AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-08-28Update version and changelog for 0.11.0-rc2 releasev0.11.0-rc2Anthony Liguori
2009-08-27Add missing linefeed in error messageStefan Weil
2009-08-27Clean up VGA type selection; far too many variables being used to track one s...Zachary Amsden
2009-08-27When using stdio monitor and VNC display, one can set or clear a VNC password...Zachary Amsden
2009-08-27Don't segfault when changing VNC password on an SDL display.Zachary Amsden
2009-08-27Fix detached migration with exec.Chris Lalancette
2009-08-27Do not disable autostart for live migrationAvi Kivity
2009-08-27make vga screen_dump use DisplayState properlyStefano Stabellini
2009-08-27Fix device name completion for 'eject'Blue Swirl
2009-08-27sdl.c: support 32 bpp cursorsReimar Döffinger
2009-08-27Use corect depth from DisplaySurface in vmware_vga.cReimar Döffinger
2009-08-27Fix migration for ide devicesAnthony Liguori
2009-08-27check for PR_SET_NAME being definedNathan Froyd
2009-08-27make windows notice media changeGleb Natapov
2009-08-27Fix do_commit() behaviorLuiz Capitulino
2009-08-27net: Fix do_set_link() return typeLuiz Capitulino
2009-08-27Add/Fix command-line checks for smbios options v2Beth Kon
2009-08-27vga: do not resize the screen on hw_invalidateStefano Stabellini
2009-08-27fix sdl window resizeStefano Stabellini
2009-08-27Fix checksum writing in signboot.shAlexander Graf
2009-08-27Win32: Fix default prefixStefan Weil
2009-08-27Fix symfind.Laurent Desnogues
2009-08-27Fix Sparse warning about missing prototypeBlue Swirl
2009-08-27Fix Sparse warning about "expression using sizeof on a function"Blue Swirl
2009-08-27Add missing "static"Blue Swirl
2009-08-27More NULL pointer fixesBlue Swirl
2009-08-27Fix Sparse warnings: "Using plain integer as NULL pointer"Blue Swirl
2009-08-27Option rom makefile fixesPaul Brook
2009-08-27esp: fix interrupt register readBlue Swirl
2009-08-27sparc64 flush pending conditional evaluations before exposing cpu stateIgor Kovalenko
2009-08-27Fix SDL zooming with pl110 (cf. d3ffcafe25b5966b351ea6100160c2156688f22f)Blue Swirl
2009-08-27e1000.c doesn't properly emulate EERD and ICS registersBill Paul
2009-08-27Fix VM state change handlers running out of orderMarkus Armbruster
2009-08-27vnc: fix copyrect screen corruptionGerd Hoffmann
2009-08-27Remove the virtio-{blk, console}-pci-0-10 device typesMark McLoughlin
2009-08-27Remove the pc-0-10 machine typeMark McLoughlin
2009-08-27fix migration to obey -SPaolo Bonzini
2009-08-25target-mips: fix conditional moves off fp condition codesNathan Froyd
2009-07-29Update Changelog and VERSION for 0.11.0-rc1 releasev0.11.0-rc1Anthony Liguori
2009-07-29Move CLOCKLIBS and PTHREADLIBS out of CONFIG_LINUX_USER_ONLYAnthony Liguori
2009-07-29Add a pc-0.11 machine type and make the pc type an aliasMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Add machine type aliasesMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Add support for fd=name to tap and socket networkingMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Add monitor_get_fd() command for fetching named fdsMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Add getfd and closefd monitor commandsMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Add SCM_RIGHTS support to unix socket character devicesMark McLoughlin
2009-07-29Make tcp_chr_read() use recvmsg()Mark McLoughlin
2009-07-29tap-win32: Use correct headers.Filip Navara
2009-07-29fix broken migrationGlauber Costa
2009-07-29slirp: Use monotonic clock if available (v2)Ed Swierk