AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-16tests/qtests: Add npcm7xx emc model testpull-target-arm-20210216Doug Evans
2021-02-16hw/arm: Add npcm7xx emc modelDoug Evans
2021-02-16hw/net: Add npcm7xx emc modelDoug Evans
2021-02-16MAINTAINERS: add myself maintainer for the clock frameworkpull-target-arm-20210217Luc Michel
2021-02-16hw/i2c: Implement NPCM7XX SMBus Module FIFO ModeHao Wu
2021-02-16hw/i2c: Add a QTest for NPCM7XX SMBus DeviceHao Wu
2021-02-16hw/arm: Add I2C sensors and EEPROM for GSJ machineHao Wu
2021-02-16hw/arm: Add I2C sensors for NPCM750 eval boardHao Wu
2021-02-16hw/i2c: Implement NPCM7XX SMBus Module Single ModeHao Wu
2021-02-16tests/tcg/aarch64: Add mte smoke testsRichard Henderson
2021-02-16target/arm: Enable MTE for user-onlyRichard Henderson
2021-02-16target/arm: Add allocation tag storage for user modeRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Signal SEGV_MTEAERR for async tag check errorRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Signal SEGV_MTESERR for sync tag check faultRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Pass syndrome to EXC_*_ABORTRichard Henderson
2021-02-16target/arm: Split out syndrome.h from internals.hRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Implement PROT_MTERichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Implement PR_MTE_TCF and PR_MTE_TAGRichard Henderson
2021-02-16target/arm: Use the proper TBI settings for linux-userRichard Henderson
2021-02-16target/arm: Improve gen_top_byte_ignoreRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user/aarch64: Implement PR_TAGGED_ADDR_ENABLERichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Handle tags in lock_user/unlock_userRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Fix types in uaccess.cRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Move lock_user et al out of lineRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Use cpu_untagged_addr in access_ok; split out *_untaggedRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Rename guest_{addr,range}_valid to *_untaggedRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Use guest_range_valid in access_okRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Explicitly untag memory management syscallsRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Use cpu_untagged_addr in g2h; split out g2h_untaggedRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Introduce cpu_untagged_addrRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Fix guest_addr_valid vs reserved_vaRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Do not use guest_addr_valid for h2g_validRichard Henderson
2021-02-16bsd-user: Tidy VERIFY_READ/VERIFY_WRITERichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Tidy VERIFY_READ/VERIFY_WRITERichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Check for overflow in access_okRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Improve types for guest_addr_validRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Use uintptr_t in cpu_ldst.hRichard Henderson
2021-02-16exec: Use uintptr_t for guest_baseRichard Henderson
2021-02-16linux-user: Introduce PAGE_ANONRichard Henderson
2021-02-16tcg: Introduce target-specific page data for user-onlyRichard Henderson
2021-02-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2021-02-15docs/sphinx/qapidoc.py: Handle change of QAPI's builtin module namePeter Maydell
2021-02-15monitor/qmp: Stop processing requests when shutdown is requestedKevin Wolf
2021-02-15monitor: Fix assertion failure on shutdownKevin Wolf
2021-02-15block: qcow2: remove the created file on initialization errorMaxim Levitsky
2021-02-15block: add bdrv_co_delete_file_noerrMaxim Levitsky
2021-02-15crypto: luks: Fix tiny memory leakMaxim Levitsky
2021-02-15tests/qemu-iotests: Remove test 259 from the "auto" groupThomas Huth
2021-02-15xen-block: fix reporting of discard featureRoger Pau Monne
2021-02-15hw/ide/ahci: map cmd_fis as DMA_DIRECTION_TO_DEVICEAlexander Bulekov