chary
2010-07-26qemu-thread: add qemu_mutex/cond_destroy and qemu_mutex_exitCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: fix tight png memory leakCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: encapsulate encoding membersCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: stop using qdict for palette stuffCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: specific zlib level and filters for each compression levelCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight add PNG encodingCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: remove a memleak in send_jpeg_rect()Corentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: don't forget do at the last colorCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: rename vnc-encoding-* vnc-enc-*Corentin Chary
2010-07-26ui: move all ui components in ui/Corentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: add lossy optionCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: JPEG should be disabled if the client don't set tight qualityCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: add JPEG and gradient subencoding with smooth image detectionCorentin Chary
2010-07-26Initial documentation for migrationJuan Quintela
2010-07-26ide: fix migration in the middle of a bmdma transferJuan Quintela