AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-16target/arm: Use tcg_gen_extrh_i64_i32 to extract the high wordpull-target-arm-20190816Richard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Simplify SMMLA, SMMLAR, SMMLS, SMMLSRRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Use tcg_gen_rotri_i32 for gen_swap_halfRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Use ror32 instead of open-coding the operationRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Remove redundant shift testsRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Use tcg_gen_deposit_i32 for PKHBT, PKHTBRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Use tcg_gen_extract_i32 for shifter_out_imRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm/kvm64: Move the get/put of fpsimd registers outAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm/kvm64: Fix error returnsAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm/cpu: Use div-round-up to determine predicate register array sizeAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm/helper: zcr: Add build bug next to value range assumptionAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm/cpu: Ensure we can use the pmu with kvmAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm/cpu64: Ensure kvm really supports aarch64=offAndrew Jones
2019-08-16target/arm: Remove helper_double_saturateRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Use unallocated_encoding for aarch32Richard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Remove offset argument to gen_exception_bkpt_insnRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Replace offset with pc in gen_exception_internal_insnRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Replace offset with pc in gen_exception_insnRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Replace s->pc with s->base.pc_nextRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Remove redundant s->pc & ~1Richard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Introduce add_reg_for_litRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Introduce read_pcRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Introduce pc_currRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Pass in pc to thumb_insn_is_16bitRichard Henderson
2019-08-16target/arm: Fix routing of singlestep exceptionsPeter Maydell
2019-08-16target/arm: Factor out 'generate singlestep exception' functionPeter Maydell
2019-08-16Set ENET_BD_BDU in I.MX FEC controllerAaron Hill
2019-08-16hw/misc/zynq_slcr: use standard register definitionDamien Hedde
2019-08-16target/arm: generate a custom MIDR for -cpu maxAlex Bennée
2019-08-16Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgilbert/tags/pull-migration-20190814a'...Peter Maydell
2019-08-15Open 4.2 development treePeter Maydell
2019-08-15Update version for v4.1.0 releasePeter Maydell
2019-08-14migration: add some multifd tracesJuan Quintela
2019-08-14migration: Make global sem_sync semaphore by channelJuan Quintela
2019-08-14migration: Add traces for multifd terminate threadsJuan Quintela
2019-08-14qemu-file: move qemu_{get,put}_counted_string() declarationsMarc-André Lureau
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: use mis->bh instead of allocating a QEMUBHWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: rename migration_bitmap_sync_range to ramblock_sync_dirty_bitmapWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: update ram_counters for multifd sync packetIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: add speed limit for multifd migrationIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: add qemu_file_update_transfer interfaceIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: always initialise ram_counters for a new migrationIvan Ren
2019-08-14migration: remove unused field bytes_xferWei Yang
2019-08-14hmp: Remove migration capabilities from "info migrate"Wei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: use QEMU_IS_ALIGNED to replace host_offsetWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: simplify calculation of run_start and fixup_start_addrWei Yang
2019-08-14migration/postcopy: make PostcopyDiscardState a static variableWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: extract ram_load_precopyWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: return -EINVAL directly when version_id mismatchWei Yang
2019-08-14migration: equation is more proper than and to check LOADVM_QUITWei Yang