AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-19Update for 0.12.0 releasev0.12.0Anthony Liguori
2009-12-19Update to SeaBIOS 0.5.0Anthony Liguori
2009-12-19Revert "monitor: Convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject"Anthony Liguori
2009-12-19e1000: Don't muck with PCI commmand registerAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19monitor: do_balloon(): Use 'M' argument typeLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19monitor: Introduce 'M' argument typeLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QMP: Update spec fileLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QMP: Update README fileLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QMP: Assure that returned data is a QDictLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QMP: Return an empty dict by defaultLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QMP: Only handle converted commandsLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19Update SeaBIOS to include PCI based option rom loadingAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19roms: remove option rom packing logicGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19roms: use new fw_cfg file xfer support.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19fw_cfg: add API for file transfer.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19fw_cfg: make calls typesafeGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19pci romfiles: add property, add default to PCIDeviceInfoGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19Support PCI based option rom loadingAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19Fix backcompat for hotplug of SCSI controllersDaniel P. Berrange
2009-12-19fdc: fix migration from 0.11Juan Quintela
2009-12-19Revert "fdc: fix vmstate variable passed"Juan Quintela
2009-12-19monitor: Accept input only byte-wiseJan Kiszka
2009-12-19Revert "kvm: x86: Save/restore exception_index"Anthony Liguori
2009-12-19vmware: increase cursor buffer size.Dave Airlie
2009-12-19VMware VGA: Only enable dirty log tracking when fifo is disabledAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19Fix VMware VGA depth computationAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19Make sure to enable dirty log tracking for VMware VGAAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19Make sure to enable dirty tracking of VBE vram mappingAnthony Liguori
2009-12-19vmware: setup PCI BAR 2 for FIFO as per vmware specDave Airlie
2009-12-19qdev: improve property error reporting.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19fix vga names in default_listGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19usb-host: check mon before using it.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19usb-net: use qdev for -usbdeviceGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19Check rom_load_all() return value.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19defaults: update device_list[]Gerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19defaults: split default_driveGerd Hoffmann
2009-12-19monitor: Catch printing to non-existent monitorLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19monitor: Avoid readline functions in QMPLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19monitor: do_balloon(): Check for errorsLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19monitor: Use 'device' in ejectLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19QDict: Fix size updateLuiz Capitulino
2009-12-19qdev: Improve uni-north device namesMarkus Armbruster
2009-12-19Avoid permanently disabled QEMU monitor when UNIX migration failsDaniel P. Berrange
2009-12-19Fix loading of ELF multiboot kernelsKevin Wolf
2009-12-19Revert "Rename DriveInfo.onerror to on_write_error" (fix mismerge)Kevin Wolf
2009-12-19qemu-io: Fix memory leakKevin Wolf
2009-12-19Fix thinko in linuxboot.SPaolo Bonzini
2009-12-19target-i386: Fix evaluation of DR7 registerJan Kiszka
2009-12-19kvm: x86: Use separate exception_injected CPUState fieldJan Kiszka
2009-12-19vnc: hextile: do not generate ForegroundSpecified and SubrectsColoured tilesAnthony Liguori