AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-19docs: Build and install all the docs in a single manualpull-target-arm-20210119-1Peter Maydell
2021-01-19target/arm/m_helper: Silence GCC 10 maybe-uninitialized errorPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2021-01-19npcm7xx_adc-test: Fix memleak in adc_qom_setGan Qixin
2021-01-19target/arm: Update REV, PUNPK for pred_descRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: Update ZIP, UZP, TRN for pred_descRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: Update PFIRST, PNEXT for pred_descRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: Introduce PREDDESC field definitionsRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: refactor vae1_tlbmask()Rémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: enable Secure EL2 in max CPURémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: Implement SCR_EL2.EEL2Rémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: revector to run-time pick target ELRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: set HPFAR_EL2.NS on secure stage 2 faultsRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: secure stage 2 translation regimeRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: generalize 2-stage page-walk conditionRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: translate NS bit in page-walksRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: do S1_ptw_translate() before address space lookupRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: handle VMID change in secure stateRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: add ARMv8.4-SEL2 system registersRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: add MMU stage 1 for Secure EL2Rémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: add 64-bit S-EL2 to EL exception tableRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: Define isar_feature function to test for presence of SEL2Rémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: factor MDCR_EL2 common handlingRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: use arm_hcr_el2_eff() where applicableRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: use arm_is_el2_enabled() where applicableRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: add arm_is_el2_enabled() helperRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: remove redundant testsRémi Denis-Courmont
2021-01-19target/arm: Use object_property_add_bool for "sve" propertyRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: Add cpu properties to control pauthRichard Henderson
2021-01-19target/arm: Implement an IMPDEF pauth algorithmRichard Henderson
2021-01-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/huth-gitlab/tags/pull-request-2021-01-1...Peter Maydell
2021-01-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dg-gitlab/tags/ppc-for-6.0-20210119' in...Peter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Add missing header comment to next-cube.hPeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Add vmstate for NeXTPC devicePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Remove unused fields from NeXTStatePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Move rtc into NeXTPC structPeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Make next_irq GPIO inputs to NEXT_PC devicePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Move int_status and int_mask to NeXTPC structPeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Make next_irq take NeXTPC* as its opaquePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Move scr_ops into NeXTPC devicePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Move mmio_ops into NeXTPC devicePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Move register/interrupt functionality into a devicePeter Maydell
2021-01-19hw/m68k/next-cube: Make next_irq() function staticPeter Maydell
2021-01-19spapr_cpu_core.c: use g_auto* in spapr_create_vcpu()Daniel Henrique Barboza
2021-01-19spapr_rtas.c: fix identation of rtas_ibm_suspend_me() argsDaniel Henrique Barboza
2021-01-19spapr_hcall.c: make do_client_architecture_support staticDaniel Henrique Barboza
2021-01-19spapr.h: fix trailing whitespace in phb_placementDaniel Henrique Barboza
2021-01-19spapr: Improve handling of memory unplug with old guestsGreg Kurz
2021-01-19sam460ex: Use type cast macro instead of simple castBALATON Zoltan
2021-01-19Revert "ppc4xx: Move common dependency on serial to common option"BALATON Zoltan
2021-01-19Revert "sam460ex: Remove FDT_PPC dependency from KConfig"BALATON Zoltan